Tessa and Talula

Tom Holland x Reader

Author: Grae   |    Edited by: Cosmo

Word Count: 717   |    Warning: so much fluff

Summary: Tom’s first love will always be Tessa but why? Cats are so much better, right?

A/N: Hey sorry if this is a little cringy it’s the first story on our blog so please leave commentary and love if you like it! Also since Tom is allergic to cats we went with a Russian Blue just because they’re hypoallergenic (and really sassy). Since we are new we are looking for requests so please feel free to send some in! -Grae 


“This is exactly why I like cats,” you said after wrangling Tessa from the apartment window. She had been barking for at least ten minutes while you and Tom were trying to sleep. Magically the noise didn’t seem to have any effect on Thomas but you and your cat Talula were wide awake. Her yellow eyes looked around in annoyance as her gray body jumped off the edge of the shared bed and she softly walked through the room to the cracked bedroom door. Flipping the sheets to the side to get up and follow her, your eyes gazed back at the body slumped on the right side of the bed. Watching as he slowly rolled over to the middle.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please update the homeless stiles tag? thanks!


Make Grilled Cheese, Not War by talula (2/2 | 22,242 | NC17)

Homeless Club Kid AU

Stiles runs away after his father’s death and ends up living on the streets of New York City. A new cook at the shelter shakes up his carefully isolated life.

When the Night Calls by sunshineandsmut (4/? | 2,858 | NC17)

Hundreds of years ago, werewolves were rare and considered highly dangerous. Wars were fought against them and many were slaughtered until only a handful were left. The rest were taken as slaves for lives of humiliation. This is the story of several such wolves and their survival.

The Best Thing by thatonewritergirl (1/1 | 6,670 | NC17)

Stiles goes to bed with strangers just to have a place to sleep. One night he goes home with Derek and finds a permanent place to rest his head.

I Have Faith In Nights by DaintyBoots (8/8 | 35,808 | R)

Derek had always thought his ability to pick up strays was a bit of a hindrance. But then he met Stiles.


Tom Holland! Peter Parker x Reader

Author: Grae | Edited by: Cosmo

Word Count: 1204 | Warnings: None (peter may be OOC)

Summary: A busy coffee shop, an asshole boss, and a mischievous spider’s first latte.

A/N: What are summaries? Forgive us for all the Tom Holland/Peter Parker spam. We’re still hooked on Home-coming. More stories featuring other Avengers/Marvel characters coming soon! (don’t forget you can send in requests) If you haven’t already check out our other two stories Tessa and Talula and We’re live in. (Part 2 for We’re live in… will be posted as soon as we get more people who want to be tagged in it) If you enjoyed this story leave a like and comment!


“Peter hun I’m working” you said rushing to finish the latte that a now annoyed middle aged woman had ordered five minutes ago. “Soy latte with one decaf shot and one regular.” You set the latte down on the counter and gave a customer service smile to the lady. The attempted good service went well over her head as she picked up the drink and left without another word.

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