• Beauty Queen/Horses: Do you have a safe haven, or some kind of escape, to turn to when things get rough?
  • Blood Roses: Have ever been involved in an unhealthy relationship, whether romantic or platonic?
  • Father Lucifer: Tell us about your dark side?
  • Professional Widow: Have you ever been in a relationship, or slept with someone, solely for personal gain?
  • Mr. Zebra: What are some of your negative traits?
  • Marianne: Tell us about someone who inspired you in your youth?
  • Caught A Lite Sneeze: What is one dream you've had that you can remember in vivid detail?
  • Muhammad My Friend: What are your thoughts about Christianity?
  • Hey Jupiter: Have you ever been in a love triangle?
  • Way Down: Has there ever been a time where you compromised who you are in order to please others?
  • Little Amsterdam: Have you ever actually wanted to kill someone?
  • Talula: Do you have any regrets, or do you believe you can't regret something you once wanted?
  • Not The Red Baron: Would you consider yourself a compassionate person?
  • Doughnut Song: Have you ever loved and hated someone at the same time?
  • In The Springtime Of His Voodoo: What is your sexuality? What are you attracted to in other people?
  • Putting The Damage On: Do you find it harder to move on after a relationship has ended if your ex has already moved on?
  • Twinkle: Are you a hopeful, optimistic person?

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Is there any homeless stiles fics? Sterek?

There is! - Anastasia

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Omnes Angeli qui in tenebris by stilinskisoul

(1/1 I 3,445 I General) 

 Derek is walking down the street when he notices a boy sitting alone, working on something. Then fluff happens.

Pretty Baby by jjfangirl

(8/? I 5,494 I Explicit I Rape)

Stiles is homeless and is taken in by Derek. He is later forced to be Derek’s baby.

The Best Thing by thatonewritergirl

(1/1 I 6,670 I Explicit)

Stiles goes to bed with strangers just to have a place to sleep. One night he goes home with Derek and finds a permanent place to rest his head. 

Frozen Inside by Castielific

(6/? I 18,906 I Mature)

Orphan and homeless, Stiles finds himself with nothing to look forward to but a life with a beast that seems to think he’s its mate.

Sad Prayers For Guilty Bodies by BulletBlaze

(8/? I 21,508 I Teen)

Derek is glad to be able to sort himself out after the whole Kate fiasco, and New York is the perfect place to escape the guilt he feels by being around his family. It’s fast-paced and a complete 180 from life in Beacon Hills, but he’s settled into it, and it’s comforting.
Until he meets the charismatic street artist, Stiles Stilinski, who turns out to have more secrets than even Derek. Maybe, once they manage to help each other through all the emotional, and sometimes physical, traumas of their pasts, they can both move forward.
But it’s hard to get past said traumas when some of them haven’t yet ended.

Make Grilled Cheese, Not War by talula

(1/1 I 22,243 I Explicit)

Stiles runs away after his father’s death and ends up living on the streets of New York City. A new cook at the shelter shakes up his carefully isolated life.

Something Borrowed by Skylar63

(8/? I 25,439 I Explicit)

After being kicked out of his home Stiles finds himself living on the streets having to steal to make a living but what happens when he steals the wallet of a very broody, very intense and most importantly extremely hot Derek Hale?

When the Night Calls by sunshineandsmut

(8/8 I 35,808 I Mature)

Derek had always thought his ability to pick up strays was a bit of a hindrance. But then he met Stiles.

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