Tally Marks #3 comes out October 1, and you can pre-order it now! :D

This might be my favorite issue, because there was so much turmoil in my life last December–recently unemployed, couch surfing in a foreign country, visiting friends in London for my first holidays away from my family, not knowing what would come next…it was scary and exciting and lead to a lot of dynamic drawings.  I feel like I did some of my best work in London.

I hope you’ll check it out!


The very last issue of Tally Marks, my Eurotrip sketchbook series, comes out February 18!!  I savored the end of my trip, notably by attending as many natural history museums as possible in Paris and New York. ;)

Tally Marks #7: “Travel sketches from Paris and New York. Tally ends her year of travel sketching with dinosaurs, epic beards, and capoeira life drawings.”