“I think you’re right. He’s the only one who has enough power to do this.”

“Do you mind? I thought you forgave him.”

“I did. It would be better for him not to know a lot about the future because his knowlenge can change everything.”

“Change? How?”

“I don’t know. Just be careful. Dont tell him I’m Baelfire, ok? He has to learn it in the future, not now.”

“Okay. Let’s go”.

SwanFire AU - Emma and Neal fell into Zelena’s time portal and they accidentally ruined Snow & Charming’s meeting. Now they have to go to Rumpelstiltkin and ask him for help to fix things. Neal doesn’t want his father to recognise him, because it may cause troubles in the future. 

Give me any canon divergence with officer Rogers and thief¡Emma (many of them are settled in “Tallahasse” bc of very obvious reasons).

·young Emma stealing the poptarts when she mets Lily and gawd, officer rogers appears and fails at catching her them.
·young Emma meeting Neal and she runs a stop sign. Officer Rogers is the Portland cop and pulls them over and after a (fAKE) valid excuse, he forgives them and lets them go.
·Same version of Emma going to the locker indicated by Neal and opens it, taking the watches out of it and easily slipping by, oh, look who’s there! Casually officer Rogers + his mate are there.
·Officer Rogers as the arresting cop when fucking Neal betrays her. It’s him whom informs her of everything, gun pointed at her, ask for the watches and handcuffs her. He can tell that she’s been deceived but there’s no proofs and he has to do his job. 
·Emma is sent to Phoenix jail. Officer Rogers is the correction agent/prison guard from time to time. He comes in with a small yellow envelope for her. He tells Emma it was sent to her from Phuket. Rogers opens it and reveals the keys to the bug. Also sees the pregnancy test holding in her hand and, by her face, he knows it’s positive.

DUN DUN DUN sounds like a good fic.

Ever noticed how different Hook is in Tallahasse from the rest of season 2? Throughout that entire adventure he is light and flirty and smiling at Emma left and right. They are going against a giant but he is having a genuinely good time. Sure he still has his revenge but as we saw in Poor Unfortunate Souls that doesn’t mean he is totally dark of heart; he is more than willing to make connections and help others out. The beanstalk is a win-win for him. He is getting out from under Cora’s thumb, getting to flirt with a tough lass, and help her get home to her family all while getting closer to his revenge. 

Just LOOK at that grin! 

This is a tiny glimpse of that buried Lieutenant Jones on a heroic journey

I think we fail to really grasp the influence of Cora on Hook for most of season 2. She is a necessary evil; not someone he willingly teamed up with. He made a deal with Regina to kill her in exchange for being taken to a land where he could get his revenge. Only to find out Regina was planning on cheating him. So he wound up with Cora, (not that she gave him much of a choice) a woman with dangerous amounts of magic, who is wicked smart, and heartless. When he went undercover with the Princess Brigade he was already planning on double crossing her. He had taken her bracelet for climbing the beanstalk and was looking for the opportune moment. Of course it helped that he found Emma and Co “far safer company” and worthy opponents. 

So when he is on that beanstalk he is probably in the best mood he as been in years. He has gotten rid of Cora and is working with people he can trust. His revenge has never been closer and he is enjoying spending time with Emma- a woman he is attracted to and feels a connection with.  It’s a good day to be Captain Hook. Which is why I think Emma’s betrayal hit him so hard. He wasn’t expecting it and he certainly didn’t think he deserved it (this time). He had done everything right; sided with the heroes, told the truth, risked his life to prove his commitment and he still got double crossed!!

LOOK at the betrayal! (x)

Everything that he thought was in his grasp falls apart in an instant and that’s why the rest of S2 he is so much darker. Because he has to cozy back up to Cora and “prove” himself. But also because he took his eye off his revenge just long enough to be betrayed by Emma and he isn’t going to let that happen again. That’s what his speech in the jail cell is all about; him re-embracing his darkness and his commitment to his revenge. So he falls even deeper into his his own darkness and all his genuine smiles are replaced by this. 

Edit: Inspired by THIS gifset. 

All the Things She Never Had: How Killian Jones Fills the Holes in Emma's Heart that her Parents Never Can

“I have no idea how to comfort my own daughter…" 

Snow had said those words to Charming when Emma broke down outside Neal’s Neverland cave. "It’s the first thing a mother learns and I don’t know how.”

Since the first curse broke Emma’s parents have tried and failed to become a family. They’ve offered love. They’ve coddled her. They’ve walked on eggshells out of guilt - afraid to push or to challenge Emma because it might drive her away. They’ve tried to parent her but they’ve failed.  Because Emma hasn’t wanted to be parented.

Emma is a grown woman who spent her life feeling abandoned. And even though the relationship with her parents has begin to heal it’s simply too late for some things. She is learning to accept their love - but she can not accept their guidance. 

“We’re the same age. We have equal wisdom" she told her parents aboard the Jolly Roger. Even though Emma loves Snow and Charming she sees them as peers not elders.  And the comforts she once accepted from Mary Margaret as a friend she has since rejected from Snow White as a mother. Because a healthy relationship with parental love is something Emma lacked as a child and she still struggles with giving and accepting love.

Emma is a grown woman and her parents are now raising a new child.  It’s unrealistic for her to accept being "parented” alongside her baby brother. But she can accept those things from a partner, from a friend.

There is so much sexual and romantic tension between Emma and Hook that it’s easy to ignore the subtext of their scenes; that Hook provides for Emma so much that she lacked emotionally during her childhood.

Emma has never had someone to take care of her:

someone to help her with her coat,

someone to bandage her wounds (with a kiss to make it better) ,

Someone to wipe her tears,

(rest under the cut because long and lots of gifs)

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icapturedkindness  asked:

When do you think Emma realized that she loved Hook? We all know she felt something throughout the Neverland time and SB later so she pushed him away. But when do you think she went like "oh shit i'm so fucked i love him" (Sorry your metas are so good i didn't know who else to ask)

Emma’s evolution of feelings for Hook is one of my favorite things about Captain Swan. Because it has been a slow burn and Emma keeps so much of her emotions and thoughts inside I am sure everyone probably has a different opinion on this. But you asked me so here is mine!

I think from the very beginning Emma felt attraction, sympathy, and a connection to Hook. This is seen throughout the Tallahasse episode but it all shows up very neatly in the first aid scene. When Hook bandages her hand she is clearly turned on and a bit speechless. Then she displays sympathy when she discovers that Hook’s revenge isn’t about his hand but about Milah. That’s immediately followed by her connecting by telling him that she had been in love before. Interestingly this scene is also the first time we hear the Captain Swan Love Theme, (for those reading my OUAT Musical Rewatch). 

Can you hear it? (Source kdanna03​)

Emma “I have trust issues” Swan was very uncomfortable with how much she felt towards Hook after such a short time. She immediately and literally runs away from him; using his status as a pirate as an excuse to not trust him. But it wasn’t that she didn’t trust him it was that she was scared by how much she trusted him. “I can’t take the chance that I am wrong about you.” means her gut was telling her to trust him and she was pushing against that impulse. Emma continues to do this for the rest of S2. She keeps Hook at arms length but the sympathy (hospital scene), attraction (sword fight), and connection (diner scene) are all still there underneath all the bravado.

In season 3 the relationship dynamic shifts. Hook turned his ship around and took them to Neverland. The time in Neverland builds upon their previous connections and emotions but adds the key element of trust. I wrote about how after Echo Cave Emma decides to fully trust Hook and his intentions toward her. At this point she is well on her way to falling for him but Pan interrupts with a curse and nothing comes of it. 

The pattern at the top of the beanstalk is replayed in New York City Serenade. Emma feels attraction, sympathy and connection to Hook but this time instead of running away she decides to trust him. I personally believe that Emma wondered if after drinking the “thing the crazy guy offered me” she would wake up to the realization that she was in love with said crazy guy. 

But that isn’t what happened because she didn’t love him just yet and because the memories brought with them a boat load of other emotions; guilt at leaving Henry, a lifetime of being alone, sadness at leaving her parents, responsibility to bring back the happy endings, the truth about Neal and probably frustration that she was going to have to leave New York (and more guilt for feeling that way). 

With all of this plus having her heart broken by Walsh (more trust issues) and a Wicked Witch to fight Emma goes back to keeping Hook at arms length and I don’t really blame her. In Emma’s life abandonment has been the rule. It took her awhile to realize and except that Hook would be the exception. And we see her in the Oz arc slowly letting him in before the lip curse slams the door again. 

After that revelation Emma is basically on the beanstalk again looking to run away from Hook because she can’t take a chance on him. Then he almost dies. And in THAT MOMENT she realizes that all her pushing away was for nothing. 

She goes from “I can’t take a chance on you” to “I can’t lose you”. In her moment of panic she is so emotionally vulnerable and because Killian can’t hear her she is also honest. But once the moment passes her fear returns but it’s morphed from a fear that he will abandon her to a fear that he will die because of her. So she sticks with her plan to run back to New York; it will be safer for everyone. 

Luckily that got interrupted by a trip to the past and her realizing that she needs to stop running. That was followed by her discovering what happened to the Jolly Roger; the last of a long number of proofs that Killian wouldn’t abandon her. Which then allowed her to finally show him what she had realized when Killian almost drowned. That she was, completely and horribly, in love with him.

Just a thought I had at work the other day.

Were Twinkies really Tallahassee’s favorite? OR were they his sons and as a way of doing something in memory of his son he decided to to enjoy all the Twinkies left before they expired, since his son couldn’t?

Just a thought.