Just a thought I had at work the other day.

Were Twinkies really Tallahassee’s favorite? OR were they his sons and as a way of doing something in memory of his son he decided to to enjoy all the Twinkies left before they expired, since his son couldn’t?

Just a thought.

rewatching Tallahasse and...necklaces.

Emma’s face when the giant Tiny tells her he’s all alone.

And that he wears the bean necklace as a painful “reminder” of what happened.

Thinking on her own past, her own necklace, well I believe it was the final straw that drove her to fear her connection with Hook, and why she decided to leave him behind.

When she said “I can’t take a chance that I’m wrong about you” she meant her feelings for him. If she meant in general, or with regards to Cora, she would have asked the giant to keep Hook prisoner for more than 10 hours. She asked for 10 hours just to put distance between herself and Hook, to protect her heart just as much as to avoid betrayal.

Ultimately, the giant’s necklace that reminded Emma of Neal’s betrayal becomes a symbol of Emma’s betrayal to Hook.

I love this show.


Rick Scott spent $800,000 of your money to fix up the governor’s mansion while slashing education funding.