Now i finally know…

before watching spn, whenever i saw a weird spn gif

or a weird line

i went no

it can’t be

supernatural is a totally serious, dramatic and heart-wrecking series

but after starting to actually watch it, i realized they’re all real scenes

and there is a 98,8% chance that they’re from an episode with the trickster

seriously…best episodes ever

ok so i just rewatched Tall Tales and noticed something. when the trickster ‘dies’, the man with the chainsaw and the two woman evaporate yet the bed, disco ball and lights don’t suggesting to the winchesters and bobby that  they are real. can we all take a minute to imagine gabriel hauling all that stuff into the auditorium? putting on the bed sheets, setting up the disco ball …

What gets me about Sam and Dean in the episode Tall Tales is that when Bobby sees the two brother bickering, he even states that, “No, come on. You’re bickering like an old married couple.” Dean says, “No, see married couples can get divorced. Me and him, we’re like, uh, Siamese twins.” and then Sam retorts with, “It’s conjoined twins!”. What I am trying to say is that the brothers view their relationship as stronger then a marriage which most people view as forever. But no, they compared each other to conjoined twins. You know what happens to conjoined twins when one of them dies, the other ones dies shortly after. They are implying that they cannot survive without each other. SOULMATES!!!!!!


During Tall Tales, when Gabriel was pretending to be the Trickster/Loki, he had that random dog.

And I have been going out of my mind like why the fuck did he have a dog
But then I remembered
In Norse Mythology, Loki fathered a son that was actually a wolf.
It’s either an insane reference or that is, in fact, Gabriel’s son in a Jack Russell vessel.