If I could pick one thing lacking from nearly all those weirdly cutesy 80s slasher-tit movies (is that a term?) I would say it is emotional realism. And in this low budget movie where everything is a little too late night TV, Klaus Kinsky is just too real. It’s unsettling.

He’s playing the son of a Nazi doctor who brings young women into his home to do things like cut out their tongues and keep them in a cage. How does he decide when it’s time to do this? By playing Russian Roulette with himself.

I definitely appreciate this movie but Klaus Kinsky does so much internal work it makes it kind of hard to watch. I read that dude’s autobiography, I wouldn’t put anything past him.

Thankfully there’s stuff like sex, musical interludes and cookie parties to break up Klaus’ lecherous gaze.

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Fun fact: George Clooney ex-wife, John Slattery (Roger Sterling) current wife and Roger Sterling ex-wife Talia Balsam is in this movie