Talia Project


Talia Seitel- Natural Woman
1st Overall
Senior Solo
Murrieta Dance Project
Showstoppers Anaheim I 2017


Anon asked: Top 5 studios? -> Murrieta Dance Project [5/5]


i had this in my drafts for a while but look!! I really love the name dropping here!! like you got a list of recognisable, famous names, and then Talia just mentions this Angela Zhang girl– but attaches a major achievement along with it.

so much in fact that I ended up googling this Angela Zhang because i loved the idea of reading about a young scientist!!! A STEM girl of colour!! making this rad achievement in biology.

it turns out that she used nanochemistry and built a nanosystem of nanoparticles that targeted cancer cells on tumour sites which is just SO COOL I LOVE PB FOR TELLING ME THIS PERSON EXISTS