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Teen Wolf + TV Tropes

Badass Family: Awesomeness seems to be either inherited, instilled at an early age, or both. There is at least one wall of weapons somewhere in the household. Nearly every member of the family could kick ungodly amounts of ass.


A combo from 24/7 with Maddie Ziegler, Talia Seitel, Lexine Cantoria, and other amazing little dancers!


(Almost) Endless List of Favourite Female Characters → Talia Winters (Babylon 5)

Hard to see how anyone could have survived.


i had this in my drafts for a while but look!! I really love the name dropping here!! like you got a list of recognisable, famous names, and then Talia just mentions this Angela Zhang girl– but attaches a major achievement along with it.

so much in fact that I ended up googling this Angela Zhang because i loved the idea of reading about a young scientist!!! A STEM girl of colour!! making this rad achievement in biology.

it turns out that she used nanochemistry and built a nanosystem of nanoparticles that targeted cancer cells on tumour sites which is just SO COOL I LOVE PB FOR TELLING ME THIS PERSON EXISTS