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favorite solos of the ‘16-’17 season by age

I’ve done this the last two years and people seemed to like it! So here goes again :) Youtube vidoes are linked for all! If you want, feel free to comment some of your favorites so I can watch them. 

age 8: Cameron Voorhees (Evolve Dance Complex) - The Way

age 9: Savannah Kristich (The Rock Center for Dance) - Dance in the Light

age 10: Brooklin Cooley (Club Dance Studio) - Solitude

age 11: Kiarra Waidelich (The Rock Center for Dance) - River

age 12: Ella Horan (Creative Arts Academy) - Risiko

age 13: Tate McRae (YYC Dance Project) - Stillness

age 14: Eva Igo (Larkin Dance Studio) - River

age 15: Talia Seitel (Murrieta Dance Project) - Natural Woman

age 16: Camryn Mandelbaum (Expressenz Dance Center) - The First Time

age 17: Justine Kaneda (West Coast School of the Arts) - Wild in the Wind

age 18: Simrin Player (Club Dance Studio) - Good Girl

bonus favorite groups:

mini: Landslide - Evolve Dance Complex

junior: Vibeology - Club Dance Studio

teen: Hideaway - Murrieta Dance Project

senior: La La Land - Larkin Dance Studio

In case you want to check the past years out:

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Kalea Hidalgo - Dreaming Awake

Junior Contemporary Solo

Choreo: Talia Flavia


NUVO Phoenix

selphiangaleforce  asked:

Hiiii how about head canons or scenarios w/ 2p Japan please? Thank you!

MMMmmmmm my favorite salt mine

2p!Japan (Kuro Honda)

• The saltiest salt mine that ever did salt. Like “Hello, the dead sea called; it wants its salt back.”

• His sense of humor is self-deprecating humor to hide his crippling depression (honestly… same) or dark, dirty humor that is offensive in its own right and there is no in between.

• Resting bitch face. Is he mad? I dunno. Is he bitchy? More than likely.

• Much like his 1p! counterpart is rather diligent in his work, so is he.

• Unlike his 1p! counterpart, he’d do anything to get the job done, even if he has to take out an obstacle in his way be that living being or inanimate object.

• If legs could kill his would be weapons of mass destruction. In other words, he rocks heels but you didn’t hear that from me.

• We all saw this coming but massive porn stash. He’s not picky, anything goes as long as he can get off to it.

• Does not like being social at all, hates it in fact. If it wasn’t for the axis he probably wouldn’t even have attempted to make allies.


Teen Wolf + TV Tropes

Badass Family: Awesomeness seems to be either inherited, instilled at an early age, or both. There is at least one wall of weapons somewhere in the household. Nearly every member of the family could kick ungodly amounts of ass.

50 Little Dancers Asks
  • Favorites asks:
  • 1. Favorite dancer(s)?
  • 2. Favorite studio(s)?
  • 3. Favorite solo(s)?
  • 4. Favorite duet/trio(s)?
  • 5. Favorite (dancer) solo? (Asker names a dancer, Ex - Favorite (Talia Seitel) solo?)
  • 6. Favorite (studio) group? (Asker names a studio)
  • 7. Favorite minis/juniors/teens/seniors?
  • 8. Favorite male dancer(s)?
  • 9. Favorite choreographer?
  • 10. Favorite style of dance?
  • 11. Favorite hairstyle for dance?
  • 12. Favorite dance move?
  • 13. Favorite underrated dancer(s)?
  • 14. Favorite little dancer photo shoot?
  • 15. Favorite competition?
  • Dancer/Studio qualities asks:
  • 16. (Dancer)'s best move?
  • 17. What dancer do you think has the most control?
  • 18. What dancer do you think has the best musicality?
  • 19. What dancer do you think is the most well-rounded?
  • 20. (Studio)'s best quality?
  • 21. What makes a dancer good/stand out to you?
  • 22. What studio do you think has the best minis/juniors/teens/seniors?
  • Dream dances asks:
  • 23. What's your dream mini/junior/teen/senior group?
  • 24. What's your dream duo/trio?
  • 25. If you could pick any dancer to have a solo to any song, what would it be?
  • This or thats:
  • 26. Club Dance or Project 21?
  • 27. MDC or MDP?
  • 28. DP or Just Plain Dancing?
  • 29. WCSA or OCPAA?
  • 30. The Rage or Danceology?
  • 31. Choose between two dances to the same song (Ex - Autumn Miller or Sophia Lucia's Titanium?)
  • 32. Technique or musicality/facials?
  • 33. Sophia Lucia's turns or Tate McRae's legs or Kaylee Quinn's feet?
  • Fandom asks:
  • 34. First dance/dancer you watched?
  • 35. What would you like to see more of in the fandom?
  • 36. What would you like to see less of in the fandom?
  • 37. How did you first become a part of this fandom?
  • 38. Favorite blogs?
  • 39. Best giffers?
  • 40. Best icons?
  • 41. Sweetest Blogger?
  • 42. Sassiest blogger?
  • 43. Who was the first blog you followed?
  • 44. How many followers do you have?
  • 45. How long have you had your blog?
  • 46. Anything in the fandom you're looking forward to?
  • Other:
  • 47. Thoughts on _____? (Ex - Alexa leaving Club)
  • 48. Do you subscribe to any little dancer YouTubes?
  • 49. Do follow any little dancers on Instagram?
  • 50. Any question you'd like!