Talia Joy Castellano


Today Talia Joy lost her battle with cancer. This is the most amazing, talented, most beautiful younger girl I have ever come across on the Internet. I started watching her makeup videos on you tube when she first started out, and I will admit, I thought that such a young girl shouldn’t be posting videos on YouTube. But I was SO wrong! She had so much talent to share! I couldn’t believe how artistically inclined she was with makeup! She has taught me so much, not only with makeup but with life. This is seriously the most amazing 13 year old ever! She was such a positive person in every way, despite everything she was going through. Even though I did not know her personally, it still brings me down greatly to know that she is no longer with us physically, but she always will be mentally. My heart goes out to her friends and family, and I wish you all the best. It is never easy letting go of someone. You will get through it! Every time I do my makeup I think of you Talia, and all you have brought to the table. I just want to say how much I truly love this girl!!! You will be missed my love, and this one is for you Talia! (My makeup that is)

Cake fights, campfires, and covering a car in sticky notes: Fans of Talia Joy Castellano, teenage makeup artist who passed away Tuesday, fulfill her dreams 

Talia Joy Castellano, the teenager who warmed hearts across the country with her inextinguishable spirit and funky makeup tips, passed away from cancer on Tuesday morning. But her devoted fans are keeping alive the dreams she didn’t have a chance to fulfill.

During her six-year battle with neuroblastoma and leukemia, Talia earned Internet fame by showing the world in her YouTube tutorials how to perfectly apply bright eye shadows and lipsticks. Though Talia certainly achieved her dream of becoming a star, there was so much more this honorary CoverGirl hoped to give to – and experience in –- this world.

Five days before she died, Talia jotted down, and posted, the 76 items she wanted to cross off her bucket list and actually got to a few.

She asked her thousands of Facebook fans to head out to open fields, ice cream parlors, flower shops, sunny beaches and a slew of other colorful places for her, in case she didn’t get the chance to have those magical moments.

This is a sampling of what they came back with:

Have a water balloon fight

Give flowers to a stranger

Help a “newbie” with cancer”

Leave handprints in cement

Start a cake fight

Dance in the rain

Be Loved

Rest in peace, Talia.

See more list items completed here, on Talia’s Facebook page.


This is Talia Castellano, a beautiful 13 years old who have been battling for cancer for 6 years now.

She started a youtube channel ( taliajoy18 ) with make up tutorial and her cancer battle. Sadly  is transitioning, meaning she is slowly leaving, I do not personally and I wish I knew.

I am lucky, I got to watch your videos and you are an amazing person, you should always be remember. 

Keep her family and friends in your prayers.

Her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/events/395095887276164/

Her twitter account: https://twitter.com/TaliaJoy18

Her youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_aa1q_dpqRc5uATuslRzg

Her Tumblr blog: http://teenytinytalia.tumblr.com/

Her website: http://angelsfortalia.com/

In Loving Memory of Talia Joy Castellano

We wanted to take a small moment to commemorate an amazing young lady. Earlier today, 13-year-old YouTube makeup guru, Talia Joy Castellano, passed away after a six-year-long battle with cancer.

The teenager, who offered up impressive beauty tutorials on everything from nail art to fake eyelashes, had more than 700,000 subscribers and won over both the media and beauty community with her expertise as well as her courage, strength, and spirit. 

Our hearts go out to Talia’s family and friends, and we wish them all the best.


talia joy castellano - age 13 passed away this morning at 11:22 AM. Talia was a bubbly young girl, with a passion for makeup which she shared with the world via YouTube. Talia was diagnosed with terminal cancer 7 years ago and fought a long and strong battle. Talias story inspired Ellen, who brought her on the show and made her a covergirl. Talia Joy will forever be our hearts. Rest in paradise beautiful girl, heaven gained a strong little angel today.


oh my god no

not someone else

this beautiful girl

lost her battle with cancer a few hours ago oh my god I’m devastated she was 13 years old for god’s sake

what an awful week jesus christ they both had lives to lead this isn’t fair

RIP sweetie… heaven has gained yet another beautiful angel this week, they’re lucky to have another wonderful soul. Rest easy ❤


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