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Reminder that 40 kids were diagnosed with cancer in the USA today

Reminder that 7 kids died from cancer in the USA today

Reminder that there are over 40,000 kids fighting cancer in the USA right now

Reminder that less than 1% of the American Cancer Society’s budget goes to childhood cancer

Reminder that less than 4% of federal cancer funding goes to childhood cancer

Reminder that approximately 71 years of life will be lost for each child that dies of cancer

Reminder that 2/3 childhood cancer survivors will have a chronic, often life threatening condition as a result of treatment

Reminder that childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the USA

Reminder that only one new drug to combat childhood cancer has been approved by the FDA in the last twenty years

Reminder that next to nobody knows the reality of all this until it affects them. I wasn’t aware until my friend Robyn fought and was killed by this horrific silent murderer. She was eleven. Fight for the kids who are too young to fight for themselves.



تاليا جوي واحده من المحاربين لمرض السرطان وقد خسرت المعركة عن عمر 13 في 16/7/2013 تاليا التي ولدت 18/8/1999 تم تشخيص حالتها بمرض نادر من سرطان الأطفال بعمر السابعة وقررت ان تحارب وأن تقول ؛ سمكه صغيرة قالت لي أن أستمر في السباحه وهذا ما فعلته ولم يوقفها المرض وأتخذت من المكياج وسيله لتفريغ طاقتها ونظرت للحياة بايجابيه وأحبت ان تكون ما تطمح الوصول اليه ولم تنتظر عمر معين حتي تحقق أحلامها وقد أصبحت واحده من الظواهر في المكياج مع قاعده عريضه من المعجبين وعدد كبير من المشاهدات لي فيديوهاتها التعليمية علي اليوتيوب ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي الأخري ،،
وهي فعلا أصبحت ملهمه ليس فقط للإعمار الكبيرة الذين يواجهون المرض ولكن أيضاً تعتبر الهام للأطفال الذين يشعرون بان المرض قد شلهم وأن حياتهم قد تتوقف على ذلك

This is so sad..
Talia was a 13 year old aspiring make up artist suffering from cancer. She always managed to put on a smile no matter how awful she was feeling. She was really starting to go places, I believe she’d actually become an official CoverGirl. But it would seem the cancer won this battle.. 

RIP Talia ♥ You were a beautiful young woman


let’s take a moment to remember some amazing people we lost in 2013. They all fought a battle, somehow. May their beautiful souls rest in peace.

Cory fought a battle against his addiction with drugs. If one more person says that it’s his fault he died bc he took drugs imma shove a stick up your rectum, because quitting drugs is hard. It was heartbreaking for me. He made my late childhood complete and he made me happy.

Talia fought a battle against cancer for a long, long time. She was too young. Too talented.

Nelson fought a battle to find world peace. He made us realize that there can be peace, if we all just work together.

Paul fought to help the needy. He was a selfless, giving man. I heard he died coming back from a charity event.

happy new year, everyone. xo


Guys, that sizzle reel had everything I wanted and more. And it’s great to see the fandom so excited again. I’m grinning like a fool this morning. 

Some of the things I’m excited about: 

  • Oliver and Felicity on opposite sides in 5x19. They’ve been so “polite” I guess is the word I would use, with each other all season. It is going to be so nice to see them have conflict again. 
  • Black Siren - a lot of people are complaining that she was in it too much, but they really highlighted the two things I wanted to see - her facing off with Dinah and also interacting with her father. Say what you will, but I think those are going to be good moments in the show. 
  • Nyssa vs. Talia - I squealed with joy at that part. 
  • 5x20 stuff - I’m a little angsty about the FB sex because I know it’s not going to end well, but at least it will produce beautiful gifs. I was more excited to see Oliver opening up to Felicity in present day and that OTA stunt in the elevator shaft. It is going to be a wonderful episode, you guys. 
  • Rene reuniting with his daughter! 
  • The showdown on Lian Yu is going to be intense. Do you think that maybe Oliver gets Slade on his side because his kid is in danger and he appeals to Slade as a father?
  • How do you think the team gets to Lian Yu? Do you think they are kidnapped and take there? Or do you think that someone is taken and then the rest of the team joins to help Oliver?

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Pack Mom - Part 13

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Request 1// Derek explains to the reader that so much crazy stuff has happened in the town that it’s been overdue to ask her and she obviously says yes and Derek decides that they should go out for a family dinner to celebrate - all 4 of them and it’s just really sweet and Liam asks them questions like “dad, where did you meet mom?”

Request 2//  The couple still need to tell the pack that they’re officially getting married and all them are like “finally!” Haha

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That’s also when realised that I was just stood there with my mouth open wide and not even answered the question yet. I was finally going to become a Hale.

“YES!” I shouted, forgetting that Talia was asleep,with joy and tears of happiness running down my face. That’s when Derek put the ring on my finger and it was a perfect fit. I swung my arms around Derek’s neck and hugged him tight.

“YES..YES..YES!” I kept saying over and over again for like a million times. Derek swung me around with a few tears falling down his cheeks. He placed me back on the ground but not letting me out of his embrace, but pulling me close. Looking into my eyes, his smile grew wide and then the next thing I know his lips were on mine.

“I love you so much Y/N and soon I can call you my wife,” He told me. I couldn’t get another word out, I hugged him tight and I never wanted to let go, and I don’t think Derek did either. That’s only until we heard Talia begin to cry. But we had the best son ever.

“It’s okay I will sort her out,” Liam told us, but before he could walk off Derek and I pulled him into our hug.

“Thank you baby,” I told him kissing his head. We let Liam go to sort Talia out for us. This family was perfect, After years of being with Derek we were finally getting married and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t wait to start planning our wedding. It was going to be so much fun and so exciting. I could just see my little baby girl walking down the aisle holding her big brother’s hand with a little bunch of flowers. It was going to be perfect.

“What about we go out for a meal and celebrate. Just the 4 of us” Derek said bring me out of my daydream about the wedding.

“What now?” I asked looking out the window as it was pitch black and it was around 9:30 at night now. 

“No not now baby, ” Derek said laughing as he kissed me nose. “I mean tomorrow night, the pack will probably come tomorrow so we can tell them the news and then us 4 can get ready and head out. If you like?” Derek asked.

“That’s a great idea baby, and also it would be our first time taking Talia out for dinner and us as a family!” I said getting excited which made me hug Derek even more.

“I love you,” I said 

“I love you too,” Derek said kissing me

“Umm, Mom, Dad I’m going to head off to bed now. Talia is asleep. So goodnight”

“Night son,” Derek said smiling

“Come here first,” I told him, then pulling him into a hug. I kissed his head then looked down at him.“I love you, sweetheart, have a good sleep”, I told him as I let him go.

“I love you too Mom,” He said heading off to bed. As did Derek and I. We got in bed and just cuddled. I couldn’t take my eyes of my ring. Gorgeous! That’s what it was. I loved it so much. I never wanted to stop looking at it.

“You like it then?” Derek asked pulling me into his chest.

“Like it? Baby I love it. Thank you so much. I must be the luckiest person to have the best fiancé ever, a beautiful ring, the best pack and the best family in the whole world. Wait not the world. The Galaxy!“ I told him. Which made him laugh and he placed the most passionate kiss onto my lips. We ended the day by snuggling up together and I fell asleep in Derek’s arms.

The Next Day//

“Mama..Dada” Those were the words that  I woke up to this morning. As I opened my eyes. Talia was wrapped up in her pink fluffy blanket with her head resting on Liam’s shoulder. He unravelled her from her blanket and handed me her, as Derek was still asleep. Liam got in next to me and rested his head on my shoulder. 

"Good sleep sweetie?” I asked as I pulled him into a hug.

“Yeah, It was okay.” He told me before we were interpreted by Talia. 

“Dada?” She said looking down at Derek who was still sound asleep.

“Baby why not give him a big good morning kiss to wake him up” I told my daughter which I placed next to Derek, she lay down and kissed her dad, which surely woke him up.

“Morning princess,I” He said pulling her into his arms, she was now laying on his chest and cuddled with Derek. It was so cute. Talia was cuddled up to Derek and Liam was cuddled up to me.

“What are doing today?” Liam asked

“Well, the pack are coming round, so we will tell them about Derek and me, then Derek thought that it would be nice for the 4 of us to go out for our first family meal” I informed him.

“That’s sounds fun. I can’t wait” Liam said. We stayed in bed till around 10, then we all started to get ready. I went to the bathroom to get dress. As I put my top on, my ring caught my eye again. That was it for me, I was just stood in the bathroom just staring at my ring again, still not believing that Derek asked me to marry him. Yet again I was brought out of my daydream by the pack coming into the loft. I finished getting ready and headed down to see them all.I hid my hand so the pack wouldn’t see the ring before we got to tell them. 

“Mama” Talia shouted as I entered the room, She was sat on the floor with her arms in the air. That’s when it came to mind, before the wedding we need Talia to be walking. That was a goal that we need to reach so my idea could come alive. I picked her up and she leaned her head in between my neck and shoulder now sucking on her thumb. I walked over to the table and picked up her Pacifier and swapped it for her thumb. 

“Is it nap time for someone?” Stiles asked walking over to us as he rubbed his thumb on Talia’s cheek. 

“Do you want to go to uncle Stiles?” I asked and she gave a small nod and turned to Stiles and snuggled up to him. Stiles went to sit on the sofa with Talia, who was now fast asleep on him. Liam looked over at me and Derek with a big grin on his face.

“Guys. We have something to tell you” I said.

“Another thing!” Stiles laughed.

“Yes another thing Stiles, so shut up I want to hear!” Lydia told him. I didn’t have to say another word, I just held out my hand to reveal the shiny ring on my finger. 

“FINALLY!!” Everyone cheered as they got up to congratulate Derek and I.Stiles couldn’t get up as he didn’t want to wake Talia up, so instead he sent us a thumbs up with a big grin on his face. Lydia came up to me and gave me a big hug.

“Please let me help you plan!” She asked.

“Of course, we will need all the help we can get!” I said hugging her tighter. She then pulled up my hand to look at my ring. Kira and Malia both gathered round to take a look.

“Y/N, that is beautiful,” Kira said.

“I want it!” Malia told me

“You are the luckiest girl in the world” Lydia added getting even more excited.

We then all sat around talking about ideas for the wedding and we got even more excited. It was going to be the best day ever.

Few Hours Later//

The pack had left and we were ready for our family meal. We all got in the car and headed to the restaurant. It was so lovely.  We got to our table, and sat down, we placed Talia into a high chair and she was being well behaved. No tantrums, nothing. I was so proud. We were all looking at the menus to see what we would like to eat and drink. It must have taken around 15 minutes for us all to pick what we wanted, but finally, we ordered and the food was on it’s way. 

“Dad, Can I ask you something?” Liam asked

“Yeah sure go ahead" 

"How did you meet mom?”

Part 14? What Do You Think?

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What do you have against freelea???

oh GOD okay 

  • She thinks that going vegan/raw vegan can cure almost any illness or disease that you have (INCLUDING EATING DISORDERS WHICH IS BULLSHIT) 
  • She gives out nutrition information like she’s a doctor 
  • She takes other youtubers videos and uploads them then bashes them to get views 
  • She uploaded a video shortly after Talia Joy died literally saying that going raw vegan could have saved this little girls life which is extremely fucking disrespectful and you can watch the video » here «
  • Basically anyone who disagrees with her on anything is wrong and bad
  • She made a video saying anyone can get a thigh gap if you eat raw vegan
  • Talked about how losing her period was a good thing on a raw food diet 
  • Body shames anyone who doesn’t look like her and isn’t on a vegan diet 
  • refuses to accept the fact that veganism isn’t for everyone

i’m sure there’s more but those are the main ones that come to mind

i actually have no problem with what she’s promoting because i do believe the vegan diet can be very beneficial to some people, but personality wise, she sucks. 

Talia is expected to pass soon and her family is asking for prayers for a peaceful passing seeing as she’s been fighting her battle for 6 years and her body can’t handle the fight anymore. Please keep Talia in your prayers. ❤❤❤🙏 #prayfortalia