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Paul Hoppe’s “Tales To Behold #5”

Created under THE BEHOLDER persona, this fifth issue of the gonzo-superheroes series continues the mis-adventures of a very odd and random super-team that includes a living skeleton, a griffin, and an immortal knight. This volume marks the beginning of Season 2 of the BEHOLDER comics.

Our heroes are recovering from the earth-shattering developments that happened in the last couple books. But they don’t have much time for a breather, as their precious off-time gets rudely interrupted by some drug dealers with strange powers. And upon their return to the Big Apple, they get attacked by – their own shadows!

5.25″ x 8.25″, 40 pages. $7
2-color Risograph wraparound cover with b&w interior on cream paper 

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Tale of the Forest 3

Behold! I have written more!

I really should go to bed, but the muse felt like clocking me over the head with a cricket bat first, so here we go. Enjoy!!

    Autumn had always been a busy time of year for Aesling. Between her daily patrols of the forest and building up a larder for winter, she barely had time to relax before sundown, and it didn’t help when she’d need to help pixies rebuild their homes after a badger had come and raided it or when dryads would come crying about their trees being assaulted by parasites.

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Dark Fairy Tales Video: Part 1

Behold, your childhood will be plagued!

Keep that in mind there were two different versions of any fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty: Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Also, yes I know Hunchback of Notre Dame isn’t a fairy tale, but I did learn that it has dark stuff (even though I never read the book).

Webcomix United!

These are characters from some of the far out comics that can be found online. They are from the following webcomics (some are for mature audiences):

On the very top: Emea and Wakatonka from Spun-Off

From left to right:

Cassandra from Iothera

Alya from Alya The Last Child of Light

Paula and Ann from F.U. Point M.O.D.I.C.

Jenny Everywhere from my own Tales To Behold and many others

Lucidus from Alya The Last Child of Light

Abúi from Abúi’s Travels

Kaza and Gwenna from Kaza’s Mate Gwenna

All characters belong to their respective creators of course.

Except Jenny Everywhere, she belongs to everybody!