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What type of YouTube channels would the Matsu brothers make or like to watch? :>

I made a matsu’s favorite youtubers here, so I wrote what kind of channels they’d have themselves~

Osomatsu: A channel dedicated to pranking people, especially his brothers.  He’s a dick so he loves scaring people or pissing them off too see their reactions.  Out of his brothers he prefers to prank Totty and Choro since they have the best responses and make the funniest faces.

Karamatsu:  It would be a channel of him doing acoustic covers of popular songs or song he enjoys.  He think’s he has a nice voice so why not share it with the world.  He hopes to get recognized by a talent agent and become famous

Choromatsu:He’d make a top 10 list of ____ videos.  He likes criticizing things like top 10 songs of (month) or top 10 ten idols of (year.)  He likes seeing what other people think of them and will support his views with hard evidence.

Ichimatsu: Cat. Videos.  Just videos of cats doing the funny and bizarre things.  His audience is amazed by well they listen to him and likes it when they destroy stuff.

Jyushimatsu:  He does the sickest baseball tricks and will also perform extreme dares (kinda like Jackass.)  His audience is amazed by how much he can endure and how almost nothing phases him at all.

Todomatsu: A beauty channel that vlogs sometimes.  He like showing off different skin care routines and reviews different products.  Plus he leads a pretty interesting like taking videos of his trips to Mount Fuji or some shenanigans his brothers do.

Top Talent Agents in New York You Should Know

Top Talent Agents in New York You Should Know #NYC

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Are you looking for a talent agent to represent you in New York? While we can’t recommend an talent agency for you, we can direct you to a list of SAG franchised talent agents and give you some advice. The following talent agencies have an established and recognized history of accountability, consistency in adhering to entertainment industry laws and regulations, and compliance with the various…

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We know him as Agent Xavier Dolls on Wynonna Earp but Shamier Anderson is a man of many talents. Shamier also performs as a DJ and produces mixes as DJSHAMGOD. Starting this Friday (July 8th) he will be dropping mixes every week. Follow him on twitter @ djshamgod

To give you a peek at his work check out the following Mellow House Mix 2016. This is one of my favorites! Be sure to check out the others on his SoundCloud account (DJSHAMGOD). Enjoy! Excited for the big launch!

I’m looking for a decent agent and right now it is proving to be a lot harder than I was expecting.

  1. You have to take into account if they work closely with the actors unions, if any 
  2. If they are, in fact, a legitimate talent agency
  3. How much they are willing to do to help you to get to where you want to be
  4. If they have contacts outside of the city, mainly in large film industry-related cities like Los Angeles
  5. How much they want for commission 
  6. If they want you to pay them up front (scammers)
  7. Where the agency resides

Oh well. Don’t think I’m going to give up yet. I’ve been doing my research. I’m going to land those roles. I won’t stop until I have finally reached my goal, which might be never. I’m going to keep looking. I’m going to keep setting myself up only for success! Yeah!

Are You a Dancer? Major Talent Agency Now Seeking Dancers in Florida

Are You a Dancer? Major Talent Agency Now Seeking Dancers in Florida

Talent Agents are looking for Dancers in Florida.

Can you dance? Is the dance floor a second home? The Diamond Agency is looking for amazing dancers in Florida to work on productions in the Florida Area.

“Florida’s longest standing, most revered SAG-AFTRA, model and talent agency. State and nationwide clients in commercial, print, film and television, promotions, as well as additional categories.…

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Actors Guide - Casting Director - Talent Agent

Actors Guide - Casting Director - Talent Agent ever wondered what the difference is? Well I suppose if you are not in the acting profession then you really don’t give a damn about the difference. But what is you are in the acting profession and you would really like to know. Well you can find out more when you visit actor Vincent Browning website and take the time to read his blogs that contain a lot of useful information for young actors and actresses who are starting out in the profession and intend on becoming stars. Actors Guide - Casting Director - Talent Agent will explain to you what the difference is between a Casting Director and a Talent Agent. It will also let you know who works for who and who pay’s who and most importantly of all  … .Read More Here!

Jana VanDyke Agency Looking for New Talent

Jana VanDyke Agency Looking for New Talent

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Are you looking for an agent? Jana VanDyke Agency is looking for new talent.

According to their website, “Mega Management was created in 2004 with the primary goal of representing various talent in the entertainment industry as a personal management firm. Due to industry changes here in GA, we felt our talent would be better served reconstructing the firm into an agency. In order for us to be a…

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Oh, Wesley Snipes
  • Freedman:Assuming I'm a talent agent and you're my client, in the usual talent agency-client relationship, if I'm representing you and you make some sort of money from some source during the time that I'm representing you, the usual claim from a talent agency is that they're entitled to commission off whatever you make during the period of representation.
  • Snipes:Right.
  • Snipes' lawyer:Objection. Vague and ambiguous, lacks foundation, incomplete hypothetical, calls for an expert conclusion.
  • Snipes:I can translate it to the way I understand it. It's no different than a pimp. That's what a pimp does with a ho. A pimp will lay claim to whatever the ho produces anywhere on the planet for as long as she's a ho. And then, even after she retires from being a ho, they're still gonna make the claim. Now, whether they actually do anything or not to deserve it is a whole 'nother issue. That's kind of my experience with the talent agencies -- if they receive the phone call, if your name has been a part of their roster, if they receive a piece of mail, then as far as they're concerned, they are entitled to commission.
  • Freedman:What does the pimp do when the ho doesn't pay?
  • Snipes:They usually beat them up.
  • Freedman:No further questions.

When contacted about the lack of Chicago talent in the lineup, a number of creative powers in town — including directors, performers and a talent agent (all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, as things are still in play for a number of roles) — said there was less a sense of surprise than a general feeling that, as one source noted: “We know what we have in terms of talent here, but the creative team for this show is from New York, and people tend to want to work with those they know and have worked with before.”

As a veteran musical theater actress, who often goes to auditions for such productions “just to learn the choreography and other aspects of the show,” explained it: “The community here doesn’t really expect to get cast for those big tours, though hope springs eternal when the extraordinary few make it through — people like Jessie Mueller [who forged her career in Chicago, was plucked for a role in a Broadway musical revival, later went on to win a Tony Award for “Beautiful – The Carole King Musical,” and recently received raves for her performance in “Waitress”]. The few calls I’ve gone to have felt pretty perfunctory. And it’s an even bigger bummer for us to see local theaters like the Goodman using fewer locals.”

Denise Schneider, a spokesperson for the Goodman, noted that “in a typical season, between 80 and 90 per cent of the actors we hire are from Chicago.”

As it happens, although rehearsals are to begin in early August, a couple of major roles are still to be cast in Chicago’s “Hamilton,” including those of Aaron Burr (a lifelong “frenemy” of Hamilton, who ultimately killed him in a duel), and George Washington (who chose Hamilton as his assistant during the Revolutionary War, and later named him the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury). And, according to an agent at a major Chicago talent agency: “Many of our actors went in to audition for the show both in Chicago and New York, and we do have people very much still in the mix, and are hopeful things work out for them.”

One busy Chicago musical theater director recalled how a group of actors in rehearsal for his show this past winter were given time off from rehearsal to attend the “Hamilton” audition here, and at least one of them got a callback.

“Of course those of us who work here know the amazing skills set and talent level, so we scratch our heads asking ‘Why?’ But if you have a New York creative team, that New York/Broadway pedigree is very important. And ‘Hamilton’ does require a very specific skills set, and even very specific physical traits, including height. The show’s movement, in particular, is very classically based [Tony Award-winner Andy Blankenbuehler’s choreography makes everyone and everything move in the most organic way, much like Steven Hoggett’s did in “Once”]. It’s a rigorous dance show, and frankly, that classical training, and the way it prepares people to sustain a schedule of eight movement-heavy performances a week, is difficult to find in Chicago.”

Another musical theater director observed: “I know a number of actors who did go to the auditions, but I also was told that the room was surprisingly empty. It might be that the demands of this show — being able to do hip-hop, and street dance, and Broadway, and ballet level movement, and act — scared people away. But this was a show with so many opportunities for ethnic actors, and it’s always important just to be seen, even for openings down the road.”

“Some…some guy came up to me and, um, gave me a business card and said that he was – he was a talent agent for a modeling agency. I don’t know how, um, how stupid he thinks I am, but…I’m pretty sure modeling doesn’t actually work like that. More likely that it’s some, um, scam to get hundreds of dollars from people at a time.”


I’m not even going to try to explain all of it because it was TOO FUCKING WEIRD but the key points were:

  • My whole town (which was not the town I live in some weird imaginary town) was under like martial law by some weird government agency
  • There was this really creepy ass guy who was like a talent agent??? He was yelling at these little girls in front of their parents about how they were fucking up his franchise and when I got sick of it and was all “You don’t get to yell at children like that, take it up with their parents if you have some problem with their acting to discuss, they’re the ones that sign everything for them after all” and he was like “Oh no, for blahblablahblah the parents sign basically all the rights of their children over to me, its kinda like slavery” and I walked around ranting about how sick that was…. and that whole part had NOTHING to do with the rest of the dream apart from that I ran into that guy at a weird war memorial museum where
  • My friend Alex and I had gone and our friend Ben refused to come outside to look at the monument thing because it was too hot (idek) and on the way BACK HOME from there, I found this message from @wolvesofinnistrad who lived in my town but I never saw him, but he was helping me out BECAUSE
  • The weird agency holding us all under like town hostage was HOLDING THE WINTER SOLDIER HOSTAGE in my aunt and uncles house but really it was my old house (don’t question weird dream logic) and like it was super weird cause I was allowed to come and go, as was my whole family, they just were also keeping him hostage there, and he was def the Winter Soldier, not Bucky, so I didn’t ever go there cause he was dangerous as frick, right, but the reason he was being held there was because he was PREGNANT AND THEY WANTED HIS BABY and the message from @wolvesofinnistrad was that I needed to get back there FAST and when I did I overheard the head guy (who looked like Tim Curry for some reason) talking on his phone about how they were sick of waiting on him to give birth so, since he was basically due, they had a plan to do this weird thing that involved putting screws into his spine and made him go into labor (no idea what the hell he was pregnant WITH, I assume a Mini Soldier?) and I wanted to warn the Winter Soldier and I could see him through the window and ‘knew’ that he was actually already in the early stages of labor, so I picked up the phone and went to a closet so they wouldn’t hear me (we were allowed communication without monitoring, but they were like… agents in your house? So they could still overhear the normal way) AND THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE DREAM
  • I failed at warning him because I wouldn’t fucking remember phone numbers without cell phone contacts anymore. Normal phone dialing made it so that every phone number I remembered from my youth and called was the wrong one. 

Idk if he ever escaped or if they took his baby because I woke up to my alarm then, but HOLY SHIT GUYS WHAT A FUCKING DREAM, HUH?!

NCIS: Jennifer Esposito Set as New Series Regular as [Spoiler] Exits
By Michael Ausiello / July 11 2016, 1:59 PM PDT

Jennifer Esposito is eyeing a return to the CBS procedural fold via NCIS.
RELATEDNCIS: Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, David McCallum and Rocky Carroll Sign Deals for Seasons 14 and 15

Sources confirm to TVLine that the Blue Bloods alum is joining Season 14 of TV’s most-watched drama in the series-regular role of Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn. An experienced NCIS agent who left field work and became an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center, Quinn is lured by Gibbs (Mark Harmon) back into the field as part of his team, where he will take advantage of her sharp wit, quick mind and immense talent as a federal agent.
Meanwhile, TVLine has confirmed that Sarah Clarke — who boarded the CBS juggernaut last season in the recurring role of Special Agent Tess Monroe — will not be returning.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Jennifer Esposito joining us for Season 14,” said EP Gary Glasberg in a statement. “She embodies everything that we hoped for in the character of Quinn and we can’t wait to have her come be a part of our team.”

Esposito — most recently starred in ABC’s Mistresses — marks NCIS‘ latest significant Season 14 move, following last month’s casting of Wilmer Valderrama (also as a series regular) and this week’s promotion of Duane Henry (Officer Reeves). This comes as NCIS heads into its first season without Michael Weatherly, whose 13-year run on the CBS juggernaut ended with last month’s Season 13 finale.

NCIS kicks off its 14th season on Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8/7c. 💕


https://itstudios.link/EEyzj - 4Star Entertainment – Website branding for the Talent Agency…

Branding a NYC Talent Agent.We met Todd Frank the CEO of  4Star Entertainment, LLC early 2013 and created a updated fresh web appearance as well as the SEO of the company in search results.  4Star Entertainment represents acts such as Steve Harvey, Deborah Harry & the Fish Sticks, Lisa Lisa, Cedric The Entertainer and The Trammps, among others. Todd started out in the live entertainment business while still in college, working at Spotlite Enterprises, one of the largest comedy agencies, from 1990-92.

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You work for Naughty Dog?

I do! Officially my title is talent and production coordinator, but what I actually do is serve as a casting director for the creative team and help them find their actors and stunt performers for the games. Then I also figure out when we can shoot or record with that cast and schedule and organize those days.

On Uncharted 4, I ended up doing a fair amount of voice directing for multiplayer and incidental VO, as well, which was a lot of fun as I love voice directing and have a background in it from when I worked as a talent agent and voice director at a major VO talent agency here in LA.

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My first flight by myself is on Saturday. I'm just now getting more and more nervous. Lol On top of that I'm visiting my talent agent uncle who's waist deep in Hollywood shit so. I'm for sure gonna meet alot of ridiculously famous people. Halp. -Pyro

You got this!