Seventeen reaction to their S/O sleeping with a stuffed animal (performance unit)

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You told him that you had a stuffed dolphin on a date before he left for a promotional tour. His immediate response was to take you shopping so that he could get one just like it to have on tour with him when he couldn’t be with you instead. The boys told you that he slept with it next to him every night after they got back.

“Where did you get it? I want one too so that we’ll be kinda connected!”


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When this cutie came over to your house and found your stuffed monkey on your bed, he was grinning from ear to ear. He picked it up, playing with it, causing you to giggle. Hoshi made the monkey do some of the dances for their songs, and you ended up taking turns making the monkey do different dances.

“Oh my gosh, your monkey is a better dancer than you. I’m just kidding, Y/N, don’t throw her at me!”


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You had a stuffed cat that you slept with for years. When Minghao found it in your room, you were a bit shy about it. To make you feel better, he pretended to talk to the cat and tell it how lucky it was to get to spend the night with you.

“Mr. Cat, you’re the luckiest cat in the world. Sorry, but you’re gonna have to share Y/N with me, because I know I love them more than you do.”


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The boys had invited you over for a sleepover, and you decided to bring along a turtle plushie you had gotten when you were a kid that you slept with every night. When Chan saw you hugging the turtle in your sleep, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you a little bit more.

“That turtle is adorable, Y/N. Gosh, I find something new to like about you every time I see you.”

Fake Date?
  • requested by @mychakk: #23, “Just pretend to be my date.”
  • Slight S3 AU where the Magnussen storyline doesn’t happen until much later because reasons. 

“Sherlock, hey, I have those–whoa,” Molly was interrupted by a firm snog as she entered 221B. He traced his lips over her cheek and stopped at her ear.

“Just pretend to be my date,” Sherlock whispered quietly.

“Now, Sherlock, aren’t you going to properly introduce us?” Mrs. Holmes questioned.

“Mummy, father,” he spoke, “this is Molly. My date.”

“So we finally get to meet the infamous Doctor Molly Hooper,” Mr. Holmes beamed. Sherlock’s face turned a suspicious shade of crimson.

“Lovely to meet you both,” Molly replied.

“Sherlock, I told you that it’s your turn to take them to the theatre,” Mycroft complained as he entered the flat.

“Hush now, Mikey, he can’t. Don’t you see he has a date tonight?” Mrs. Holmes pointed out. The grimace on Mycroft’s lips caused Molly to stifle a laugh. His displeased expression changed into one of mischief.

“Oh, of course, how could I forget?” Mycroft smiled. Actually smiled. “Poor Sherlock’s been pining over Miss Hooper since his return to London.” The brothers glared at each other now.

“Sherlock?” Molly’s gentle tone brought his attention to her. She placed her gloved hand against his forearm as a way of comforting him.

“Well,” Sherlock began, “we should be going.” He guided Molly out of the flat, his hand hovering over the small of her back. Once they hit the sidewalk, Molly stopped him in his tracks.

“Is it true?” she asked. He didn’t answer but the look in his eyes as he gazed into hers was all she needed to see that it was. Sherlock Holmes had been pining over her.

“You can go back to Tom now. Sorry to throw you in the middle of that,” he spoke quietly.

“Sherlock,” she said softly, removing her gloves. His eyes immediately shifted to her left hand. No ring. Upon his realization, Molly smiled.

“So how about that date?” Sherlock asked shyly.

“Sounds perfect. I think I’d fancy some chips,” Molly laughed.

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How Your Costume Shop Works, Edition 4.

From @heartseeswhateyescannot: 

Have you ever worked as a Wardrobe Supervisor? If so could you explain how quick changes are managed? I am a SM and is very interested in the process at any size.

I HAVE worked as a Wardrobe Sup- at the school I work at, each of us in the shop takes turns supervising the student crews that run the shows we put up. 

Usually, we start out early on in the process in the costume shop by trying to figure out where quickchanges are likely to be in any given show. Often, this is working with the director and/or the designer, and there are usually at least a few weeks where we bring up needing to know about them in the production meeting. Ideally, we’d know what/where a quickchange was and about how long we should have to do it before we even start building garments, so if we have to do a special breakaway rig of some sort, we can figure out how to hide it. (This is also true for any clothing that changes onstage-we got sort of blindsided on Curtains last year because one of the leads had to take her own dress off, and we suddenly had to swap the closures from the front to the back to accommodate her)

By the time we get to tech, usually the SMs have given us an entrances/exits chart, or at least a good idea of where the Really Fast Turnarounds are, and we can start setting up the actual changes. 

Usually, I start out by just seeing if we can do the change normally with the wardrober helping, and if that takes too long, I’ll move on to choreographing and throwing extra bodies at the problem. I generally tell the actors that the more they can have OFF by the time they get to us, the more helpful it’s going to be, so if they can have their shirt off or at least open, or their shirt off and their pants undone, we can be ready to swap stuff as soon as we see them. If we get to needing choreography, it’s usually as simple as “pants first, then shirt from behind, step into your shoes, do your snaps/buttons/velcro, take the hat off the head of the person tying your shoes, go onstage.” Really the choreography is to make sure that everyone knows exactly what order stuff happens in, and what’s coming next, so there’s not a whole mess of fumbling (which adds time)

There are also a whole lot of tricks in rigging clothes for quickchanges- depending on if a shirt has to go off or on quickly, we might replace the buttons with velcro(on) or snaps(off) and put elastic in the cuffs. There are a lot of times where you sew a top and a bottom together and put a Gianty Big Zipper down the back to get things off of people quickly, or when you sew a vest to a shirt so that you can put it on all as one unit. Sometimes we also have people underdress things- if you have to go from a big poofy dress into a pencil skirt, we’ll have the pencil skirt on under the big poofy dress, so we can just yank the big poofy dress off and you’ll be ready to go. (there are literally a million different rigging tricks for stuff, so if anyone needs like, Specific Quickrig Ideas, feel free to hit me up)

Imagine a Teen Wolf Until Dawn au. 

One year ago, the pack went up to the ski lodge that the Hale family owns and got up to a bunch of teen shenanigans; pranks and harmless jokes… or at least they thought was harmless; when a prank takes a turn for the worst, the youngest of the Hale sisters - Cora - runs into the forests in the middle of the night after being humiliated by her friends and her sister - Laura - runs after her. After that, no-one sees them again; they’re missing presumed dead.

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A year later, Derek (Josh) invites his friends back up to the ski lodge, but everything goes horribly wrong. The group splits up after a lot of heated arguments and Boyd (Mike) and Erica (Jessica) go down to the secluded cabin with the intention to hook up for the first time but they’re both too shy so they sit there patiently. At least they do until someone or something starts messing with them - throwing things through the window, breaking the fuse box, etc. Thinking it’s just one of the others pulling a prank on them, they ignore it. But whoever or whatever it is, grabs Erica and drags her through the shattered glass of the door. Boyd runs after her, following her screams and the trail of blood in the snow. He finds her laying on the top of an elevator shaft, bleeding and gasping for life. The wood holding her upright breaks and she falls into the mines.

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Meanwhile, up at the lodge, Stiles (Sam) wants to get away from the drama and have a nice warm bath, but to do that he has to put the boiler on and he and Derek (Josh) try to have a serious conversation about what happened last year, but every time they do they have to deal with all the pranks the others are pulling on him. 

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Once done, he gets the hell out of there just as Allison (Ashley) finds a Ouija board and she, Scott (Chris) and Derek sit down and try to contact the spirits of Derek’s sisters. They ‘contact’ Laura (but whether it’s someone moving it or not is something that’s never clarified). Derek storms out and Scott follows him but he and Allison are knocked out by an intruder in the cabin.

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As for the other characters: Jackson is Emily (Because he’s a bitch), Lydia is Matt (Because they’re a couple that either break up or don’t and she’s too good for him), and while there might not be a character to parallel Isaac, he’s there (possibly with Scott and Allison).

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I could write out the whole story but I don’t want to spoil anything, just imagine Stiles walking around in nothing more than a towel, everyone trying to help Derek who’s losing his mind after the loss of his sisters and the lore of wendigoes.

And the best thing is, it would be a chose-your-own-adventure kind of story that reflected the butterfly effect

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Series: Part 4 of Social network


what I’ve been trying to tell you


the one in which Jimin manages to mess up everything in one night and accidentally texts the guy he has a crush on

An open letter to a person who loves an alcoholic;

Hi there, you’re probably experiencing an emotional roller coaster right now. You’re sad, mad, scared, filled with doubt and so on. At first you thought that your loved one just liked alcohol time to time, I mean what’s wrong with that? People binge on their favourite drinks all the time. But it starts to take a turn for the worst - that ‘one’ drink has turned into two, then three, and pretty soon your finding empty alcohol bottles stashed and hidden away. You’re realizing that the person you used to be able to talk to, is no longer available because they are too wasted to comprehend what you are saying. So you get mad, you just want it to stop so you yell, you scream, you take the bottles and try and hide them - you think you’re helping, you think they will realize, but that doesn’t work. Days go by and each night behind the closed door they continue to drink. You try and reason with them now, you plead with them to just put the bottle down because you miss their presence. At this point you’ll probably get an antagonizing laugh or maybe they will raise their voice and insist they don’t have a problem and that person will try and convince you that you are crazy for thinking otherwise. You’ll feel defeated and trapped, you don’t know what to do. Hiding the alcohol doesn’t work - they will always find more, reasoning with the person doesn’t work - because they don’t see it as a problem. So you finally go reach for help and try and find support. Now most people will scoff you off because it seems like drinking large amounts of alcohol is not seen as a ‘problem’, others will say you need to back off that person because you having valid emotions with the situation, is the reason they will only drink more. Lastly, the support you do find that is true will only be helpful in the moment - because as you realize there is really nothing you can do about someone’s addiction. So the days drag on, the alcohol increases, the person seems to lose more of themselves each day - maybe they begin to miss work, always seeking isolation, showing up to events drunk and leaving wasted, and sometimes they even make the shitty decision to drive while intoxicated. Again, you feel lost and you’re scared. You’re lost because that person you love is not there for you anymore, and you cannot recognize who they are anymore. You’re scared because your not sure whether the addiction will get stronger, or if they will die from it. So what do you do? people tell you to never leave an addicts side because this is when they need you more then ever. But tell me, how do you stay when that person is so wasted they are calling you names, shoving you, making you cry, lying to you every chance they get. How do you do that, when this a person you’re supposed to look up too, the one who was supposed to take care of you, how do you deal with an alcoholic, when its your own _____

I got my White Mage in FFXIV Stormblood to 70 and got all EX primal cessories an weap!

I can just say that I’m having so much fun with 4.0 WHM!!!
Before this expansion hit, a lot of people were very VERY pessimistic about White Mage- claiming “WHM is dead” and saying that the new lily system sucks. Well, I believed in the job and it tootes did not let me down!!

I think the changes made with WHM are to help them with their main weakness: long battles. Here are my thoughts…

With the new skills “Thin Air” and “Lucid Dreaming” WHM has better MP management! I didn’t meld in Piety and I’m not having MP issues given I’m dpsing and healing. It’s all about having these two skills take turns or know which bursts to use em on! 


The “Secret of the Lily” system is better felt in long-drawn battles. I’d burst DPS at the start, use my oGCDs to heal the tank. Midway my oGCDs would fall on cooldown and so I’ll be forced to cast cures weaved into my stones which generate lilies AND confession stacks for Plenary Indulgence! This results to more oGCDs to use up to heal during the drawn-out battle!

Since heals are more potent [having a new oGCD healbomb Plenary Indulgence, and we now have a barrier (Divine Benison)] it makes me clutch heal less as a WHM who wants to dps a lot. Hooray! (Cuz in stormblood, most of the time it is important for everyone to be topped too .-.)

My personal playstyle is a heavy DPS/burst White Mage so I try to help end the fight faster or push mechanics, and if it doesn’t end as fast: that’s alright cuz I have my lilies to make things easier for me later on (and thin air/lucid in case MP gets low.) I see this new WHM as something that satisfies both “main healer WHMs” (heal potency and heal combos!!!) and those who are like me that DPS a lot (strong enough heals and oGCD refreshes!)

AST has balance and SCH has Chain Stratagem- leaving WHM with no damage boost for the party. But personally, I’m not looking for any boost-damage utility if I can contribute enough DPS to the party myself. But that may just be me xD With an AST who often spends time buffing and healing greatly, I can dps more. With a SCH who plans on DPSing more, my potent heals and regen that can top people up fast enables them to plug in more DPS!

The 4.0 WHM changes are not very noticeable in short battles/pulls but I find that it’s actually very evidently seen and felt in longer battles like today’s EX runs and boss battles. So far I haven’t complaints about 4.0 WHM and don’t have specific requests on the lily system. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s far from being as terribad as people cast it to be. I’ve said my piece as a DPS WHM (which is pretty rare in game) but for those WHMs who would prefer to pure heals or focus healing, this system makes them gods of healing- chaining heals and such (have yet to see a solo healer WHM of the current ex runs hmmhmm)

I soo love my WHM job <3

“Sometimes it is extremely difficult playing a good character who is genuinely that way. A lot of threads are just my muse supporting another, even if it starts to take a turn that could focus on my muse and their past or troubles, it seems to get dropped or put aside due to lost muse in favor of starting something else pushing my muse into the same position. This is in part my own fault, I do at times allow it to happen but it frustrates me I can’t figure out how to stop the cycle.“

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here's some more!!! chase and oliver become friends almost immediately after they meet ~ dark would never admit it but he genuinely cares about most egos ~ bim has a garden and the other egos take turns watering his plants if he forgets to ~ dark and wilf act like yandere's dads sometimes

i’m absolutely in love with the fact that despite he’s the leader and he’s a manipulator, dark actually cares about the egos around him, especially warf, king, and yandere.

  • dark constantly scolds warf for turning around and trying to teach yandere how to stand people. they’re supposed to be setting an example and instead of finding something innocent to get the kid into, warf tries to make him an apprentice. 

  • warf always forgets that yandere is a kid and often treats him like an adult when he’s not spoiling him like crazy (he gets a new knife every two weeks if his grades are kept up).

  • every time yandere comes home with red all over him, dark actually prays that it’s paint and not blood. he can’t take trying to escort another soul because of his smol son.

  • dark has gotten stabbed and bit a least ten times by yandere when him and wilford fight, or when yandere deems that dark has been bad to wilford. one of them was a knife to the neck that dr. iplier had to patch up while yandere mumbled under his breath. 

  • despite the fact that yandere is a miniature form of wilford, dark tries so hard to act as if he’s nothing more than a normal kid – which is increasingly hard each time wilford puts a dash on the calendar for each attempted kill.

  • dark is closest to king, and each week that he has where he’s good and his grades are up, he buys him a new squirrel plush.

  • king now has at least thirty squirrel plushes that sleep on his bed with him and curled up to his chest.

  • dark often takes king to the park with a bag of peanuts and they feed the squirrels.

  • he has to remind king each and every time that no, he can’t take the squirrels home.

  • dark desperately wants to buy king a pet squirrel, but he knows with the rag tag amount of misfits they have that something would wind up happening to it and he doesn’t want to see king hurt or depressed.

  • both yandere and king refuse to go to sleep unless they’re told bedtime stories by wilford and dark. if one of them is busy or they don’t want to bother, yandere and king will pitch a fit until the other comes in and gives in.

  • dark and wilford both know it’s a really bad habit that they have spoiling king and yandere as much as they do, but they can’t bring themselves to stop.

and i can totally picture the jim twins watering and taking care of bim’s plants the most!

  • they both volunteer to step in when the other egos complain about needing to ‘water pointless plants’. they refuse to let the plants have harm come to them when the vegetation means so much to bim.

  • for a short amount of time, the twins would grab one succulent each time bim hosted a game show and would bring them into the living room so that they ‘can watch their daddy on tv’. it only stopped because google threatened to shove a cactus in a very unpleasant place.

  • it takes bim a while to notice it, but each week that the twins look after his plants, a new, small one is added into the stock pile. because of this, his plant collection has grown significantly, to the point where dark is threatening to burn them down if the twins don’t stop – they’re taking over the extra bedroom and foyer.

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Do you think Taylor developed the ability to play by ear also? She seems to be able to play other people's songs at a moment's notice, like when she played David Ghrol's song on piano at a party. At her 4th of July concert, she and Ed were taking turns playing and singing each other's songs according to stalkers outside her beach house. She may not have the physical ability to be a virtuoso in musicianship(similar to the eye to hand concept), but she has the mental ability for sound.

I assume that once you really understand the math of pop chord progressions, you develop playing by ear.


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First baby with Remus headcanons? Like super fluffy :-)))

Ok let’s do this! 

  • You come home from the maternity ward at St. Mungo’s to find that your living room is almost completely full of packages of diapers, washcloths, toys, etc.
  • Remus scratching the back of his head looking sheepish because he may or may not have sent his Muggle mum out to get some things and then he may or may not have told his dad to put a charm on everything so it duplicates itself
  • It would take both of you to change diapers because neither of you feel comfortable casting any spells around the newborn so you have to figure it out by hand
  • Taking turns whenever the baby wakes you up with its screaming, and arguing sleepily into your pillows when you can’t remember whose turn it is
  • “I did it last night, you go.”
  • “No, Rem, I just got up an hour ago!”
  • He’d be so obsessed with his kid do not fight me on this
  • Finding both of them asleep on the couch, lil baby Lupin lying on Remus’s chest and rising and falling slightly with each breath 
  • You singing to the baby in an old rocking chair next to the crib and Remus watching from the doorway with a soft smile because he’s just! so! in love!
  • As the baby gets older and you’re trying to potty train him, Remus is reading in the living room when the baby makes that face you guys know all too well
  • Holding the kid out in front of him and running to the bathroom saying “don’t poop don’t poop don’t poop!”
  • Your toddler wondering why dad takes “business trips” every month but Remus plays it off perfectly every time and even comes back from transformations with a little present from Diagon Alley so your kid doesn’t catch on before he/she is old enough
  • Him taking toddler Lupin on special “dates” to Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor!!! Omg help me my heart is so full just thinking about this
  • Buying Remus a shirt that says “Most Magical Dad” as a joke but he wEARS IT IN PUBLIC

my heart <33333

Cait :) 

any headcanon requests??


Sam Winchester Imagine (not my gif or picture) Sam Winchester x reader

“Come on Sam please,” giving him the best puppy eyes you could Bastian jumping around the two of you barking. “See even Bastian wants to go. Why can’t we?”

Rolling his expressive hazel eyes playfully, “Y/N it’s miles away, we’d have to fly in order to get there.”

Pouting bottom lip out and on full display to help get your point across. “We can take turns driving, get there in no time.”

Laughing, he wraps his arms around your waist pulling you close. “What about Dean?”

“We deserve a break Sam just for a little while. There’s no case, Dean’s out with his woman. Why can’t we? Plus on the way back we might find a case. Please Sam,” your not above begging placing the palms of your hands on his chest looking up into his eyes.

“Alright sweetheart get packed, I’ll get the car ready,” kissing your forehead before letting you go a smile gracing his lips.

Hours later, hands intertwined your walking with Sam on the beach despite the cool fall air, Bastian between you. “Thank you Sam this is perfect.”

     “for a town of peaceful werewolves, you guys sure get hurt a lot.” sebastian said, simultaneously wiping a drop of sweat off of his forehead with the edge of his sleeve, then turning to take a closer look at whomever had joined him. “So are you dying, just here for a check up or are you here to take me away and distract me for the rest of the afternoon?”  he asked while tilting his head just slightly. “Please say it’s option three.” 


In November 1970, Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud arrived on Broadway with their play “Home,” and Ralph actually agreed to cooperate with publicity interviews.  One of the best was on the CBS television program “Camera 3,” and Ralph likely agreed because the interview was conducted by producer Alexander Cohen, who brought the play to Broadway.  The complete 30-minute interview is not available online but the transcript is on the web.  

The program begins with the Sirs taking turns to read favorite poems, then Cohen asks Ralph to define acting.  Ralph responds by praising his friend Johnny, and reminding everyone about his failure in Macbeth.

Sir Ralph:  “Oh dear.  That’s a big subject to define acting.  Well, I’d say this about it, that acting is make-believe and make-believe, you’ve got to believe it yourself part of the time.  An actor doesn’t believe what he’s doing all of the time, but some of the time he must really dream it.  It is, in a way, dreaming to order.  It is daydreaming to order.  If you don’t believe it yourself, you’ll never succeed in making anyone else believe it.

“Well, that is the heart of the matter, I believe.  And an actor can be described in scale, perhaps in the size and the reach of the dreams that he is capable of making  Now, my friend here on my left [motioning to Sir John], we don’t very often pay each other elaborate compliments.  It would be a pretty sticky thing if we did because we’ve acted together for so many years.  But I’d like to say this about John Gielgud, what makes him, to my mind, one of the finest actors living, is the size, and scope, and range of his daydreams.  He’s able to reach easily, naturally and simply because he believes them.  Some of the greatest dramatic poems conceived by mankind are the great dramatic poems of Shakespeare.  When in Richard II, Johnny says, ‘Bring me a looking glass that I may see my face,’ it is as natural as if he were to say, ‘I’ve come to read the gas meter.’  It is absolutely true, he is alive absolutely truly and a very great poet.

“I’ve tried myself to achieve one or two of these great poems.  I’m incapable of achieving them.  Perhaps in comedy a little bit, but in tragedy, not at all,  Though I can read them and be moved by them in reading I think as much as anybody.  I tried to play Macbeth under Johnny’s direction.  It was a disaster, it was terrible. ‘Is this a dagger that I see before me?’  I didn’t see the dagger, neither did anybody else.  But Johnny perceived and saw his looking glass, and all the rest in scale of the several magnificent poetic creations that he’s made.

“That’s about as much flattery that we’re going to do for each other (laughter).  That’ll last us for a long time.  However much I admire you, Johnny.  Now, I’ve talked a hell of a long time, you say something….”

John Gielgud takes over and shares some thoughts about Ralph:

Sir John:  “I can pay him some compliments now. Ralph is a wonderfully constructive man and he acts with enormous craftsmanship.  He loves the craftsmanship of acting just as if he had been a carpenter he would have loved working in wood or he’d been a clockmaker he would have enjoyed all the wheels going round or he’d been a musician he would have enjoyed the quality of the violin he was playing.  He has an enormous appreciation of material, which he is working with it as his own voice, his own plastique.”  


The family that pranks together stays together. Also I’m pretty sure Ezra is just glad that Sabine has stopped pranking him in favor of a new crewmember. Also welcome, Specter 7! Also I SPENT ALL DAY MAKING THIS STUPID COMIC HELP