A few stories from my school

-My geometry teacher has a stuffed animal of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch in her classroom. Some people in my class decided to give him a family. So, Stitch now has two dads, an uncle, a godmother, and a godfather. They take turns having Stitch sit on their tables during class.
-In band, we’re playing March of the Belgian Paratroopers by Pierre Leemans. We usually refer to our pieces by the last name of the composer. I decided to instead call this piece Lemons.
-We did a photoshoot of my creepy puppet, Rufus.
-My geometry teacher writing “There’s no A.S.S. in geometry” on her whiteboard.
-We built a house in French and we’re playing clue. Two people were murdered with a pair of heels.
-Playing silent ball with a stuffed animal rat in biology

Monster of the Deep: FFXV - Meeting Prompto

omfg thank you Prompto for coming out the clearest so far

He said fishies and YES I WILL BE YOUR MUSE!….rofl

Prompto: Well, hello there! Are you here to get your fishing on? I knew it! Not much of an angler myself, I was just here taking some photos. Turns out fishies don’t like sitting still for the camera. I bet I could snap a really good shot of you while you fish though, if you wouldn’t mind serving as my muse that is.

Attached (Part 3)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

‘Attached’ Masterlist

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J. Barnes has initiated a live chat session with S. Wilson.

J. Barnes: Hello my best friend in the whole wide world! How’s it going?

S. Wilson has ended the live chat session.

J. Barnes has initiated a live chat session with S. Wilson. 

J. Barnes: Hello my best friend in the whole wide world! How’s it going?

S. Wilson has ended the live chat session.

J. Barnes has initiated a live chat session with S. Wilson. 

S. Wilson: Oh my god…

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Hey, what P.O.V would you think is best? Also do you think I should do one characters POV in one chapter and the other's in a second chapter and take it in turns?

There is no “best” POV, it all depends on what kind of story you want to write. Each one has a different effect with strengths and weaknesses, briefly explored in the post On Perspective. If you actually want my personal favorite to read/write, then that would be close 3rd limited, but my personal preference shouldn’t affect your story. I just happen to write and read stories that work best in that style. 

For your POV switch, yes you can definitely switch every chapter in a cycle, but you better have a good reason for it. You have a protagonist and that person needs to be your main narrator (if you chose 3rd omniscient, then there is no switch). You don’t switch POV “for fun” or “for style”, you do it only when you can’t tell part of the story without switching. 

For example, if your protagonist is asleep and another character witnesses some big event, that’s a good time to switch. Maybe there’s a subplot that doesn’t directly involve the protagonist but it’s still relevant to the story, that can warrant a switch. 

You also want to make sure you aren’t just switching to anyone. Typically, stories that POV-switch have a very specific group of characters that are sharing the narrative. Not just anyone deserves to have a POV chapter, and each choice you make needs to have a story-based reason to be included.

Oh, and if your story calls for a POV switch, then I do recommend 3rd person a little more than 1st, just for the reader’s ease. If you are absolutely sold on 1st, then check out this other ask

Good luck with everything! 


{VKOOK|TAEKOOK} College/Social Media AU - Classmates Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook are always quarreling over everything. But one day, Taehyung finds himself helping Jungkook escape from a bunch of fangirls. And somehow, things start taking a turn towards a completely unexpected direction.  (3/?)

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Laundry Solutions, a my hero academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア fanfic | FanFiction

An ordinary trip to the laundry room for Izuku and Ochaco takes a turn for the weird when Mei Hatsume shows up with a brand new invention to test… Written for IzuOcha Week 2017, Day Four, on the theme of ‘Dorm Life’.

Ereannie headcanon:

You know how sometimes people will say the food they made was made with love, or the secret ingredient is love, or something along those lines? For many years, Annie thought that this was just a bunch of bullshit that chefs and bakers would say to attract more customers, and that the food wouldn’t taste any different. The idea of love being an ingredient or component in food just sounded ridiculous to Annie, or at least until she met Eren.

During the years spent in the Cadet Corps, everyone would take turns at cooking meals for their division, or at least would help out in the kitchen. There were set groups on a schedule, so everyone would end up doing it on a specific day, but that schedule wouldn’t always be followed entirely. Normally Eren and Annie were in separate groups, but sometimes Eren would volunteer to help out on the days that Annie cooked so that he could get more advice on her fighting style, or they would be forced to work together when others fell ill or complained.

Now, neither one of the two were exceptionally good at cooking. Annie was just about average, if not better, while Eren was below average, and so in their normal groups they wouldn’t do the best at helping out, and would occasionaly receive some complaints, but they mostly brushed them off. It didn’t really make sense that they were bad at cooking, because they follow the instructions as usual, but somehow they always messed up.

However, on the occasions where Eren and Annie ended up being paired up, with their combined cooking ability, something changed. They continued to follow the instructions, and would serve the food the exact same way they did before, and they would see on peoples faces that it wasn’t the best tasting food they’d ever had. Over time, though, Annie grew to enjoy cooking with Eren more and more, and it helped that her fellow cadets seemed to enjoy the good more and more, even though as I said nothing changed. No new ingredients, no new instructions. Nothing. Annie would taste her food, and when she did she noticed the change in taste. It felt like there was something new. Was this what they meant when they say some food was cooked with love? It certainly felt like it.

Hell, the way that Eren’s face lit up once he found out how good their creation tasted was more than enough confirmation that the food was made with love. Falling in love with Eren Yeager caused Annie to cook with love, and caused her to finally see something beautiful in life.

After Annie left the Cadet Corps and moved onto the Military Police, food started tasting bad again. Even though the food in the inner cities was supposed to be of higher quality and was supposed to taste better than anything else, it all tasted like gruel compared to what Annie had made with Eren. The only thing that came close was the donuts that Annie had been introduced to, though that could have just been the sweetness reminding her of Eren.

Maybe saying your food was prepared with love would work on most people, but for Annie, it only worked when she made it alongside Eren.


Let’s start with something simple.

Kakuzu’s blood. Does he even have any?

I personally like to think it’s in his threads - because as we see in the initial fight against Kakashi and Shikamaru, he can detach his arm freely and have a heart beating for it, then make the threads return to him. So, if hearts beat blood throughout the body, it’s clearly doing it through the threads based on this scene alone.

But then what controls the threads. What are the threads even made of? Is it pure blood, or is there an outer-layer of something?

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Now im curious since Noc's are based off of birds are live born or are they born by egg? If so how big would the eggs be, and how many would they lay?

Oh I’ve been wondering who would ask this one hehe
Nocs are very similar to birds in that they hatch from eggs. The egg is very unique. It grows as the pup grows! So the egg starts off about the size of a large chicken egg and grows to about the size of a grapefruit during the 14 day incubation. Normally they lay 1-2 eggs and the mum and dad take turns keeping the eggs warm. 
Noc eggs are charcoal black and as the egg expands to accommodate the growing pup it gets seam lined-cracks which reveal the noc’s eye/paw color.
A few hours after hatching a floof (noc pup) is able to walk (more like waddle) and open it’s eyes. And like birds parents regurgitate their yummy lunch for their floofs! :D 

dnp have so many little traditions with one another, ordering burgers when there’s the season premiere of a tv show they like, waiting for each other to wake up and watch anime and they probably have a million more that we won’t know about

consider: childhood sweethearts hance

- lance’s older brothers and sisters mercilessly teasing him about his lil crush on hunk and lance getting flustered and defensive

“yooooou liiiiiiiike him”

“do NOT!!! >:(”

-except yes he does, he writes hunk little love letters and signs them “ur secret admirer ;) <3” and sticks them in his desk

-hunk figures out it’s lance when it’s lances turn to write on the board and he recognizes the handwriting

-when he asks him about it later lance gets defensive again like “what pft nuh uh no way haaha- wait, why, do you like me”

“yeah!!! :D”

“>:O!! :D!!”

-they hold hands 90% of the time and play ninjas at recess

-you know those valentine cards kids buy to hand out to the whole class? and how theres the bigger ones you can give to the teacher?? hunk and lance give the bigger ones to each other because theyre Boyfriends

-they got married under the slide and exchanged ring pops (lance’s sentimental ass still has his and hunk thinks its sweet but also kinda gross)

-one time they kissed behind a tree

-sleepovers! ! they watch all kinds of movies, their favorites toy story!! hunk writes his name on the bottom of lances shoe like andy does woody and vice versa

-one time lances older brother let them watch a scary movie with him and they both had nightmares for weeks

-they have their names written down on each others hands with hearts all around them

-they get in trouble for talking to each other too much during class


The family that pranks together stays together. Also I’m pretty sure Ezra is just glad that Sabine has stopped pranking him in favor of a new crewmember. Also welcome, Specter 7! Also I SPENT ALL DAY MAKING THIS STUPID COMIC HELP