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I just saw the Huntress, Spoiler, and Black Bat on the roof taking turns making out. I feel like someone needs to tell batman. I like how no one batted an eye at this tho #onlyingotham #Daddybatsisntgonnaapprove #HASANYONEEVERNOTICEDTHEFACTTHATALLTHEBATKIDSSEEMTOBEBISEXUALORGAY #ikindashipit? #youdoyoubatkids #100%supportofyourthreesomes

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I am totally down to hear more adoribull dad head cannons. If you have them that is.

Oooh, yes! Here’s a few…

-both are relentless snugglers, when allowed. Respectful of boundaries, but generally very affectionate. Could curl up and cuddle bb all day.
-Dorian has a lot of muffin-sized outfits made, that coordinate with/match his own.
-Bull’s really into baby-wearing. Lots of slings, and carriers, and a re-worked harness….
-Dorian is the more indulgent parent (sneaking sweets, staying up past bedtime…), though he’ll deny it to the end.
-they take turns reading to muffin before bed (also fall asleep listening to each other read pretty often…).
-Once bb’s big enough to walk, Bull will often send them to deliver little love notes to Dorian in the next room.
-((And Dorian will send them back to deliver bb kisses.))

Welcome Fiona Bland to the Blandest Lepacy that you’ll ever read!

   ~ Painter Extraordinaire: Goofball, Creative, & Self-Assured

Fiona was adopted as an infant by a prestige family who had high hopes for her…Her adoptive parents expected Fiona to attend their alma mater, but that just wasn’t what Fiona wanted for her future. After breaking the news to her parents they immediately shunned her and left her out into the world to fend for herself. With a new surname like Bland and an empty plot of land…Fiona’s life is sure to take interesting turns as she finds her way through a whole new life!

Whether it’s bad drivers, a contentious family member, or that co-worker we struggle with, other people don’t always behave the way we’d like. Our attitude and the way we choose to respond is up to us. So if someone snaps at you, offer them a kind word rooted in God’s grace and love instead of retaliation. Your patient response may be just the thing they need to help their day take a turn for the better.
—  Jim Daly
My Way Hot 100 debut

Calvin Harris, “My Way”
Taking a rare vocal turn, Harris debuts on the Hot 100 at No. 24 with stand-alone single “My Way.” The track launches with 53,000 sold and 6 million U.S. streams in its first week, while drawing 27 million in radio audience, according to Nielsen Music.

On the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, “My Way” cruises 16-6, marking Harris’ 10th top 10. The DJ is the first act to total 10 top 10s on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs since the chart’s Jan. 26, 2013, inception. Avicii, David Guetta and Zedd follow with seven each

Your Turn

Summary: One morning. Kiseok and you riding your bicycles. And a surprise.

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Cold, damp morning air, soft sunlight on your skin, and the empty sidewalks but you and Kiseok riding on your bicycles—yes, it’s everything you need.

Kiseok is the one leading the route since it’s his turn now. Last week was your turn, so now it’s his path that you’re taking. The deal is that you take turns in piloting your course every week to give each other a fair chance.

Riding your bicycles on the early hours of Saturday mornings is how the two of you usually begin this day. It’s the perfect way to spend the time with each other and keep your body fit—not like any of you were professional cyclists—amidst your busy schedules.

You allow a smile on your face as you look at him from the rear. His shoulders and back move in synchrony with his legs as he pedals, and the back of his jacket flaps against his back when the wind blows past the two of you. You imagine how his messy his hair can get if only he’s not wearing his black snapback.

Kiseok turns his head sideways to glance at you with a full smile. “You can still keep up?” He asks.

“Yup,” you reply as you nod at him. “Where are we going?”

The creases on the corners of his eyes and his cheekbones become more prominent. “You’ll see,” he says and faces forward again to focus on the path.

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My favorite aspect is how Dan and Suzy just really want to take care of one another. (This is my own personal headcannon)

They both like to make sure the other has had enough to eat, sleep, and drank enough water that day. They occasionally walk over to the others workspace throughout the day just to check like

Dan wraps his arms around Suzy and asks “everything going okay?”
“Yep!” And then they go about the rest of their day.

They are very upfront when they need their space. They love each other but respect that their partner wants alone time. They’re both busy and understand that they need quiet moments to themselves.

When they do spend time together cuddling is a big thing. Whenever they are relaxing they are always laying on one another in some way. Gently stroking the others hair and occasional kisses.

In the bedroom its equal as well. They take turns being dominant. One days when Dan is feeling very stressed Suzy takes control and takes care of him. When Suzy is stressed Dan dotes on her and pleases her as much as her body will let her.

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Sunday nights at the JBM palace is movie/game night where they all either sit down and play cards or snuggle up on their sectional and watch a netflix movie. They take turns deciding what to play/watch because they surprisingly have a large gap when it comes to genres. Bossuet loves action/sci fi, Joly loves drama and fantasy, and Musichetta loves comedy but they all love romance (even if it is secretly). When they found out there was an lgbt+ genre on netflix they binge watched all the movies they could and all called into work sick for monday what nerds. Christmas is the best at they’re place as Chetta and Boss cook so much delicious food and decorate the entire place with lights and festivities. They also host new years parties which turn into a giant sleepover because everyone is too hammered to go home. Party central basically.

fuck help me, all the players are taking turns lifting up the cup and my dad says “nice, weber” and i was looking at my phone not really paying attention and out of habit i said “my daddy” and he’s like what????? can someone please come kill me

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