More Sportarobbie headcanons

I’m having so many feelings at the same time

-Sportacus and Robbie are the emotional support dads in LazyTown
-Whenever the kids have a fight they all meet up in Robbie’s underground lair to have a therapy session
-They all sit in a circle on the ground and take turns to talk about their feelings
-When things get heated Robbie brings them cake to eat and so they calm down
-Sportacus and Robbie give them advice and they all hug at the end
-The kids start to be even happier and co-operative after their little therapy sessions
-Sportacus and Robbie are also always ready to talk to the kids in private just in case it’s personal

-Sportacus and Robbie use this strategy when they argue or one of them feels bad
-(In the show, Robbie shows a lot of symptoms of depression and sensory issues, so I use the headcanon that he actually does have depression and sensory issues)
-Whenever Robbie’s feeling bad, they talk about it and they cuddle and watch TV while drinking hot chocolate
-Sportacus also leaves Robbie alone when he needs alone time, but is always near by when he wants to talk or just cuddle in silence
-Everyone’s moods in LazyTown are becoming better thanks to Sportacus and Robbie’s emotional support


-Halloween is amazing in LazyTown
-Robbie makes costumes for everyone, including Sportacus
-The costumes are all hand-made by Robbie, sometimes with help
-The kids come by his lair and request a costume and the next day Robbie delivers it to their doorstep for them to try on to see if they like it
-They always like it

-Robbie and Sportacus have couple costumes and it’s great
-Their most recent one was them switching outfits so they looked like each other
-Robbie did the most ridiculous accent and Sportacus spent half an hour gelling his hair

-Robbie designs all of the costumes but occasionally he lets the kids come up with new costume ideas by themselves
-Sometimes that goes wrong though
-the kids once showed up at his lair and asked to him to make a horse costume
-Not cute little horse tails and ears
-An actual horse costume that could hold five people
-They called it the horse monster costume and it was terrifying to see it run towards you on Halloween night


-Sportacus comes down to Robbie’s lair more than Robbie goes up into Sportacus’ blimp
-Robbie gets motion sickness sometimes
-When Robbie does come over it’s usually because he’s lonely and wants to get out of his house for a while
-Usually Robbie sleeps over too
-When they wake up Robbie gets a little dizzy but it’s all better once he and Sportacus get to watch the sunrise together


-Sportacus doesn’t really get internet jokes and memes
-Robbie likes to boop Sportacus on the nose
-Sportacus doesn’t get the joke but he thinks it’s cute


-Like Stephanie, Robbie has a diary
-One day Sportacus finds his diary
-There’s no lock and he’s very tempted to read it
-He ends up skimming through the pages quickly
-At first, the diary entries are all about how bad Robbie’s day was and sad things
-Suddenly there’s a change in tone
-Robbie starts talking about how much he likes things and his handwriting looks less lazy and much happier
-there’s still occasionally a negative entry but Robbie’s still writing happier things
-Sportacus realizes in the happy entries, it’s all about him
-Sportacus skips near the end of the diary to see it’s about how happy Robbie is with Sportacus
-Robbie comes home to see Sportacus crying
-Even Sportacus doesn’t know if it’s because he feels guilty for reading his diary or because he’s happy


-Since Robbie and Sportacus have a big height difference, it’s often a joke among the LazyTown citizens
-Neither Sportacus nor Robbie are offended by it
-Actually, they think it’s cute
-But one day Sportacus gets fed up with being shorter than Robbie
-He always has to get Robbie to lean down for a kiss and sometimes Robbie uses him as an armrest
-Sportacus starts sitting and standing in really high places


“Please get off the fridge, Sportacus, it’s dangerous”
“If this is the only way I can be taller than you, I am not getting down”

-As a peace treaty, Robbie gives Sportacus high heels so they can be the same height and Sportacus loves them
-Sportacus still loves his tall bf but when Robbie starts taking advantage of being taller he gets out the high heels and won’t take them off until Robbie apologizes

-Even in public

Cashier at the supermarket: Are you two dating? You’d make an adorable couple.
Robbie: Yeah, he is my boyfriend. He’s so cute and short, isn’t he?
Sportacus: *takes the high heels out of his shopping bag*

skam was never a fairy tail story ending happily ever after for everyone. skam is a show about teenagers in real life world dealing with real life problems. i just hope people won’t suddenly stop watching the show because the two boys wont kiss in ever five seconds and they will run out of gif material

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If you're still doing requests, could you have the RFA comfort a female MC because her boobs are too big to fit the bras in the store.

thank for request anon-nim

(i didn’t see the last bit fuck)

my boobs are tiny so I can only sympathise


  • he’s so flustered my god
  • always stealing glances (you’re not slick)
  • gets jealous seeing Lisa snuggle on your chest
  • but he’ll always massage your back whenever you complain


  • ha take that Echo Bitch
  • boobs aren’t a factor in being his partner
  • all for body worship
  • but he doesn’t rest on your chest (no releasing the beast here)


  • she understands
  • the two of you struggle to buy clothes anywhere
  • so you resort to only buying clothes and lingerie online
  • you take turns sleeping on each other’s chests


  • his absolute fave thing in the world is seeing you wearing his shirts
  • especially when they juuuust cover the nipples
  • if you ever complain about your chest size, he’ll ask if you wanna get reduction surgery
  • and if you refuse, he’ll continue to cherish you all the same


  • he relieves his stress by cuddling you
  • and he returns the favour by massaging you
  • but when you guys go out, he’s full dumbass mode
  • as in like sunglasses, pretending to have an earpiece
  • that sort of bullshit


  • he’s also one to suggest surgery if the pain is too much for you to handle
  • every night, he’ll make you sleep on top of him to give you back rubs (and he’s adamant on doing this. don’t make him break his routine)
  • he’s particularly impressed that you can balance stuff so well with your chest
  • he’s extra when it comes to his massages
  • like using the good quality aromatherapy oils


  • he doesn’t really have an opinion…
  • like if you voice how uncomfortable you feel
  • he’ll just be like “uh okay”
  • help him, he doesn’t have a script for this situation
  • when he’s upset, the first thing he does to calm down is hug you

Fuck it, it’s really stupid to keep piling on more stuff and angsting over the number of chapters I’d promised. I’m going to post 10k of the story as chapter 9, and then cut it at the point where the action stops and make the next 10k words (it grew) into chapter 10. All the fallout of the action, all the wind-up. That’s getting its own chapter. 

So I’ll be posting chapter 9 this weekend for sure, maybe even today, and then chapter 10 will follow hopefully within the same day.

How much epilogue with spiritually-uplifting threesomes will make it into chapter 10 I don’t know, but the resolutions all wind up there.

So don’t cuss at me when chapter 9 goes up and ends on another not-resolution, because I promise, the resolutions are right there, I’m just not quite done with them. 

(I might be. I’m just not totally sure.)

And I was sort of kicking myself, like, ugh, if I’d just let myself post another chapter and push the conclusion off one more, I could’ve updated way earlier, but looking at it, no. The last 2k words are all stuff I wrote two days ago or less. I wouldn’t have known how the middle really worked if I hadn’t written the end, either, so. That’s the sweet spot of serialization– you can update before you’ve finished, but only if you’re sure that the end won’t change the middle. 

Anyway. The action’s all in chapter 9 but it may not be totally clear how and to what extent the bad guys get their comeuppance, if any; a lot of times, you can’t immediately tell who really won something. So chapter 10 will have the punchlines, if chapter 9 leaves that ambiguous. 

Taking A Turn

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Request: Can I request a song imagine where the reader is dancing to the song Body On Me by Rita Ora ft Chris Brown in the bunker and Dean overhears and he sees her dancing provocatively and then smut ensues?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: Went from an imagine to whole one shot on this one. Whoops…

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I'm coming out of my cage And I’ve been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down Because I want it all It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss It was only a kiss Now I’m falling asleep And she’s calling a cab While he’s having a smoke And she’s taking a drag Now they’re going to bed And my stomach is sick And it’s all in my head But she’s touching his chest now He takes off her dress now Let me go And I just can’t look its killing me And taking control Jealousy, turning saints into the sea Swimming through sick lullabies Choking on your alibis But it’s just the price I pay Destiny is calling me Open up my eager eyes ‘Cause I’m Mr Brightside I’m coming out of my cage And I’ve been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down Because I want it all It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss It was only a kiss Now I’m falling asleep And she’s calling a cab While he’s having a smoke And she’s taking a drag Now they’re going to bed And my stomach is sick And it’s all in my head But she’s touching his chest now He takes off her dress now Let me go Cause I just can’t look its killing me And taking control Jealousy, turning saints into the sea Swimming through sick lullabies Choking on your alibis But it’s just the price I pay Destiny is calling me Open up my eager eyes ‘Cause I’m Mr Brightside I never I never I never I never

speeding along a winding snake, weaving road, music blasting, sunshine, clarity and infringement. a car, up ahead, is taking dangerous turns. circumvent the camera for a panoramic breakout, standing on a deck, over-looking an isle in the green-valley. switching the binoculars. dressed in black, coming back from a funeral. the van torched, in flames, or as the police report said.  the witnesses, have agreed to not tell stories of the dead. 

cute septiplier date night headcanons for anon! 

- mark and jack will totally go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate romantic milestones or just because one of them wants to be a smooth motherfucker, but i think jack mostly likes to stay in bc he’s kind’ve a shut-in.

- they order pizza like, so fuckin much, but when mark wants to be romantic he’ll make the pizza from scratch and let jack watch him make it. when jack tries to help out, mark just kisses him and makes him sit back down, talking in a horrible italian accent and making cheese puns. 

- they have never ever made sundaes and not ended up getting the ingredients all over the kitchen and themselves and each other. ice cream nights are also shared shower nights.

- they take turns being trolls at the movie theater, trying to give each other a boner during the most awkward, non-sexual scenes possible. they keep a tally of boners induced and ask their friends which scenes should score more points, so the judging is impartial. their friends all hate them tbqh. 

- mark wants to be spontaneous with dates sometimes, but jack’s not as comfortable just jumping in the car and going out to do something new, even though he wants to be that kind of person and is often embarrassed at his own shyness. mark does his best to be supportive and only push when it seems like jack *wants* to be pushed. 

- sometimes because of their busy schedules they go weeks without having a proper date, and it bothers both of them bc they don’t want their relationship to suffer bc of their careers. they want it to thrive just like their channels are. jack came up with the idea of putting a picnic blanket down in the back yard and just taking an hour or two to sit outside and talk with chica snoozing between them, when they can’t get away or spare more time. 

- they are both such sappy goofs??? like all of their dates are overflowing with goo-goo romantic monologues and sweet one-liners and long periods of doe-eyed gazing. none of their friends with go on double dates with them anymore. cus if it’s not syrupy sweet, it’s obnoxious as all fuckin get out, cuz they start dishing out gross pick-up lines that don’t make any sense or like, lick each other’s faces or just be embarrassing dorks.

nekoma headcanons

> kenma and fukunaga have a snapchat streak going where every day they send the most Hideous selfies from the most Awful angles.

> nobuyuki is the “go-to” guy when it comes to needing a mood boost. it’s not often the team comes to him with their personal problems, but he makes it known that if anyone needs him to flood their messages with cat pictures or inspirational quotes, he’ll be there.

> no one has been successful in beating inuoka in an eating contest. he literally can just eat non-stop like a machine. eventually, they all learned to stop trying.

> the team takes turns doing laundry duty while away at training camps. whenever it’s lev’s turn, yaku reminds him several times to wash his uniform separately to avoid color-bleeding. 3 pink libero uniforms later, it was unanimously decided that lev could no longer participate in laundry duty.

> kuroo once wore a beanie during the colder months and no one was able to recognize him for the first few hours of school. even kenma had to double take.

> yaku is always low-key training shibayama, even off the court. at the table, he will randomly wad up a napkin and toss it to shibayama to see how quick his reflexes are.

> lev loves all animals, bugs, insects, etc. his instagram is full of pictures of stray cats, squirrels, beetles, and literally any animal that will sit still long enough for him to take a picture. he once found an ant on his nightstand and made a video of it crawling around, and he captioned it “new friend”

> yamamoto once had computer troubles and called kenma over for help. while fumbling around with the computer settings, he saw “how to talk to girls” in yamamoto’s google search history. he took a picture for safekeeping, and then moved on. 

> kuroo has the hardest time getting kenma to study. he has a “no phone” rule where kenma has to turn his phone off and then kuroo keeps it in his pocket until he is done helping kenma study. it’s the most Annoying thing for kenma, but he knows kuroo means well.

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Ford, did you know what year it was when you first came out of the portal? And who did you think was president at the time?

I didn’t know exactly what year it was, I figured it had been about thirty years, give or take. Turns out, I was spot on and it had been exactly 30 years. And I couldn’t have possibly had the slightest guess who the president was, I hadn’t seen a lick of this Earth since 1982, and the office changes every 4 or 8 years. I’d never heard of Obama

I wanted to share with you a little story of something that happened at my school recently. So my school competes in debating against the other schools in the region, and they all take turns deciding on debate topics. Our (for want of a better word) rival school is really preppy and has a lot of homophobic staff so they choose the topic of marriage equality (because why not reduce people’s rights and happiness to classroom debate?) and places our school on the negative side.

Now my school had already protested a lot about debate topics so they can’t back out of this one. So what do the staff at my school do? Instead of telling the students to argue against marriage equality they flat out argue that marriage is a ridiculous concept and that no-one should get married at all.

And they win.

I have no idea how, but they did.

Hope everyone is having a great day and happy holidays

Underneath the staircase they have lost all notion of where they are: Carisi’s family home. But there’s a not-so-subtle reminder of this fact lying in wait on the floor.

“Wait! Stop!” Amanda exclaims and pushes against Carisi’s chest, breaking their passionate kiss. As he pulls back she says ‘Eww! Ick’ and turns her head to the side, away from his face.

He furrows his brow in consternation. Was she suddenly disgusted by the way he had been kissing her? He had to admit it - it was getting a bit out of control.

“Oh, yuck. Get up,” she says pushing him off even more, and rolling into a seated position.

“What is this?” she asks in dismay, putting her hand to the back of her head. “It’s wet. And sticky.”

“Here, let me take a look,” Carisi says gently, taking her shoulder and turning her so he can see. He is beyond relieved that it was not something he had done wrong.

When he sees what’s stuck in her hair it should make him laugh. But it doesn’t.

“Peter!” he shouts, ducking out from underneath the staircase. “Come over here. Now.”

“What are you doing?” Amanda says, standing up herself in a bit of a panic. She grabs his arm in an attempt to pull him back. “Carisi, your nephew’s gonna see us. Look at us. He’s going to know what we were up to.”

Carisi hadn’t thought of that. Oh well, too late now.

“He’s five, Rollins,” he says with a wry smile. “It will be okay. He won’t have any clue.”

“We’re halfway undressed, Carisi,” she hisses quietly.

He shrugs.

It’s not just Peter that comes over with an ‘Uncle Sonny’? on his lips.

“My, my,” his sister Theresa says from behind Peter, her arms crossed and shaking her head.

This whole situation is quickly making Amanda even more uncomfortable.

Carisi says to the little boy sternly, “Now Peter, how many times has Grandma told you not to eat part of a candy cane and then leave it lying around on the floor, huh?”

The little sandy blonde haired boy looks up at the ceiling and practically counts out loud, finally coming to an answer. “Seven?”

“Seven. Okay. Peter, look at what you did.” Carisi spins Amanda around, showing him the two candy canes that are stuck in her hair. The kid gets an ‘oh wow’ look on his face.

Carisi’s mom arrives on the scene as Amanda turns back around. She joins in on the chastising. “Peter! What have I told you before? Just look what you did to this poor girl. You’re in big trouble!”

“I’m sorry,” Peter says forlornly.

“That’s okay,” Carisi says to him, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. “You understand why we want you to stop this now though, right?”

Peter nods.

“Okay then, go play. And next time eat your whole candy cane or throw it away. In the garbage.”

The boy runs off.

Carisi’s mom studies her son and Amanda, noticing the undone shirts, the missing buttons, the disheveled hair and decides that there’s someone else who needs to be admonished. Her son.

“And what have I told you about taking girls under the staircase, huh Sonny?”

Amanda turns beet red.

“Ma!” Carisi exclaims.

“Come on,” his mom waves impatiently at Amanda. “Let’s go take care of this mess. Into the kitchen with you.”

Amanda reluctantly takes a step forward. And then another. Following her in. She gives Carisi a wary look as she passes him.

As Carisi’s mom has Amanda tilted back in the sink, applying warm water to her hair to dissolve the sticky sugar and remove the candy canes she says, “I just wanted to clarify something.”

“Oh yeah?” Amanda asks, still feeling awkward. She’s not quite sure what this woman needs to clarify.

“My son, he’s not that way.”

“What way?”

“The type to … well … you know. He doesn’t get around.”

“I know he doesn’t.”

“I just didn’t mean to imply something that wasn’t true. About my boy you know. He only had one other girl under there.” One of the candy canes comes loose and falls out of Amanda’s hair. “He’s a good boy.”

“I know he is,” Amanda replies, smiling warmly back up at her.

“When I caught him under there with his other girlfriend –“

“Ma!” Carisi interrupts from his position at the kitchen table, not more than 10 feet from where Amanda and his mother are.

“We’re not –“ Amanda starts.

“Yeah, we’re not together,” Carisi finishes for her.

Theresa had followed them into the kitchen and now she’s standing there, arms still crossed. She snorts. “Yeah, right.”

Based on this OTP Advent Calendar fic prompt list posted by @yankeecountess​. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Christmas Tree!

The G7.

The G7 calls a special council after Japan declares their right to nuclear weaponry…

The Japanese Prime Minister declares Japan has the right as a sovereign nation to their own military and defense. And calls to re-militarize in Japan.

The British Prime Minister is outraged, The French President and European Union representatives mutter in French, the German Chancellor is screaming about World War II atrocities, the Canadian PM is in shocked silence, the Italian Prime Minister nearly vomits…

But the American President shocks everyone to silence when he declares his support for the plan…

The Japanese Prime Minister is surprisingly pleased, until the American President takes out his suitcase, turns it around revealing the nuclear football and says: “Hows two more sound?”

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Hi! Can I pls get a Marvel ship? (I'm writing a Marvel thing for your contest!!) I'm bi, I prefer being shipped w/ girls but w/ a guy is cool too! I'm smol, w/ short brown hair and big glasses. I'm a Slytherin + Apollo cabin, socially awkward & short tempered but v loyal & dedicated. I like detective stories and Broadway music and learning languages. Immy, did you have any unusual Christmas traditions growing up? (I know I did!)

I’m looking forward to seeing your submission!! As for Christmas traditions, my family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas (it’s sad, I know. We don’t even have a Christmas tree) but when I was younger my brother and I would make a fort in his room every year and then take turns on staying up for santa. One of us always fell asleep. We also had particular ornaments that went a certain way when we did have a Christmas tree!

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The Heist Affair - Chapter 5 - cirnellie - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Mission Fic, Hurt/Comfort, low-key pining, Temporary Amnesia, Slow Burn, First Kiss, First Time, Friends to Lovers

What was supposed to be a straightforward retrieval mission takes an unexpected turn, spurring Napoleon and Illya to face some long-unspoken truths about their feelings for each other.

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Au where everything is the same but Cas is a Twink and Sam and Dean take turns fucking him

oh my GOD

i’m like not a crazy fan of wincestiel, i’m much more a deanjimstiel fan, but this is just, man, quite the nice thing to find in my ask <3