Taking Down The Tree

Okay, hear me out…. Christmas with the McCoys

You and Hank are both sleeping peacefully, then there are suddenly 13 children all pouncing on you – the older kids have even grabbed the baby. They’re all in their Christmas-themed pajamas, screeching that it’s Christmas morning and you guys need to get up immediately. You both comply, letting the children grab your arms and yank you up out of bed. The two of you share a quick kiss, before following them downstairs to the living room.

Presents would be piled so high around the tree that you can only see the top half of it, on account of the fact that there are so many kids. They all immediately book it to the presents. The clumsy one trips and takes down 3 of their siblings, and they all go crashing into the tree. You just smile and tell them to be sure to straighten it all up. Then, you sit on the couch next to Hank, cuddled into his side with the (LAST) baby in your lap, watching all your children open their presents with yells of joy and bright smiles.

Hank made you swear to never get him any presents, because you’ve already given him 13 of the most beautiful presents he could ever receive. But you always help the kids make their presents for him. (He’s gotten: a wonky sweater with 13 different colors, 13 hand-decorated coffee mugs, etc.) This year, the oldest kids were finally old enough to supervise the present making, so you were both surprised with 13 individually decorated ornaments (the one “from the baby” had their footprints on it in paint).

After you’re (both) done crying over how lovely their presents are, Hank whispers something to the nearest kid, and they go over to the tree and remove the final present from the very back. You eye him suspiciously, but he only smiles in response. The kid returns with a large box, covered haphazardly with wrapping paper (you weren’t sure if one of the children or Hank had wrapped it), and they placed it next to you. One of the older kids took the baby from you, and you begin to open the box.

You see are a wine bottle, a reservation card to your favorite restaurant, and five makeshift babysitting coupons from the oldest kids. You laughed and thank them, kissing their foreheads, then Hank informs you that there’s more. Beneath a layer of red and green tissue paper, you find a brand new camera with loads of extra film. You abruptly recalled that you had made a comment to Hank about wanting a new camera, to capture everything in your kids’ lives. You let out an “awww!” before pulling him into a kiss. (The kids collectively hollered “ew,” as they always did.) Again, Hank tells you that you’re not finished yet. After removing more tissue paper, you find a black velvet box. You flip open the lid to reveal a silver chain, with a nickel-sized diamond pendant.

With your mouth forming an O, you stare up at Hank, wide-eyed. He just smiles and presses a kiss to your nose. “Merry Christmas, honey.” Once again, a chorus of “ew”s fill your ears as you pull Hank into a kiss, then a tight hug.

The children were wrangled into their Christmas Day clothes, and everyone went to the mansion for Christmas dinner. After returning home, the kids play with their presents for a few hours, before growing tired and heading to bed. You and Hank aren’t far behind them, changing into your pajamas and crawling into bed together.

There are a few moments of serenity, laying next to each other and enjoying the increasingly rare silence, then Hank moves so he’s hovering over you. The moonlight streaming into the room allows you to see the small smile on his lips, just before he leans down and kisses you, slowly and passionately. You can scarcely breathe by the time Hank pulls away, his smirk still present.

“You’re still not finished, sweetheart. You haven’t gotten your final present.”

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A Sleep Talker


Sam listening to reader talking in her sleep.

The night was pouring outside, wind trying to take down the trees around the area they were in. Dean was out with some girl doing God only knows what. Sam was sitting at the table that was placed in the small kitchen. He was reading a book, relaxing since the hunt was over. Y/N was fast asleep in one of the beds, sprawled all over, laying on her stomach. She was still clothed from today’s events, but Sam couldn’t blame her to just sleep and not worry about anything else.

He could faintly light snoring from her, causing him to grin to himself. He shook his head loving the little sounds she made while she was asleep. Other than that and the storm, the room was quiet. Sam kept reading the book he found at one of the book stores he and Y/N found while going out for research.

Then suddenly he heard a muffled voice. Furrowed brows, the younger Winchester looked up to Y/N on the bed, seeing a silly smile on her face. “You like peanut butter with bananas, Sam?” She asked in her sleep. “That’s so gross.” She made a face between disgust and amusement. Sam chuckled at this, not believing what he’s hearing.

“Dean, don’t do that.” She protested.

He tired to read again, but Y/N kept talking in her sleep. He finally decided to close the book, and walked over to her bed. “Sam…” She trailed with a sigh. “Stayed with me.” She mumbled out. Sam couldn’t help the happiness and sadness that came when hearing that line. Happy that she wanted to stay with him. Sad, because he knew the dangers that she will be in if she involved herself with him.

He smiled at her, pulling back the hair on her face. She stirred at this, not knowing what was touching her. Sam quickly hushed her, still stroking her hair to sooth her back to sleep.

“Just rest, ok?” He spoke out in a low tone.

“Ok…” She replied to him. Sam laid beside her, listening to her breath lightly. Slowly, he fell asleep, her in his arms.  

Stumbling under the weight in my arms,
I make my way through unfamiliar farms.

A grand old tree, quite unlike the rest,
Welcomes me, the unexpected guest.

Gesturing to my load, he beckons lovingly,
“Worry not child; it won’t affect me.”

Hesitant, I draw nearer,
In hopes of gauging his intent clearer.

His smile was wide, and though a little worn,
No sign of malice, not even a thorn.

He bends his boughs low for my ease,
Bringing about the most pleasant breeze.

With a deep inhale and God-given power,
The content of my bag I begin to scour.

I pick up Ego, muttering, “Oh, the worst…
I hope you’re happy being hung up first.”

I reach for Grudges and hang them up too,
“What a useless thing to hold on to.”

I grab Anger next, picking up speed,
“For you I definitely have no need!”

Among the heaviest, I pull out Fear,
“I wonder, who even let you stay in here?”

I hang up Worry on the dear old tree,
“‘Que sera, sera’ is what they told me.”

Up goes Regret, at long last,
“How silly to keep you when I can’t change the past.”

Feeling lighter than ever, I step back and smile,
I’m sure I’ll be back in a little while.

—  “Carry” [Daily Writing Prompt - Day 21]
One Piece Chapter 836 Reaction

2 Pages That Says Lola Is Big Mom’s Daughter.

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The Trees Withered Because Of Fear.

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Big Mom Sent Cracker To Help Brûlee Take Down Luffy.

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A Big Tree Called King Baum Appears.

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Brûlee Also Caught Chopper.

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Big Mom Ordered Lola’s Dad’s Dead.

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Luffy Saves Lola’s Dad.

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Lola’s Dad’s Name Is Pound.

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A Part Of Big Mom’s Soul Is In Lola’s Vivre Card.

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Luffy Is Gonna Go All Out Against One Of The 3 Sweet Commanders.

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When we bought our house there were a few things needing *relatively* urgent attention. Some beautiful wooden double doors were sadly full of damp/rot, and they are finally being replaced with aluminum ones tomorrow. If there’s dampness in the wall… We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We’ve also trimmed a few trees that just had no maintenance done on them at all, and we are getting a professional arborist in to lop a couple of the bigger ones, take down the rotten peach tree (😭) and chip everything we’ve already cut down.

We also need to get some guttering fixed (and eventually replaced), and look into getting a skylight or something put into our dark, south-facing master bedroom.

Plus we have a nursery to decorate/furnish… 👶😍

Home ownership is expensive, but so satisfying! We are really putting our mark on this place and making it ours.

we took down 2 trees today and managed to not hit the house

one was really big and almost hit our house, it started to fall the wrong way towards our house (and yes we know how to cut trees down but sometimes they have a mind of their own) so got in my suv and jumped on the roof and tied a strap as high as i could and my husband hooked the other end up to his pickup truck and pulled it the right way. it was quite eventful and i’m glad they are down. 

now to cut them all up and get rid of them. we have too much firewood as it is from taking down other trees but at least we found someone who will take some of it.

LANDLORD IS AT IT AGAIN, this time, he’s nailing some wood down on the lawn???? At first I thought he was taking down the tree but he’s like, kinda framing it with wood? I don’t get it

The Creed ||closed for bloodbulletsandbytes||

Skye had just finished liberating the children of the Wolfshead Brewing company. Killing the both the Blighters and factory mangers with ease. “Go on now little ones. You are free to go.” She smiled, nodding to one the Rooks to make sure they got the children to safety.

Pulling up her hood, she used her grapple to propel herself back to the top of the building. “I wonder if Jordan has finished yet?” Free running across the roof and onto the roofs of other building she practically gliding across roof tops, till she arrived at the steel forges in The Strand.

Skye quickly identified Rupert Ferris with her Eagle Vision, showing that Jordan had yet to finish his job for the night. Glancing to the nearby roof tops she also spotted him and smiled. “Taking far to long my friend.”

Jumping down on to the tree below, she ran along the thicker branches, till she found herself in the perfect spot to launch down on to Mr Ferris. Landing on him and driving him into the ground, bringing her right hand down hard on to the base of his head, she triggered the hidden blade killing him instantly. As the Blighter’s and Ferris’ bodyguards realised what was happening it was already to late.

Waving at them and with the help of her grapple she disappeared into the night only to appear beside Jordan, pulling down er hood. “You were taking far to long my friend.”



Okay so, today hadn’t been the best of days. Sure, he might have gotten a bunch of new stuff for his collection of gemstones, but he didn’t really have the best time going there. Donbalon had shape shifted into a smaller form and got onto a bus, where he’d started feeling pretty sick. He found it kinda odd that he’d been effected by motion sickness, but then again, it was the first time he didn’t fly someplace. Different way he wasn’t used to.

Anyhow, since he was home he was just going to lay down up against a tree, in the grass and take a nap. Nightopians gathered all around the larger Nightmaren as he rested there, a few perching themselves atop his belly. It rising and falling with his shallow breathing.

Midnight Watch

Smut ahead!!

The smell of smoke lingered in the air. It seemed like they couldn’t escape it no matter how far they traveled under the cover of darkness. Burning down the moonshine shack, hadn’t been the best idea, but it had felt damn good. Daryl smiled into the darkness. Beth had a little kickass fighting spirit underneath that good girl exterior. It had surprised him. It really shouldn’t have. He recognized the fact that everyone had stifled her back at the prison. They never saw her for her true potential, himself included. That was going to stop tonight. She was tough, and could take care of herself. She just needed to be taught.

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