Does Anyone Have Takeru Kobayashi’s Contact Information?

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I thought I’d hop on ClickHole.com real quick to see if any of you know how to get in touch with competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi. This is a bit urgent.

His personal website, KobayashiTakeru.com, has an email address on the contact page for “messages and questions regarding any business opportunities.” I already wrote to it a few times yesterday and this morning, but haven’t received a reply. I’m not sure whether Kobayashi manages his own site, or if he has someone running it for him, but it’s important that I speak directly to Kobayashi himself.

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ホットドック早食い選手権でおなじみフードファイターの「小林尊(Takeru Kobayashi)」が、食品雑誌「White Zinfandel」に登場。「Hunger」と題したこのフィルムは、ニューヨークを拠点に活躍するコンセプチャルアーティスト/フィルムディレクター「ITEM IDEM」が、フィルムディレクター「CyCy Sanders」と組んで制作。コビちゃんといえば、2010年冬に発売さればスティーブン・ドーフ表紙のVMAN 20号でも紹介されていたな(コチラ)。

Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi stars in this faux trailer by item idem. Created for White Zinfandel food magazine, the video casts Kobayashi as an Emperor like figure, first being hand fed grapes before gorging himself. The CyCy Sanders directed piece begins with a montage of Kobayshi’s Guinness Book of Record’s listed achievements before playing on Kobayashi’s athletic prowess.

The Great New York State Fair kicked off last Thursday, and on Sunday, visitors were treated to the repulsively gluttonous gastronomical mysticism of Takeru Kobayashi. Kobi broke a world record by eating 110 hot dogs (without buns) in 10 minutes.

This is disgusting(ly awesome).

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Photo: Mike Greenlar - The Syracuse Post Standard

Oh, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! And who doesn’t love a warm, melty grilled cheese sandwich? Here are 6 fascinating facts about the grilled cheese that you may not know:

  1. April is National Grilled Cheese Month
  2. The grilled cheese sandwich is a variation of the French recipe, the “Croque Monsieur,” a hot ham and cheese sandwich served in bars since the early 1900’s.
  3. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich was invented in the 1920’s and was served openfaced until the 1970’s when Canadian restaurant owner, Canadian restaurant owner by the name of Dach Johnston, added the second slice of bread to top off the sandwich.
  4. Takeru Kobayashi holds the world’s record for most grilled cheese sandwiches consumed by consuming 13 of them in under a minute – that’s almost 1 grilled cheese every 5 seconds.
  5. British Chef Martin Blunos currently holds the title for the “World’s Most Expensive Grilled Cheese”, which he made in 2010. The cost: £111.95, which converts to $186. He used a special white truffle cheese, 100-year-old Balsamic vinegar, sourdough bread, and some edible gold dust for added shimmer. 
  6. Other names for the grilled cheese include Toasted Cheese, Cheese Toastie, Tosti, and Cheese Jaffle
Are you the Che Guevara of gurgitation or the Kenny Powers of power eating?” I asked him. He paused, then laughed: “I am both!

The Lonesome Independence Day Of Kobayashi, Eater In Exile

Good question. You learn almost nothing about Takeru Kobayashi in this piece that you didn’t already know. A mercurial character, you want to know more.