Bad Assumption (Chap 2)

Jacqui walked like a zombie into the common room. She hadn’t bothered to change into nice clothes or do her hair. In her pajamas, she sat on the couch that was adjacent to the kitchen. A slight smile formed on her face as Takeda cautiously brought her the coffee prepared earlier. “Hey baby,” she smiled at him with tired eyes, “how are you this morning?”

“Im okay” Takeda sat next to her “but you look kinda sick. Are you okay?”

Jacqui sighed “yeah, I’m just a bit sick is all” she turned to him “I don’t look that bad do I?”

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More adventures of Hanzo and the Baby Dragon That Gets In Everything.  It has an actual name but Hanzo usually refers to it with some variation of ‘bastard’.  He’d probably like it more if it stopped trying to pull his pants down when he’s training students.

coach-takeda asked:

TsukkiYama: Who confessed first? What was their reaction? How did the other feel?

Going off what I said before… While I think Tsukishima definitely developed feelings first, Yamaguchi is probably the one who’d confess first. 

Yamaguchi wouldn’t have even realized he liked Tsukki that way until high school, probably halfway through, and would think that he was being irrational or that he was interpretting his own feelings wrong or something. By the time Yamaguchi is a second year, though, he’d have more confidence than we know he has now, so it may actually make sense that he’d just go for it. It wouldn’t be fair to keep this from his best friend, after all, right?

So, he tells Tsukishima about this relatively-recent development, and Tsukishima is the one who panics. He doesn’t know what to do because he’d been pushing this stuff down for so long, he was almost certain it’d disappeared. But, obviously, it hadn’t. It probably creeped its way back over the years since then, especially once Yamaguchi seemed to grow a spine, and now that his best friend was telling him outright that he reciprocated this feeling, Tsukishima wouldn’t know what to do. It’d be like if you sarcastically tell someone to buy you something and then they whip out their wallet and get it for you – you have no idea how to react because you didn’t prepare for this to ever happen. Yes, you WANTED it, but as far as you were concerned, it wasn’t in the cards, so the response to it tends to come out rude and dishonest, like telling them to take it back or that you were just kidding or that they were crazy.

Saying something like that to someone who’d just confessed to you would be really hurtful, though, and Yamaguchi would end up just figuring that he was dumb for trying to act on his affections like that, ask that they stay friends, and Tsukishima would agree (probably without any verbal reply). It’d keep eating Tsukki up inside, though, and Yamaguchi would just work his regret out but keep bringing it up in conversation like it was some big joke that he’d never meant for Tsukishima to take seriously in the first place, and finally Tsukishima just snaps and admits that he’s had this HUGE crush on Tadashi for YEARS and he never knew what to do about it, so he just kept it to himself and didn’t understand what to do when Yamaguchi confessed, which is why he said what he did when it happened.

Yamaguchi would just laugh at him, because wow, Tsukki, you’re a dork, and tell him that he’s grateful he said so and then Yamaguchi accepts his confession and Tsukishima gets all miffed because Yams confessed first, but they end up dating and everyone else is all confused that they weren’t already dating before then, and they live happily ever after~~

Donten ni Warau Omake (The Kumou Family Restaurant)

This five-page omake was published along with the first chapter of the Gaiden in ZAN some time ago, but no one has gotten around to translating it yet, so I gave it a try. Scans were kindly provided by 不良汉化, and can be found here. This is a second-hand translation, so I cannot promise 100% accuracy. Some liberties were taken to ensure that the sentences sounded less awkward, but I tried my best to remain as consistent as possible. With that said, enjoy!