Tenka’s Pretties

So if you don’t know already, I got obsessed with SLBP and Tenka because of the period Japanese costumes (I collect kimonos in real life) and the castle items (thus, my favourite part of these games are the battle events).

Tenka’s last event was an encore event with mythical/magical women theme. The six lords (the newer six) encounter a magical phenomenon or creature and after the route’s completion we got a themed costume, which are FABULOUS. I’m a sucker for costumes and folklore so I just have to blog about this! 

 This event was an encore/repeat so Voltage gave us lower clearance point (4,000 instead of 7,000) and an event only gacha where we can win items, short stories and the lord’s avatar!

We can spin this gacha everytime we finished a storyline, and best part of this is there won’t be repeat item, meaning if you play hardcore enough, eventually you can get the items you want and even if you don’t,you won’t end up with, like, gazillion hideous make up (gggrrr)  

Anyways, I love these Furisode so much!

I’ve been planning to blog about Tenka and SLBP’s costumes, but just haven’t gotten around to do it yet. Might as well start with these pretties.

Furisode is a type of female kimono (kimono means “things to wear” so it encompasses a broad range of wafuku, or traditional Japanese garments) with long sleeves that typically reach the wearer’s ankle. It’s worn by unmarried women, but heh, more and more people just wear what wafuku they want these days, and I’m with them. The long fluttering (furi-furi) sleeves are said to be flirty and conveys youthfulness and availability. It’s one most extravagant types of kimono still worn today. 

Bear in mind in the historical sengoku, this type of furisode had not existed/ been simplified yet, rather princesses and noble women of that period wore layered garment called Juniihitoe, a 12-layered (yes, 12!) floor sweeping, totally unpractical kimono. The colours of these layers varied and the colour sequence conveyed different meaning or message or seasons - it’s pretty complicated. Voltage designed all sorts of anachronistic kimonos for these games, but I don’t mind because they are all soooo pretty!

Anywaysss… onto Tenka’s last event prized Furisode:

天女のお着物 = Tennyo no o furisode = Celestial Maiden Furisode

HIdeyoshi’s route prize. Designed after the Sino-Japanese celestial maiden’s costumes. Who are typically depicted wearing sheer garments and or topless.

九尾狐のお着物 = Kyuubi ko no o furisode = Nine-tail fox spirit’s furisode

Mitsunari’s event route prize (of course). Designed after the legendary Nine-tail fox spirit.

人魚のお着物 = Ningyo no o furisode = Mermaid Furisode

Inuchiyo’s event route prize. The story was there was a mermaid who fell in love with Inuchiyo (she’s depicted using Matsuko’s sprite in the event), she went to the land to search for him, and at towards the end of the story she asked him to come with her, presumably to the sea. But Inuchiyo, of course has given his heart to MC. I kinda like the story because it’s rare that Inu is the one given more than one suitors. The furisode’s not my favorite (they could’ve played more with scales and transparency) but the fin ear piece is pretty.

白蛇姫のお着物 = Shirohebi hime no o furisode = White Snake Princess furisode

Kenshin’s event route prize. My least favourite but I still love it because it’s designed after the Chinese folktale Madame White Snake, which I watched religiously growing up, ahahahah The feather boa reference and the Chinese cheongsam hybrid were clever, but oh boy, they could’ve done MORE.  

白兎のお着物 = Hakuto no o furisode = White Rabbit Furisode

Shingen’s event route prize. Modelled after… er, the mythical white bunny that makes mochi on the moon? Hahahaha, it’s common Japanese motif for spring/summer. Also, since Shingen is tiger, he’ll devour the bunny for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

化け狸のお着物 = Bakedanuki no o furisode = Tanuki Spirit furisode

Ieyasu’s event route prize, based on the mythical bakedanuki or tanuki spirit. My favourite of the bunch, especially since I got really lucky in the event Gacha and got my Ieyasu avatar quite early, thanks to some awesome allies ^^

That’s it for now :) I’ll post more kimono-related stuff when I have the time, or when SLBP/Tenka compels me to write because of their pretty pretty items!


Here is the list of all the straight boxing workouts at Real Anime Training. Get out there and train!

Boxing Workout Master Post

Hajime no Ippo

  1. Master Post for the Hajime no Ippo Training Program
  2. Fishing Boat Makunouchi Workout
  3. Ippo’s Basic Training
  4. Ippo Prepares for Miyata
  5. Ippo’s First Three Fights
  6. Ippo on the Beach
  7. The East Rookie Champ Workout
  8. The All-Japan Rookie Champ Workout
  9. Class A Tournament- First Round Workout
  10. Class A Tournament- The Finals
  11. Facing the Champ Workout
  12. Ippo’s Recovery Time
  13. Ippo’s Comeback Workout
  14. Ippo’s Mountain Training Camp
  15. Ippo vs. Sendou (Redux)
  16. Ippo’s First Two Title Defenses
  17. Building Up the Dempsey Roll
  18. Evolving the Dempsey Roll
  19. Back to Basics
  20. Tenacity for Ten Rounds
  21. Takamura’s Beginning Boxing Routine
  22. Takamura’s Pre-Fight Blitz
  23. Sendou’s Basic Training
  24. Date Eiji’s Training
  25. Miyata’s Basic Training
  26. Itagaki’s Training
  27. Itagaki’s KBG Training
  28. Itagaki’s “Go-Go Mode” Workout
  29. Aokimura’s Basic Training


  1. Kamishiro Yuu’s Basic Training

Ashita no Joe

  1. Joe’s Basic Training
  2. Joe’s Prison Workout
  3. Joe’s Prison Yard Training
  4. The Juvenile Prisoner’s Boxing Routine
  5. Nishi’s Weight Loss Workout

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

  1. Good Luck, Takeda
  2. Random Training with James Shiba #1: Calisthenics and Skill Work
  3. Random Training with James Shiba #2: Circuits and Intervals
  4. Random Training with James Shiba #3: Old School Conditioning
  5. Random Training with James Shiba #4: Weights and Plyometrics
  6. Random Training with James Shiba #5: Extreme Practical Boxing

Ships that I also love but rarely draw and some of the things in the first episode that keeps in my mind.

The start of the second season was so good!! The animation was so smooth and dynamic…somehow better than the first season? *_*) And I missed this jumpy, sunshine kid Hinata! 

Ahh Can´t wait to see Fukurodani!

EDIT: It wasn´t Ukais voice which said “Take-Chan!”!! It was Tanakas?