Celebrate National #TakeAHikeDay by Exploring Your Public Lands!

Visitors enjoy countless types of outdoor adventure – not just hiking – on the approximately 250 million acres of BLM-managed public lands in the United States.

In an increasingly urbanized West, these recreational opportunities in beautiful natural landscapes are vital to the quality of life enjoyed by residents of western states, as well as national and international visitors.

Photos by BLMer Bob Wick.

TAKE A HIKE! I was feeling preoccupied with grad school decisions but nothing cleanses the mind like a 6 hour hike alongside lush mountain walls. Instead of reaching the top of the mountain we reached the Akchour waterfall which feels a bit like the end of a rainbow. Maybe it is! This waterfall is thin and quiet and long like silver hair cascading down an old lady’s back. A few streams of thought fall into a shallow pool that equilibrates the new thoughts with the old, never overflowing or drying out. I think this was just the clarity I was looking for!