ok but imagine the justice league has to go somewhere just for a meetup or something and Diana and Bruce are taking the lead because that’s what “wondermom and batdad” do, and suddenly as they approach the reception desk Diana does a 180 and keels outta there and everyone is like ???? so of course they follow her to see whats wrong, and diana’s like “did you see that receptionist?” and they all get closer and are expecting to hear that she’s some top secret spy or some ancient evil and diana just gets really quiet and goes…

“i forgot to call her back….”

So I’m thinking of going to the gym tonight when I’m done work at 7 and spending 4 hours just walking on the treadmill. Partially bc I need to go tonight since I haven’t been there since Tuesday, and partially bc I need to beat @mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld !!!!!! Every time I take the lead in our challenge, it lasts maybe 10-15 mins and then I’m shot down to last place…..this week, I’m determined to beat her.

And then after I’m done, I’m gonna get one of those chocolate peanut butter shakes again. Lol.


The original Blackwatch Clan was made by:
Gabe (leader), Jack, Reinhardt, Ana, Phara and Mercy.

Gabe got for them the best territory but it was difficult to keep it and that leaded to a lot of fights. At one point the clan couldn’t take it anymore and they decided that it would have been better to move and live in peace somewhere else. Jack (being Gabe mate) talk for the others to Gabe… but [he doesn’t take it well.] This lead to a fight and both Gabe and Jack leave the Blackwatch Clan.
Who remains of the old group move to the mountains and create the Overwatch Clan, leaded by Ana, and Torbjorn joins in later.
Mercy is the only one that split up. She stay in the ex-Blackwatch Territory and claim it for the Waterhole Flock, declaring it neutral zone so that nobody have to fight over it ever again.

@fizzyfandom and thank you for the compliments ❤

A Hard Heart To Win (Part 5)

They enter the restaurant, and Tony looks around the entrance. It isn’t flashy at all, not decorated ostentatiously, but also not drab and dull. It’s a nice place, all in all, but not the type of place one would expect a King to frequent.

Jarvis takes the lead, moving to the hostess and asking, “We are here for the-”

“Mr. Carbonell,” a familiar voice calls, and they turn to see one of the Dora Milaje, Okoye, striding toward them. She nods to Tony, and then to Jarvis, who holds out a hand and says, “I’m Edwin Jarvis, Mr. Carbonell’s caretaker.”

Okoye reaches out to take his hand, and asks, “Will Ms. Carbonell be attending?”

Jarvis shakes his head. “Ms. Carbonell sends her apologies, as there was an unforeseen problem that required her immediate attention.”

Okoye nods, glances at Tony, and asks, “How are you today?”

“Good,” Tony says, giving her a tight-lipped smile. She looks to Jarvis, who says them same, then gestures toward the hall behind her and asks, “Shall we?”

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