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Just watch, I'm gonna take over the world WAY before you do!!!! And you'll be begging for mercy.

First I stab victim to slow them down, then I get them in immobile state before removing eyeballs and finishing off.

This could be you, America.

You are lucky it was only swamp scum like Prussia.

All the other supervillains failed to take over or destroy the world, but your plan was unorthodox. You decided to become earth’s greatest hero, then simply abandon it in it’s hour of need. Who would see that coming?

this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.


There used to be a hard-and-fast rule. There was “them” and then there was “us.” “Them” was made up of artists—the people who created TV shows, books, films, music and visual art. “Us” was the group of people who consumed what they made. “Them” was set apart from “us” because “them” was creating material that was then disseminated, on a larger scale, to “us” out there in the real world. “Us” could enjoy “them” and their work, but “us” could not contribute to the creations we loved in any appreciable fashion.

But then something interesting happened: the Internet took over the world, and this hard-and-fast rule slowly began to disintegrate. All of a sudden, “us” was able to horn in on “them” and their creative process in a vey public way—most notably in the form of fanfiction.


All lowercase letters.

No spaces.


I have a weird perspective on the subject.

I am an actor, sometimes.

And I once played a character who’s a fanfiction favorite.
I hear she/I does a whole lot of “slash-ing” … wait, that’s not the proper use of the word. This might be better:  I hear there is a lot of slash fanfiction about her/me on the internet. Which is kind of sad because this means the fanfiction version of her/me is getting a lot more action than the real me.

Before I get started, I should clarify exactly who/what I am. If the name in the byline is unfamiliar to you, you might recognize the title of the show I appeared in, or the name of the character I played in that show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tara Maclay, respectively.
Just FYI, I had to go online and look up whether or not the “c” in Maclay is capitalized. You would think from the amount of time I spent pretending to be this fictional character (three years), I would know how to spell her last name properly. But the truth is, there are a lot fans out there that know way more about her then I do.

And some of these more knowledgeable fans write fanfiction.

I try not to read fanfiction about her/me. I think it would be awkward and I’d forever be left wondering why she/I am so much cooler on paper/the Internet than I am in real life. I am also leery of reading anything about her/me because I really don’t want to read about my pretend-self doing naughty things with characters/people that I may or may not be attracted to in real life.

When I was on Buffy (this was many, many moons ago), not looking at Buffy fanfiction was another hard-and-fast rule. People are litigious, so anything written by a fan and sent in to the writers/producers was not supposed to be read. I have retrofitted this rule to fit my own needs—mostly because of the not-wanting-to-think-about-me-doing-naughty-things-with-fictional-characters worry—so just know that when I see you at a science fiction convention and you hand me your fanfiction about Tara/me, I will smile and take it, but I am probably not going to read it if Tara/me is being a dirty-birdy.

I have been known to read fanfiction about other things, things I have no creative/personal stake in. I might even read Buffy stuff you write, unless you have Tara Maclay giving cunnilingus to Counselor Troi (who is, by far, my father’s favorite Star Trek Betty). If you hand me something like that then I am probably going to take a pass.


I must preface all of this with a disclaimer: I have co-written (along with Christopher Golden) a few Willow/Tara comic books. There is a difference between writing these comics and writing fanfiction and it comes down to two things: the storylines for the comics are carefully vetted by Dark Horse Comics/20th Century Fox, and there is no cunnilingus in them. (Well, at least none that ended up on the page. Maybe some dirty bits were excised before the comics went to print… and now you’ll forever wonder if I was just pulling your leg or if there really was excised cunnilingus in those comic books, right?)

I think we can all agree there’s something meta about my situation, something Adaptation-like about the layer upon layer of weirdness. Well, let me just tell you that, though you may think my creative life is meta, it’s nowhere near as meta as the creative life of my friend, Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

Be prepared. This might knock your meta-socks off.

My friend Javi is truly one of the kindest, most gifted writer/producers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. And he possesses two qualities I very much value in other creative individuals: He treats the business of show like a team sport, and he has a genuine interest in helping others … unlike a lot of the people I’ve met in Hollywood.

Oh, and there’s a third thing, too.

He’s an honest-to-God Fan.

With a capital “F.”

So, to just point out the blurring lines here, Javi is not just an artist, he is also a fan. Where he is concerned, the words artist and fan are synonymous.

A few years ago, Javi created a brilliant television show for ABC Family called The Middleman.  (To up the meta-quotient, The Middleman was a comic book before it was adapted for television.) The Middleman had (and still has) a dedicated fan following—especially for its plucky, intelligent female heroine, Wendy Watson (played by actress Natalie Morales). So, needless to say, there were a lot of frustrated fans when the show was pulled of the air after only one season.

And one of those fans was Javi himself.

Three years later, he did something about it.

In the ultimate meta-fanfiction crossover, Javi wrote a fanfiction piece about his own show … and Doctor Who.

You can go to The Middle Blog over at LiveJournal and read his fanfiction story in its entirety. I really think you should. It’s quite brilliant, weaving together the best of The Middleman with Javi’s passionate love of Doctor Who—but what was so intriguing to me was not the piece itself (as cool as it is), but what it represented about the blurring of lines.

I realized that as much as we try to put a divide between the two worlds (“them” and “us”), there really isn’t one anymore. Not with the advent of transmedia, the rise of creator-owned content on the Internet, the domination of Twitter and Facebook. Not when Twilight fanfiction becomes a bestselling series of erotica novels. Not when the guy who made The Middleman decides to write a fanfiction piece about the television show he created because he’s still interested in telling stories about his characters.

All of these components have created a perfect storm that will forever knock down the wall of separation between artist and audience.
Would it be crazy to postulate, then, that with the blurring of the lines, the words “artist” and “fan” have become interchangeable in some ways? Just because you created a character, it doesn’t mean you get to tell the whole of their story—especially if you sell your characters to studios/television networks/comic book companies. Suddenly, these conglomerates own your creative content and they get to decide its fate. Making you, for all intents and purposes, just another fan off the thing you happened to create.

This had been going on in the comics world forever.  Poor comic book superheroes get passed around like hookers at a gangbang—they’ve always got someone new writing about them, drawing them, adding to their mythology.

So, by the same token, when a fan writes fanfiction, one might equate them to just another writer for hire on a project—they’re just not getting paid in money for their work. For them, the payment is sheer joy of writing for characters they love. They are no longer just a “fan.” Now they are an “artist.”

I’m going to insert myself here again because I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in all of this.

As an actor, I gave my voice and face to a character that someone else created and wrote the dialogue for. When someone sits down to write fanfiction about my character, they are envisioning and often describing that same face and voice, which happen to belong to me, but which I lent to the character when I played the part.

Working on the Willow/Tara comic books as a writer, I wrote about/for the character I played on Buffy. At that point, I became an artist who was using my own face and voice to give continuing life to a fictional character I played on television, but did not create.

See? It’s all very confusing.

Then add in how accessible everything is via the Internet—which is a huge tool when one wants to go about “blurring the lines”—and it’s even more troubling. On Twitter, am I just me, Amber Benson? Or am I an actor who played a character named Tara Maclay? Or am I only seen as Tara Maclay, the character from that television show you loved to watch, who for unknown reasons likes to go around calling herself Amber Benson?

Also, am I somehow creating fanfiction when I interact with people on the Internet—adding to my real-life, personal continuing storyline and to the now-defunct storyline of the character I played on television? This makes my head spin, and does nothing to answer the real question: If we can’t tell who the “artists” are, and if the “fans” are just as hard to categorize, then where does that leave us?

I actually think that—barring my own existential identity crisis—it leaves us in a very good place. Fanfiction has pried open a door, allowing fans a chance to participate in the continuing storylines of the characters they love. The Internet has given these fans and their fanfiction a high-profile stage so that the world can find and enjoy their artistic endeavors. It has also given “artists” a chance to create outside of the system—like Javi and his Middleman fanfiction—and to address questions, comments, and suggestions from their “fans” directly and in a creative way.

For better or worse, it looks a though the lines have been forever blurred. I just wish this essay had given me a little more personal clarity. Maybe I’ll just follow Javi’s example and go write some fanfiction. Maybe a little Amber/Tara slash fanfiction—so I can really confuse myself.

—  Amber Benson, from Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World, by Anne Jamison.
meg’s NDRV3 Talentswap AU

Pianist: Korekiyo Shinguuji

???: Himiko Yumeno

Inventor: Gonta Gokuhara

Supreme Leader: Kiibo

Robot: Miu Iruma

Entomologist: Kokichi Ouma

Detective: Tenko Chabashira

Cosplayer: Kirumi Toujou

Anthropologist: Tsumugi Shirogane

Childcare: Ryouma Hoshi

Aikido: Maki Harukawa

Maid: Kaito Momota

Astronaut: Kaede Akamatsu

Tennis: Angie Yonaga

Magician: Rantarou Amami

Artist: Shuuichi Saihara

Just give me a chance


I don’t really like Lance sad but sometimes life puts you down but what’s amazing is what happens afterwards, after you overcome it. You’re ready to take over the world, you’re not the same person you were before, you became stronger than ever. Sometimes you just have to be pushed to your limits for you to grow and learn. Lance will overcome this and when he does, he will slay you all


Just so you know: I was at the premiere night of the #FantasticBeasts in Moscow. But I kept silent all this time, because, well…

I’ve been following the works of Colin Farrell for a rather long while, because, let’s face it, he is a very good actor - yet somehow I’ve never attempted painting him. I kept silent because the monster in me who is always hungry for information was bombarded with tons of various content my feeds provided. The monster consumed. The monster analysed. The monster now has its headcanons and points of view, that don’t really matter.

What matters is that Colin Farrell is both a professional whom I respect, the only person whose sex video helped me overcome a few of my own psychological issues (I’m being quite serious here, you have no idea how helpful that was), and a very complex person.

The latter is mostly based off my perception of his range of movements, because boy did I have the references to study. But then I’m just a Russian insomniac who remembers people by the sound and the motion they produce, so that might just be me noticing things that might not even be there in the first place.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m writing this at 4 AM, but Moscow is covered in snow, and some Russian guys from my playlist are nervously singing about people choosing not to die young, and I’m thinking of smoking and re-reading Dostoyevsky and Philip K. Dick. That’s not some basic fan reactions, but then - I’ve never had a proper fangirling moment over anyone except Rickman and Dance, so there you go.

Oh, and one last thing…

I started the top image as a simple sketch. But now I see Rick Deckard in there, and this makes me feel hollow, because I never planned for this to happen. Howling on the moon while being sober is somehow too relevant.

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Well, I guess you could just watch the English Version. Fun fact: Cristina Vee voices Marinette and Sailor Mars.

Here’s the problem: the English version is the one I watch when I want to laugh like crazy because it’s overall terrible. Lines are weird and make little sense (like Adrien saying Ladybug has his mother’s EYES?? Mama Agreste has green eyes and Ladybug has blue?), Adrien’s father not giving him anything but a pen for his birthday isn’t even canon in the French version (because, well, it’s honestly ridiculous), the French version also does not give Hawkmoth any lines saying he wants to take over the world (which I prefer because I want him to not have the stereotypical villain motivation), also, I think a lot of the voices in the English are laughable (which isn’t to say the voice actors aren’t talented, cuz they are, but they make some odd choices with their voice approaches in this show and Gabriel/Hawkmoth’s voice is the only one that’s honestly really enjoyable to me).

Also…’I am a cat’ is a line in the opening. Like, come on. Did we really need that basic of an intro for ya, dude? That and Chat’s lines that all sound submissive to Ladybug are suddenly changed around to sound like he wants to take control or something and that is complete bullshit.

I love the English version in it’s own funny over-the-top way but when I want to get serious about the characters and plot, I want the French version with the original French lines. The characters are deeper and more human in the French version while the English honestly seems to make fun of and simplify things that really should be made more human. And when my favorite character is Gabriel/Hawkmoth, I need that human element cuz all they want to do is make him out to be the stereotypical villian and stereotypical distant father without giving reason that would be closer to real life abusive situations when children really need to be given a way to see those bad behaviors if their own parents are displaying them.

So, yeah, I want the French version and I want it with the actual French dialogue translations and I’ll fight for it.

Also, fun fact: When Christina Vee voices Sailor Mars, it’s with the original Japanese dialogue for the original Japanese Sailor Moon script translated directly. You won’t see any characters with blue eyes being told they have the eyes of someone with green eyes there, my dude. 

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I’m so emotional about the differences in how Philip and Lukas look at each other.

When Philip looks at Lukas it’s with such intense determination to keep him safe and protect him. He knows that despite all the big talk that Lukas is scared and just in need of someone to tell him that everything will be okay. Philip looks at him like he’d want nothing more than to just make sure Lukas knows that he is not broken and he deserves the world.

While Lukas looks at Philip with such terrible heartbreak, it’s not hard to see how much Lukas wants to give Philip his all and love him with everything he has. But he’s full of so much fear that he can’t help but long for Philip even when he’s right there. Because yes, he’s afraid of being outed and outcast, but even more he’s afraid that he’ll never be sure enough of himself to love Philip completely.

The contrast in their eyes is so heart wrenching but you know that above all these boys are falling in love with each other with all the devotion and adoration that they have. It’s beautiful beyond words.

Yvonne vs. The Predator

BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Yvonne Strahovski Joins Shane Black’s ‘The Predator’

“Strahovski will play the mother to Tremblay, a troubled boy who is accidentally drawn into the conflict with the fierce alien creatures by her ex-husband, played by Holbrook. 

Strahovski, who has had runs on Dexter and 24: Live Another Day, next co-stars in Hulu’s buzzy Margaret Atwood adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss and Joseph Fiennes. She also has two movies in the can: Dennis Iliadis-directed He’s Out There and the Marc Forster-directed drama All I See is You, the latter with Blake Lively.“ [x]

When you’re being offered to bring some magic into the Christmas season, it is impossible to decline))) So this artwork is my exchange piece for @jsamnfanart‘s exchange; my match was @grrrenadine, and the prompt was “Strange’s vision of candles inside human heads”, so that was both a challenge in capturing the lights the right way and an enormous fun to paint.

Merry Christmas… and have some magic, just because we all deserve some :3