Take Them On On Your Own

“i’m down for whatever” friends (aries, sag, taurus)

don’t actually care what you do, will end up doing their own thing. best people to party with because they’re exorbitant and take no sh*t, will get you out of your shell and be able to come to your defense 

“always have the lowdown” friends (gemini, libra, scorpio)

you probably think they’re too cool for you, and they probably think so too. not really sure of their intentions because they have several but they will be the most entertaining friend you’ve ever had 

“appealing and surprising” friends (cancer, leo, pisces)

you’ll catch them giggling constantly. everyone wants to know them, definitely always idealized to be something they are not. are actually the feistiest people you’ll ever meet and love to be caught up in something 

“the onlooking” friends (virgo, capricorn, aquarius)

seem more reserved than they are. amicable when approached. value their space and prefer to stay considerably aloof. will take you under their wing, highly supportive and composing to be around 

Asexual Playlists Project

For asexual awareness week, I want to introduce a challenge! From time to time, I’ll see posts from asexual and aromantic people lamenting that most of the music available to them is based on sexual and/or romantic experiences. 

While my identity doesn’t deter me from listening to any kind of music, it can feel pretty alienating to not have songs either about our own experiences or about experiences that are not also about sexual and/or romantic relationships.

That doesn’t mean such music doesn’t exist. We’re just so overwhelmed by mainstream hits that focus on these things that we forget that music is really diverse and music can be used to communicate a lot of things.

So, here’s the challenge: 

1. Comb through the music that you already have in your library on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, etc. and pull out all the songs that do not have to do with sexual and/or romantic relationships. *Aromantics can do this too!


2. Place all the songs you pulled out into a general playlist for sorting. This step can be skipped if you choose to go straight to step #3, but it may be good to have everything in one place before sorting. 


3. Organize your tunes into the following 10 playlist titles:

The Songs with Multiple Interpretations - for music that could be interpreted as sexual and/or romantic, but it doesn’t have to be. It also could have multiple interpretations about non-sexual/non-romantic things!

The Songs About Human Stories - for songs that capture human experiences outside of sex and/or romance. Songs may also include sexual and/or romantic experiences, but they’re not limited to those things!

The Songs About Friendships and Platonic Bonds - for songs that talk about a close relationship with someone that isn’t sexual and/or romantic. This can be explicit or implicitly about these kinds of relationships 

The Songs That are Emotional Instrumentals - not all music has to have lyrics. Some of my favorite “songs” are really just instrumentals, and without lyrics it’s easy to project what you want onto the songs. 

The Songs with a Political Message - these songs say something about the state of society. They can be songs relevant to your own experiences, or to the experiences of other people. They can be about global or local issues.

The Songs that Make Us Feel Broken - not all songs have to make you feel good. Sometimes it can be really cathartic to listen to music that touches on the more difficult feelings we have. 

The Songs that Empower Us - but of course, it’s important to have music that lifts us up too. These songs highlight our best features and remind us all to keep pushing through the difficult times.

The Songs to Rock Out To - I’ll admit I love rock music, so my ‘rock out’ playlist is full of it but you can fill this playlist with any genre that gets you hyped up and ready to take on the world. 

The Songs in a Different Language - there are a lot of non-sexual/non-romantic songs that aren’t in my native language. See what songs you can add that aren’t in your own native language and/or not in English.

The Songs to Dance To - we tend to think of parties as having an inherently sexual and/or romantic atmosphere, but this isn’t true. There’s a wealth of party songs that are fun for everyone.


4. Share! I recommend applications like Spotify because they allow you to make and share playlists for free and include a large library of music, but you are welcome to use any application you want.


I’ve wanted to start this project for a while, and I think right now is a good time to introduce it. I’ve linked some examples that I’ve done above. These playlists are by no means complete. I am adding to them at my own leisure.  

The point is to look at music you already have, instead of trying to desperately look for it. The goal is to spread good music, remind everyone that music can serve many purposes, and that there is stuff out there for asexuals.

For those who want to do the project, I will be tracking the tag #asexual playlists project and #ace playlists project, but feel free to use any organizational tags you feel fits your blog. You can also @ me with your projects. 

You are more than welcome to take this project idea and run with it. You’re not limited to this. Create your own playlist titles, prioritize your favorite genres, and share!

When Taylor told us in the London SS that the video was going to feature Taylor’s character coming across a ‘naked android version of herself’, it hit me so hard, because when you think about it, the symbolism is fucking WONDERFUL:

Ignorant press will see nothing more (most likely) than a ‘naked’ Taylor Swift, and will no doubt slut shame and compare her to the Famous video… but what they’ll fail to see in being blinded by their ignorance is that very manipulative and misogynistic behaviour is exactly why she’s doing what she’s doing now? She’s turning the tables because this is her using her own sexuality WITH HER OWN CONSENT.

To me, the imagery is saying: ‘remember when you depicted me as a lifeless naked form for your own little games?’ ‘Well, I’m taking back this narrative now. I’m taking back them all.’

If that isn’t fucking badarse and iconic then I don’t know what is (AND THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND VIDEO akdjakakallask)

?? lets talk about lee dongmin for a bit

so im watching this video and at this point eunwoo is making a short, short speech in english, and here in this screengrab he actually makes this face after pausing mid-sentence as if digging through his mind to find the right words. and i slammed my spacebar because?? i am suddenly extreMELY amazed by this man????? whos multilingual and speaks korean mandarin japanese english even if he isnt fluent in all of them, so like?? idk whats going on thru his head but imagine racking thru a bunch of languages in your brain to string a perfectly understandable sentence together?? heck i still stumble over my own sentences and ive known english since i was 6!! and this man, he may take a moment to find his words through that brilliant mind of his but this man studied/s and can form sentences in four different languages and i am SHOOK because what else is going on in that brain. like. he that guy whos quiet and keeps to himself but when you get to know him he drops all this smart shit and is actually rly pretty hot damn hilarious like he has a quiet, intelligent sense of humour?? and hes that unsuspecting guy you wouldnt think knew anything and then one day you slump over in your seat bc you been trying to solve this rubix cube for two weeks and then this guy kinda just quietly picks it up and messes with it for less than ten minutes and you look up at a tiny thunk on your table and your cube is SOLVED and he just gets up and asks “im making tea, do you want some?”

he is lee dongmin and then cha eunwoo, and either way this man is BRILLIANT

bucket list

                                      read the rest of the collab here

pairings: reader x yoongi

word count: 5959

genre: slight smut and the rest is just fluff.

“Why are you so surprised to see a purple tree? Have you really been that isolated all your life?”

“No, Yoongi. There’s a difference between growing up in the heart of the city and being isolated,” You roll your eyes, turning from the window to look at him. Of course you’ve seen coloured trees before, but they were all on Google Images, so seeing them in person was much more surreal than you’d expected.

“Okay sure. You know I only agreed to go on this road trip with you not only because you begged me to but also because you’re too curious for your own being, and that worries me– ” You cut him off, “If you care about me that much, just call yourself my best friend, Yoongi. It takes up less energy and you know it’s true.” You say, grinning as you look over at him.

“I’m not your best friend, Y/N.” His voice is playful when he says this, but it has an edge. It’s saying I’m not your best friend. I’m something more than that.

“Sure you are, why else would you be going on a road trip with me, and help me complete this bucket list?”

Yoongi seems to give up at this point, because he doesn’t say anything else. So you look down at the little notebook in your lap. The page you’re on has ‘See an actual coloured tree’ scrawled at the top of the page in your hand writing. You twirl the pen in between your fingers before writing underneath the title Coloured trees are the prettiest things in the world (so far). You gotta go out again to see more of this beauty. His eyes draw down to meet your sentence, “Do you have to be this enthusiastic?”

You twist your lips to the side before looking out of the car. It’s still late in the morning and you and Yoongi have been driving for at least one and a half hours now, but to say you’re stunned at the beauty of the world from what you’ve seen would be a great understatement.

The car is filled with some songs in Yoongi’s playlist. Most are those soft songs, the ones that are perfect when sung in the shower while the others are fast raps, which you find amusing witnessing Yoongi rap along with them, and doing impressively well. But apart from the songs, there’s the rev of the engine and silence in between the two of you.

Yoongi breaks the silence once again, “So what other things are on your bucket list?”

You open the book once again, flipping to a random page somewhere near the end. You read the title on the left side first ‘Give someone roadhead’. Upon reading that, your face burns up in a matter of seconds and you slam the book shut as you look at the road ahead of you, wide-eyed.

You can feel Yoongi side-eyeing you curiously, the look of embarrassment on your face is enough for him to let out a laugh followed by, “What? Was it that bad? C’mon, it’s a bucket list. You obviously want to do it so just tell me.”

You turn your head and glare at him, as if he deep down knew what bullshit you’d written on that page, “No. I’ll tell you another one.” You say as you open up to another page, far from the last page. You end up landing on a fairly decent one, ‘Visit a waterfall.’

“Are there any waterfalls nearby?”

“There’s one about an hour and a half away. You wanna go?”

“Well we don’t have a set destination, do we? So why not.” You shut the book again and look out onto the surroundings around you. The area’s large, so much space and covered in grass greener than you’d ever see. The trees are a sight as well. As Yoongi drives down further, the colour of each tree mixes and blends in together. Purple, green and orange.

“Why don’t you just take a photo. It’ll last longer. Use it as your lock screen or something and tell people what an amazing friend I am for taking you on this road trip and giving you the opportunity to take a photo of a coloured tree.” Yoongi says and a smug smile crawls onto your lips when you realise he must’ve been looking at you. But you roll your eyes and ignore the last sentence before you pull your phone out and snap photo of a tree from the side window.

“Perfect.” You smile as you look down at your phone.

And then the car drive is silent once again, except this time, you’re humming along with the tune of the familiar song playing, sipping from the cool bottle of water until you reach about the halfway mark of the bottle. Then the worst of the worst happens, your bladder screams as the water sits there, doing whatever the hell water does for you to need to pee this bad.

No being able to find the proper words for it, you stay quiet and slowly fidget in your seat. By now, the plastic water is tucked in between your thighs, squeezing the bottle tightly because any amount of pressure would be enough to mask the one in your bladder.

Of course, Yoongi notices it. A man who’s completely used to stillness around him would sense the tiniest twitch from metres away. His reaction, however, fueled your frustration even more. The car slowed down to–you look behind the steering wheel–10 km/h and you noticed the pursed lips and side glances coming from him.

“Yoongi. I swear to God, if you’re doing this on purpose I will kick you once we get out of the car.” You threaten, your fists tightening around the hem of your shirt.

“But Y/N,” He feigns an innocent look, “We’re practically in the middle of nowhere. The closest peeing point would probably be the waterfall.” He sounds so fake. Fake enough for a tear of frustration to roll down your cheek and your lips turn into a scowl and you glare at the road in front of the car.

“Unless… You want to do it on the trees over there?” Yoongi suggests, the light voice hasn’t changed and that makes you even more frustrated. You’re sure if you put ‘Empty your bladder on a tree’ in your bucket list, you’d have no problem in accepting his suggestion. But you didn’t, and you have a reputation to uphold.

But you really needed to pee.

So with a small mumble of something sounding like I hate you, I can’t believe you’re my friend. You release a deep breath and turn to him, “Fine. Pull over. But I swear if you say one word regarding this after I’m done, I will make your life miserable, Min Yoongi. Take my word on that.” You hiss.

And Yoongi only chuckles in reply before he nods, “Okay, I promise I won’t. You can trust me.” He says, a toothed smile on his features and a scowl on yours. He pulls the car over to the side and you immediately unbuckle your seatbelt, grab a few tissues from the tissue box sitting in between the two of you before opening the coor door and running behind a tree.

Thankfully, the area was so secluded there hadn’t been any other cars in sight in the past hour or so. So with the privacy you’re now given, you empty your bladder.

A minute later, you return to the car. You open the door and slip into the passenger seat, avoiding eye contact with Yoongi, who seemed to be looking at you with amusement clear on his face.

“Shut up and drive.” You grumble underneath your breath. Another second of silence follows so you shove your stubbornness down your throat and look over at him, but the thing your eyes land on first is the little blue notebook in his hand.

“You didn’t.”

“I did. It’s not a diary or anything, Y/N. And I just wanted to see what else you wanted do.”

You let out a defeated sigh.

“So did you read all of it?”

“Just a few.” You hoped that ‘Just a few’ didn’t include the roadhead one, but, of course, luck hates you. You already knew that. “Including the roadhead one.”

You clench your eyes shut in embarrassment, hoping that the world would swallow you up.

“Yeah, and?” You finally question, but he grows silent. Almost as if he’s wondering how to word it correctly.

Here’s the thing though. You wrote this bucket list half-drunk, and being the lightweight that you are, half drunk is still fairly drunk for you, and the thought of giving head to someone while they were driving excited you. For some reason, of course. You’re totally half against it now that you’re sober.

Half against it because it seemed like Yoongi would have to be the one you’d be giving head to. If it were someone else you would definitely say no and avoid that person for the rest of your life. The relationship between you and Yoongi can only be described as one step below lovers and one step above best friends. It’s that tiny stool you’re both standing on where you aren’t together but you’ve both claimed each other.

It’s messy, but you want to keep it that way.

“If you want me to, y’know, I can,” You speak his thoughts, “And you don’t have to give anything back.” You’re about to add It’s just part of this bucket list experience, but saying that would make everything go wrong in so many levels, so you keep it unsaid.

You turn your head to face him and his head twitches to the side and his eyes are moving between you and the road, “You sure you don’t want anything back?” He asks, not clarifies. Two completely different things.

“Well– Yeah. I’m sure.” You press out, pressing your hands down on your knees to stop them from shaking.

You study his features because he’s silent again, try to work out what his next answer is going to be. Because in all honestly the furthest sexual move you have dgone with each other was a brief makeout session a year or so ago at a friend’s birthday party.

It was quick and both of you promised nothing like that would happen again. But the promises that came from both of you were stupid lies, because after that day, you’ve both wanted to finish what you’d started. Some promises are made to be broken, huh.

Yoongi hesitates for a few seconds before he replies again, “Okay then.” He says as he turns his head to look at you properly.

The side of your lip twitches up into an awkward smile. It feels so awkward but any wider and you would’ve looked straight off the bat weird.

“You need to get hard first.” You comment as you help him unbutton and unzip his jeans before pulling it down, making sure to leave his boxers in.

“What makes you think I can get hard by myself?” He asks and there’s a hint of smugness in his voice and that smile of his. Your nose twitches in annoyance before you let out a deep sigh.

“Okay fine, just don’t crash the car. Not to be cocky or anything but I blow people pretty well.” You say as you unbuckle your seatbelt and lean over the gears till your mouth is right on top of Yoongi’s cock.

“I have self-control, Y/N. Don’t question me.” He tsks and your response is a harsh blow on through his boxers., making his hips jump slightly.

You rest your hand on his thigh as you continue with his hard-on, the free one holding his cock up before you enclose your mouth around the tip. A deep sigh emits from Yoongi’s lips as he looks down at you for a second before looking back on the road. You continue lightly sucking on the tip before you switch and places small pecks down his shaft.

Soon enough, you feel him slowly grow in your hands, so you lift your head up and use both hands to pull his boxers down his legs so they pile on top of his jeans. His erection immediately springs free, standing up straight in interest. You eye it slowly, it’s longer than you thought it to be but that’s the last thing on your mind as you watch a drop of precum dripping from his slit.

“Stop staring, Y/N. It’s weird.” Yoongi mumbles and your face heats up in embarrassment.

“Okay sorry, but I was just thinking, can I try something on you?” You ask and Yoongi looks down at you in curiosity.


“I read somewhere that if you hum while something goes down your throat, you won’t gag.”

He’s silent for a few seconds, “Be my guest. But what are you reading to find something like that?”

Your eyes widen in surprise and instead of replying to him, you wrap your lips around his cock and sink down on him until the tip is at the back of your mouth. You hear him hiss on top of you as he lifts hips up slightly to push more of him into your mouth, but your hand grips his hips to hold him down.

“Fuck, Y/N. Go deeper.” Yoongi begs and you notice a slight crack in his voice, if that didn’t make your gut explode a little bit. You hum in appreciation lowering your head down at the same time, and wow. It actually does work.

His cock passes through your gag reflex smoothly and within seconds, your nose is hitting the skin on his hips. His reaction to this makes pleasure rip throughout your body. A loud moan erupts from his moan as he moves a hand to the back of your head to keep it in place. You swallow down the saliva building up in yourhis mouth, making your throat to tighten around him.

“Y/N. Oh God, that feels so good.” Yoongi growls, making you moan at the praise. He moves his hand down, stroking your hair along the way, before you lift your head back up, a soft pant falling from your lips. You lightly kiss the tip, your lips catching the salty pre-cum from his slitp, before wrapping your lips around him again. You’re about to lower your head when Yoongi asks with a shaky breath, “Can I fuck into your mouth?”.

You nod and release your grip from his hips, lowering your head down to match the perfect angle before his hips buck up and hit the back of your throat, making you gag slightly. You notice the car slowing down as his hips follow a suitable pattern in withdrawing and rutting from and up your mouth.

“I bet you look so pretty right now, Y/N. Fuck.” He sighs as he looks down at you, the car coming to a complete stop because he can feel his orgasm catching up to him. You can feel this too, the way his thrusts lose its pattern and the way he’s thrusting up faster as he attempts to catch his high.

“I’m gonna cum now, shit.” Yoongi groans and true to his promise, you feel his warm seed spurt from his cock. You swallow it down and hum at the feeling of the warm liquid slidinge down your throat. His shudders at your swallow from slight oversensitivity and lifts your head up.

You return to your seat properly and buckle your seatbelt back, your face still flushed because holy fuck, you just blew your best friend. Your thighs rub together in frustration at the feeling if the wetness in your panties, but the friction didn’t help and made your lower region more uncomfortable than it already was. But you made a promise, so you’re gonna have to suffer the consequence.

“Here.” Yoongi says. You turn to see his pants back on and his hand holding a tissue for you. You grab it and wipe at the side of your mouth, “Thanks.” You smile, dumping the tissue into an empty plastic bag sitting on the floor.

You grab the little notebook next to the bag as Yoongi begins driving again. With shaky fingers, you turn to the page to write down whatever the hell you had to write to prove you’d done it.

“Are you gonna write something for it?” Yoongi asks as his gaze snaps to your stilled hand the book before returning to the road.

“Yeah, but I don’t know what to write. Maybe I’ll just write what you thought about it. So how was it for you?” You ask with a wide smile.

“It was great, if I have to be honest.” He hesitates before replying smoothly, any added tension wouldn’t be necessary. You nod along and scrawl down his exact words before flipping through the pages.

“Great, so that’s done.” You say just as you land on a page that catches your attention. “Are we doing anything else?” Yoongi asks and you send a smirk in reply, “Yup we definitely are. Help me look for the tallest tree you can find.”

“You’re gonna climb one?” He questions and you shake your head,

“No, Yoongi. We’re gonna climb one.” You say, exaggerating on the we’re.

Yoongi sighs mumbles ‘Fine’ in reply, you smile widely and even let out a small squeal because climbing a tree is the last thing Yoongi would do, you knew that. And you were all for the ‘once in a lifetime experience’ thing. He knew that too, which was the only reason he agreed. That and something else. The something else being shown on that tiny little smile on his lips at the feeling of your excited aura. It’s great.

The surroundings are covered with more different species of trees and with both your’s and Yoongi’s eyes focusing on searching for the perfect tree, around 10 minutes passed before you find a tree tall enough with plenty of thick branches and bumps that are large enough for a steady footing.

Yoongi pulls over in front of it and you both stand at the base. “So do you wanna go first?” You ask, nudging his arm.

You watch as his mouth twists into a grimace, “Nah, you go. Just so I’ll know what not to do.”

“Hah, you’re just scared. Admit it.” You laugh but you step forward nonetheless. You grab the tree and place your foot on a bump before heaving yourself up, quickly resting your other foot on another bump. You look over your shoulder to see Yoongi smiling widely with his thumbs pointing up at you. You smile and roll your eyes before asking him, “Which branch do I go to?”

“The third one.” Yoongi replies immediately. You look up and find the third branch, your eyes widening at how high it was from the ground.

“Yoongi, no! That’s so high and there aren’t as manymuch bpumps to go up there.”

“What? Are you scared?”

“That I’ll fall and break every single bone in my body? Yes!”

“Relax, I’ll catch you if you do. Just climb it and I’ll climb it too.”

You huff before looking back up and continue climbing the tree. You make it all the way to the second branch before your foot slips from the smaller bump you were having second thoughts on resting your foot on. Luckily, you’re grabbing the second branch so you hang from it, your eyes clench shut as you try to return your feet back on the tree, but of course, to no avail.

However, as promised, Yoongi is standing below you and his voice calls out to you to reassure you he’s there. “You’re not that high off the ground, Y/N. If you let go, I can catch you.” He says, his voice so utterly calm like it usually is, you nod in reply, “Okay.”

So you let go and you swear that was super cheesy and movie-cliche but your life is much more important. But you let go and Yoongi actually catches you. Not that you’re surprised or anything because you aren’t. Yoongi was the type who seemed like he wouldn’t keep true to his word when in reality that’s all he’s ever done in his life. It’s not the most comfortable catch, his arms are wrapped around your waist and yours are wrapped around his neck, that part wasn’t uncomfortable, it was your legs being wrapped around your waist. Having fallen a few metres, his hold was pretty tight, but any looser and you would’ve slipped straight through his hands.

But what surprised you was why he didn’t let go of you until you had to reassure him for the 5th time that you were fine and that he could put you down. When he does, he looks down at you with a small smile on his face, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“It really wasn’t. So it’s your turn now.” You say, a sweet smile playing on your lips as you push him to the tree.

“Only to the second branch?”

“Only to the second branch.”

So he/Yoongi climbs the tree, mimicking the steps you took until he gets to the second branch. He places his feet on two large bumps and successfully sits on the tree.

Your mouth widens in shock, seconds ago he didn’t want to climb the tree and here he is, acting like climbing trees was one of the easiest thing he’d done in his entire life. “Psh show off.” You mumble under your breath. Looking back up at him, you notice how ethereal he looks. His attention is? at the world around him as he takes in the view.

You pick your phone up from the ground and with the right amount of focus, your phone captures Yoongi looking off to the side while the lime green leaves creates the perfect background behind him.

“You look great, okay. You can come down now.” You say, giving him the thumbs up. He smiles and swiftly climbs down to the first branch–which is only a metre away from the ground– and jumps down before he makes his way beside you.

“Did you enjoy that?” You ask and Yoongi nods in reply, “I did. You gotta send me that photo later.

“I will, don’t worry. So the waterfall next?” You ask.

“Yup, the waterfall next.” Yoongi assures before you both make your way back to the car.

You climb into the passenger seat and Yoongi climbs into the driver’s seat before he starts the car and drives off down the road.

Grabbing the notebook once again, you flip the page to the ‘tree climbing’ one and write a small sentence. It’s lazy, only saying ‘maybe try again next time one a shorter tree.

After around half an hour of you convincing Yoongi to change the songs to your playlist and you singing out the lyrics, both you and Yoongi begin to grow hungry.

Yoongi’s the first one to say this because you’re finishing off the last lyric of the current song that’d come up.

“Okay Y/N. That’s enough. Are you hungry? Because I am. What did you make for lunch?”

You roll your eyes as you take a swig from your drink bottle. You screw the lid back on and grab one of the three bags from the backseat. “I am, thanks for reminding me, I made my infamous spaghetti. Your favourite.” You promise, looking over at him with a knowing smile.

“Do you want white sauce or red?” You ask him. Inside the bag, you’d neatly backed in a large container of penne pasta and two medium containers with the two different sauces you’d previously mentioned, some sandwiches you’d made for dinner as well as some cutleries and two plates.

“Either. I don’t mind.” He shrugs, “Do you wanna eat here or at the waterfall? It’s about 25 minutes away from here.”

“We’ll eat here. Can’t be swimming on a full stomach, can we?” You tease, patting his stomach gently.

Yoongi chuckles in reply before pulling over to the side of the road. He puts the car on park checking the time on the dashboard, 1:24 PM.

“So we should get there just past 2? How’s that sound?” He suggests as you distribute the pasta between the two plates.

“That sounds great.” You nod with a smile as you hand him the plate. “Enjoy.”

The two of you spend the next 15 minutes sharing jokes and having more than one plate of the pasta you’d made–and Yoongi continuously begging you to teach him how to cook but you denying because ‘You always end up burning something even when I’m right beside you’. He eventually gives up begging when you promise you’ll make anything for him whenever he asked.

So after lunch, you grab both of your empty plates and place them in the rubbish bag and the bag with the now-empty containers back in its place on the backseat while Yoongi drives off back down the road. He also begs you to change the songs back to his playlist and you end up choosing the playlist both of you made (because what friendship doesn’t have a collaborative playlist) to which Yoongi agrees on. And then half an hour later, the waterfall comes into view. If it wasn’t the most beautiful sight you’d ever seen, save for the purple trees before, you don’t think anything would beat it.

Yoongi parks the car on the side of the road and gets out first. He makes his way over to the boot where both of your bags–holding spare clothes and other necessities– are and grabs them both. You meet up with him just as he’s walking to your side. “There’s only one tree large enough to hide ourselves so do you wanna go get changed first?” He offers.

You nod and smile in reply, “Of course, look at you being the nice man you are.” You tease.

Yoongi rolls his eyes with a light chuckle, “Yeah sure. Here.” He says before handing you your bag. You take the handle and thank him before walking behind the tree. Once you’ve changed into your bathing suit and step out from the tree, expecting to see Yoongi. But of course he’s nowhere to be found. You figure he’d lost patience and searched for another tree to change behind so you make your way down to the waterfall.

The splashes get louder the closer you get and the rainbow at the base of the waterfall become more vivid until you find yourself standing by the side. You admire the waterfall as you drop your bag behind you, preparing yourself to jump into the lake when a figure emerges from the waterfall.

“Took you long enough, I was freezing in there.” The voice speaks and you freeze for a split second but it doesn’t take you long to figure out that it was Yoongi.

You let out a huff as you kick some water at him, “What the hell, Yoongi. Don’t do that.”

He laughs in reply as he wipes the water from his face and you stare down at him in annoyance.

“What are you waiting for?” He asks as he looks up at you. Although it takes a few seconds for his to actually meet yours. “Jump in.”

You roll your eyes before walking into the water. Once you’re neck deep in the water, you body begins to get used to the cold, but your chin still shakes as you jump in your spot.

Yoongi is by your side as mimics your action, “You warm enough yet? You’ll lose all your energy if your jumps are that powerful.”

“Shut up, Yoongi. You can’t say anything you’ve been in here longer than I have.”

“Yeah yeah, okay that should be enough, come into the waterfall with me.” He says as he rests his hand on your shoulders, leading you into the waterfall. The water falls on top of you roughly but as soon as you reach the other side, there’s a deep cave with the blue water lighting up the walls.

“It’s nice right?”

“Yeah, really nice.” You agree and look around.

“Thanks for taking me out on this road trip, Yoongi. Really.”

The smile he gives you in response is so genuine you feel the happiness just from looking at it, “No problem, I’m glad you asked. Now let’s enjoy the highlight of today.”

So the two of you spend the rest of the day in the water. It’s one of those moments where you’re enjoying yourself so much time passes by quicker than you think. Both you and Yoongi changed into your dry clothes before deciding to climb to the top of the waterfall, where a large patch of grass covered the surface, and eat your sandwiches while watch the sunset.

All of this being as platonic as it gets, of course.

The sky has remained cloudless right now as it had the entire day, so the effects of the sunset caused the sky to be coloured in a bright orange colour. As you look over at Yoongi, the light hits his face perfectly and creates a surreal glow which only makes him look more pure than he already did.

You look away from him and pick the little notebook up from beside you. You’d written your comment for the waterfall–and not to be secretive or anything– but you won’t let anyone who has eyes and can breathe, ever read as long as you’re alive. Because you may or not have commented about the many times Yoongi’s hand touched your back or shoulders or exposed skin. And the feeling of his body millimetres away from yours– you can’t let yourself get carried away like that anymore.

“What else is on that list?” Yoongi asks, his voice snapping you out of your thoughts.

“So many more, but we only have time to do two more.” Three including the one you have folded up and tucked into the small folder slip at the back.

“Okay and what are they?”

“What do you think? Watch the sunset and also look at the stars. There’s gonna be no artificial light so it’ll be so much cooler.”

“You’ve done your share of research haven’t you.”

“Pssh, yeah of course. You should’ve expected that from me.” You roll your eyes.

“Okay well you can cross one more off because the sun’s setting now.” He says, turning from you and looking straight ahead. You follow his action and watch as the sun slowly dips behind the trees.

A few minutes later and the sun has disappeared. But you’re too caught up in the fact that Yoongi’s hand is right next to yours, his pinky brushing against yours so lightly, it’s technically not there but the touch is so electrifying you feel it everywhere in your body.

“Y/N. Stop daydreaming, it’s gone. You can write your thingy on it.” He says, thankfully, using his other hand to wave in front of your face.

“Oh right, here. You can write it.” You say as you hand him the notebook and the pen. Both your hands that are touching each other stay and you think it’s purely a coincident.

Yoongi looks down at the notebook before looking back up at you, “Okay. But you can’t read it until tomorrow. Promise?”


He gives you a look, “Promise.” So he lifts his hand up, making you bite back a frown, and takes the notebook from you. He turns around for safe measures and goes on to scrabble whatever he’s writing down. A minute later, probably longer because you rushed through the numbers quickly, he turns back around with the book closed in his hand before he gives it back to you.

“Ready to go to our motel now?”


You get up and pack up your mess before you both make your way to the car and put the bags in the boot.

From there, another two hour drive and you’ve reached the motel. After checking in and putting your belongings inside, you both drive down the road for another half an hour until you’re sure that the only thing in your surroundings are trees and whatever wildlife lurks there.

Yoongi parks the car and you both walk to the hood of the car, lying down on it as you both look up at the stars. It really was beautiful. More so than you originally thought, a sight like that will permanently be etched in your mind.

“So what did you think of today?” Yoongi asks, starting up a conversation to cover up the silence that surrounds you.

“Hectic, but the best hectic.”

“That’s good. I wholeheartedly agree.” He replies with a small smile and you tilt your head to the side to steal a glance at him, but when you do, he’s looking at you.

If that doesn’t make your heart race.

His eyes held pure happiness and it had your inside feeling shaky for obvious reasons.

“I’ve been thinking.” He says again, “Everyone’s been commenting about us.”

“I know.” You sigh, “But dating is complicated.”

“You say that like it’s a negative thing.”

“It sorta is.”

“Well, you’re complicated too.”

“How am I complicated?” You whine, slapping his arm lightly.

Yoongi ignores you, “But then again, so am I.”

“Where are you going with this?” It takes you a few seconds to realise what he’s saying, but you need the confirmation.

“Well mathematically speaking, since you said complicated is being negative. Two negatives make a positive. And I’m positive I want us to be official.”

“Yoongi. Oh my God.” You facepalm.

“I’m kidding.” He draws on.

“You are?” You ask, disappointment settles inside your gut and he sees this and that’s not what he meant because he’s frantically shaking his head.

“No, that’s not what I meant. I mean I’m kidding, I’ll ask you properly now.” Yoongi says, before he stutters over his words, because he has no idea how to say this.

You, however, find this situation to be too funny. So before you can stop yourself, you burst into a fit of laughter as Yoongi stares at you in confusion.

“I’m sorry, no it’s just that you’re so unbelievably hopeless. Hopeless in the best way possible, of course.”

“Right, but you like that, yeah?”

“Yeah, I love it.”

Yoongi stayed silent for a few seconds and you’re begin to grow worried that you said something wrong, but Yoongi smiles in reply.

“Shut up, you’re cute.”

“Did you mean that in a cheesy way? Because if you are, then you’re the cu-”

His lips slots themselves in between yours, the warmness and softness causing you to gasp in surprise before your lips follow along with the movement of his own. The kiss is gentle but thrilling enough to cause goosebumps to rise along your skin.

“Yoongi.” You mumble.

“Mhm, shh enjoy this with me.” Yoongi replies after pulling back from the kiss. His fingers loop in between yours before he turns to lie on his back and you find yourself mimicking his actions.

So the day ended perfectly with you completing everything you wanted in your bucket list, the final one, written in a tiny handwriting at the corner of the page on the last page.


‘yeah the sunset was nice but your face is brighter. and more beautiful. besides i only get to see the sunset once everyday. but i can see your your face whenever i want, any day and any time and i think that’s so much better.’


I made another pose back based on @cobraasims suggestion, here are some Best Friend Poses!

*you put two teleporters in the same place for each pose*

message me if there’s any issues.


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download x (no ad-fly, i hate it)

*also im always taking suggestions for new pose ideas, so dont be shy!*

my thoughts on 5sos not releasing an album yet

I understand why they are taking time making music and making sure it portrays the way they want it to lyrically. Songs don’t just come out of people’s ass, albums don’t just fall out of thin air. Even tho I think they said they were done writing it, even if they did or not the point is you can’t just put out an album after your done writing it. It’s like painting, you gotta tweak it to make sure its the way you want. There’s 4 of them and others writing it with them so thats alot of ideas on its own to work with. Some of the best albums take time.

Don’t imagine

Sitting between Ethan’s legs with your back pressed up against the couch as he plays video games with Gray. Don’t imagine listening to them bicker back and forth about the other cheating, and watching them throw popcorn at eachother. Don’t imagine Ethan resting his chin on top of your head and offering you the controller to which you gingerly take as you’re not really into video games. Don’t imagine Ethan watching as your eyes light up in excitemnt becuase you fluffing owned his ass in Mario Cart. Don’t imagine tickle fights as he insists that you cheated, that his controller died last minute, that he let you win, all just excuses so he can keep tickling you. Don’t imagine kissing his nose in peace offering and watching him roll his eyes in defeat.

Hey guys, so I reached 800 followers yesterday, which is AMAZING, and I can’t thank you enough for following me and this mess that is my blog. I love you all so much and want you to know that you can always talk to me whenever you feel like it. I decided to make a fandom family and a birthday page to celebrate this milestone with you all <3 


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I love that China knows everyone I’m imagining like a random kid on streets causing trouble and China going “Timmy stop it” or “Darrel file your taxes” as he takes his walks

China is everyone Old Grandpa pretty much.

So, I like to imagine that all the countries have their own little house/apartment. in each other’s countries and China has this little place in NY where he spends his days lounging out the window eating snacks while yelling at people that he sees walks by. So yeah, he knows everyone and isn’t afraid to call them out on something.

tag time!

tagged by my bby’s @fadedforyou and @rawrzimon, let’s do thisss

Were you named after anyone?

my middle name (delana) came from my maternal grandmother

When was the last time you cried?

couple nights ago, unpleasant intrusive thoughts

Do you like your handwriting?

yeah i do, i am always the person in a group project that has to write everything down.

What’s your favorite lunch meat?

smoked turkey!

Do you have kids?


If you were a different person, would you be friends with you?

i would be, yes. i also like kam’s answer saying she’s already friends with herself, i totally agree. i love being my own best friend, i am never truly alone because i always have myself.

Do you use sarcasm?


Do you still have your tonsils?


Would you bungee jump?

fuccckkkkkkkk no. 

What’s your favorite cereal?

cocoa pebbles.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

i’m usually wearing flip flops, flats, or a pair of shoes that are always tied in a way that makes it easy for me to slip them on. so nah, i don’t.

Do you think you are a strong person?

i guess in some ways i am, or i can be when i have to be.

What’s your favorite ice cream?

chocolate. just chocolate.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

eyebrows, smile, hair.

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

i hate my double chin.

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

black leggings, no shoes.

What are you listening to right now?

the episode of always sunny where charlie takes a “smart pill.”

“stupid science bitch couldn’t even make i more smarter!”

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?


Favorite smell?


Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?

a geico insurance agent

Favorite sport to watch?

baseball or hockey.

Hair color?

dark brown

Eye color?

sometimes they are a light blueish green, sometimes they are a darker forest green.

Do you wear contacts?

fuckkkk no. my glasses add to my charm and contacts are a hassle.

Favorite food?


anonymous asked:

Ballsy move man. Ballsy move. You went and blackmailed my friend and made them emotionally distraught so they'd quit their blog and you make your own flourish. And don't think that some of your followers don't know. WE DO. We just keep quiet. People who know what I'm taking about, keep quiet. We don't want this person blocking you and blocking the truth just because you wanted to help out.

Wait..who did I blackmail? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt anyone but I’m not sure who we’re talking about?

Rhi => Mope

[ Well you left the server, good job! You kicked Riz’s ass only to have everyone look at like you’re a violent idiot. Someone to be avoided and hated. Made your stomach hurt, worse than the bruise on it. You fucked up, letting your emotions get to you in such a large wave.

There was no excuse for getting into a fight and once Porrim finds out she’ll most likely have Ariell taken to you ex’s just so she doesn’t get bad habits. You rest a hand on your stomach, taking a deep breath before letting out a heavy sigh.

Tears were bubbling in the corners of your eyes, you use your free hand to carelessly wipe them away. You tried to rationalize your actions in your own head, all you can stir up is Riz made a comment at the wrong time. You were drunk, you’re still in heat, you lashed out cause it was the only way to really let the bottled emotions out.

It’s more than those emotions, stuff deeper that you’ve been holding for a long while. You could feel the sob bubbling in your chest and sits up, making a sore pain throb from your bruise. 

The air gets cold and you don’t even have to glance to the left to know Kurloz is over your shoulder.

This guy was smug as ever that you beat up some rustblood, made you want to take all you did back even more. Urgh.

You’re sore, tired, and depressed. Along with horny, but thanks to the heat, not the situation. You groan and lay back, covering your face with a pillow. ]

I see so many people complaining about “oh, the fest skins are horrible, I hate them”. boo-fucking-hoo, the artists probably worked hard on them, and all you’re going to do is bash them. if you don’t like the skins, don’t buy ‘em. simple as that, buddy. if you have such high standards for skins, go commission someone to make you a custom skin, or make your own fest skin. just don’t complain, please. it takes all the fun out of it for others if all you do is whine.

(anyways, I actually think the skins are pretty good for this year!! especially the bone garden one!)

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I teared up at your Styx piece. In a good way! I'm just- I'm so happy to see the two of them, their friendship makes me so so happy and he's leaving the Underworld but not her and he built her a home and I'm so so glad to have gotten to read all of your stories. I love that Hephasteus builds his own legs, ones that he can run and jump on, I love that Styx wants desperately for him to stay with her but would never even conceive of trying to make him and I just love the two of them a lot??

thank you so much!!! i’m so happy you liked it, thank you for taking the time to send this to me <3 <3 <3

I mean honestly only Robert could be dishing out wise, useful, healthy advice while his own life is currently in the direction of literal hell… like his stability is hanging on by a fingernail, he’s falling apart at the seams and seducing the father of the woman who’s carrying his child in the midst of a major meltdown but there’s always time to take his lost lgbt siblings under his wing and guide them to a world where living your best gay life is necessary. 

On the terrace of a building that’s not your home
someone writes your name on a wall.
They do not know you
and neither do you.

Right now you’re lying on the kitchen floor,
it’s the morning after you fell in love
and I know none of what I write
will reach you on time.

Remember we can only beat one heart in this life.
So when they give you theirs, wrapped
in a cloth the color of forgiveness,
remember to choose your own.

Dawn breaks every day inside of you
and it hurts,
it really hurts.

But hope has never left you.
Even after they come and go
after they treat your body like a revolving door.
There’s something they’ll never take from you.
Something, you’ll know to never give.

Someone writes your name on every wall they find,
and I hope one day
you make your way to them.

Something both of us deserved, Alaska Gold.

Also, on “yes, affective empathy sometimes matters”

Look at this Myeshia Johnson thing.

45 followed a moral rule (albeit very reluctantly), and called Ms. Johnson to offer condolences. Before doing this, he asked Gen. Kelly what to say, and Gen. Kelly said that when his own son died at war, the person consoling him said something like “your son knew the risks and chose to take them. He died surrounded by his friends,” and that he (Gen. Kelly) found this comforting.

45 called, and mistranslated this into “sorry about your guy” (rather than something like “my condolences for the loss of your husband”) and “he knew what he signed up for, but it’s still hard” (rather than listening to Myeshia and thinking about what it might help her to hear.) Both Congresswoman Wilson and now Ms. Johnson according to the WaPo, found 45’s words and tone dismissive and hurtful.

I’m not saying people who rely mainly on rules all do this, but I am saying that i think when people on here characterize affective empathy as, like, blubbering so hard you can’t take any action or only caring about your close kin group, they’re missing how emotional intelligence can matter in interactions.

Day 3, time to talk about your main characters, again. Answer those questions for all your main characters.

  • what does your characters wear? how would they describe their fashion?
  • what’s the oldest item of clothing they own and why do they still keep it? 
  • where do they buy their clothes? (how is it made? for the non modern universes)
  • what’s in their pockets/bags? what would they take with them everywhere if they could?
  • a color they would never ever wear unless. 

planning bonus:

write down a timeline of your project using dates. then place characters’ birthdays, anniversaries and local events on that timeline. write down any age related laws in your universe and compare them to your characters’ ages. see where the dates of different events might cause a problem to your plot and brainstorm your way out. 


If you’re an artist and I constantly praise your art I want you to know i’m not trying to be annoying or even get anything from you (like a shot out) but I legitimely inspired by your work to not just take some of your style and use it in my own, but just keep up like?? Yes i wanna be like them i’ll take 100 please and thank you

(i’ll just tag one person because i’m still 110% afraid of being TOO clingy with other artists @kittehcups )