Takatsugu Kuriyama

Lifeline of a City

For many urban-dwellers, the subway is a vital part of our everyday lives. Sure, there are taxis, buses, bikes (and you can even walk if you really wanted to), but the subway system will forever be the most vital nerve of a city. Artist Takatsugu Kuriyama’s installation is a representation of one of the busiest subway systems, Tokyo, and displays it as a swirling set of tubes, pulsating with coloured fluids, like blood in our veins.

All the tunnels are shown, and it is amazing to see how they overlap, giving us an idea of how we travel within an urban space. There is a distinct artistic beauty in this urban landscape, that we never actually get to see, only experience.

The fluidity of the liquids in the tubes is even reminiscent of all the people, flowing in and out of the subway trains and stations. A visual representation of the inner-workings of a bustling metropolis!

-Anna Paluch