Takashi Shimizu


Takashi Shimizu is baaaaack with ‘Little Nightmares’, aka 'こどもつかい’!
“A suburban town is shaken by a series of mysterious child disappearances, and suspicious adult deaths. A rumor begins to spread on the internet that any adult who suddenly encounters a returned “child” will die mysteriously three days later. Local newspaper reporter Shunya Ezaki refuses to believe that children are killing adults, and begins to investigate the truth behind the strange deaths. Who on earth is “Kodomo Tsukai”? And what kind of dark fate do the abducted children drag their adult victims toward?”


“When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse gathers in that place of death. Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.”

-The Grudge (2004)

Countdown to Halloween | The Grudge (2004)

It is said in Japan that when a person dies in extreme sorrow or rage the emotion remains becoming a stain upon that place. The memory of what happened repeats itself there. Death becomes a part of that place, killing everything it touches. Once you become a part of it, it will never let you go.