Print ad for Takara’s Magneborg Death Cross and Machinezaurer.

What’s worth noting here is that, in addition to the rubber suits built for commercials, both toys shared a really unique gimmick. In the ads, Takara encouraged children to decide for themselves which of the two was the true hero and/or villain. I always admire toy companies that encourage kids imaginations.

Which is great because, come on. Death Cross? Totally the bad guy here.

EDIT: The best part of this, according to ally-in-arms @tokugami​, Machinezaurer had a Go Nagai manga and tie-in theme song! 


26-year-old Takara with her 7-year-old daughter Sakari, her 3-year-old calf Kamea and her nearly 2 week old calf. This is a matriline. This is the most prominent feature of orca life and this is what the breeding ban takes away. Sakari, Kamea and especially this new calf are doomed to live in stunted social situations because activists believe they would be better off never having lived than living in human care. They could have started their own matrilines, have their own calves to protect, nurture and teach. Themselves and their calves could have educated and inspired thousands to protect their wild counterparts. They could have informed scientists about the secrets of orca life, biology and cognition. Instead Sakari, Kamea and this calf get to watch as their social groups dwindle one by one till no one is left. The social diversity of the rest of these animals’ lives will be similar to what it was in the 80′s and 90′s when pod structure was unnatural and forced. It’s sad to realize this is the last time a group of SeaWorld’s whales will be able to live in a naturalistic, diverse social structure. 

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After more than a year of waiting, the final orca to be born at a SeaWorld park made its arrival. At 3:30 p.m. EDT on April 19th, the calf was delivered to 25 year old Takara in front of a waiting staff at SeaWorld San Antonio. The baby appears to be doing well and is swimming with and nursing from their mother. Hopes are certainly high that the calf will survive this critical time in its life.

The mother, Takara, is certainly not new to raising calves. She has previously had six calves (counting the most recent), but only three of them are with her today. One of the babies was a miscarriage, and the other two, Trua and Kohana, were separated from her and sent to different parts of the globe.

Although the birth of a baby is certainly a wondrous thing, this moment is also bittersweet. On one hand this is the last killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld park, but on the other all this calf was brought into a life of captivity, something that has been proven time and time again to be tortuous to such intelligent animals. Even still, we must remain hopeful that one day captive orcas from across the globe will once again feel the ocean on their backs in a seaside sanctuary, a place where cetaceans can experience their natural habitat whilst still being under the care of humans. It’ll take a lot of advocacy, hard work, and dedication, but we will not give up. Let’s get to work!

PC: SeaWorld


As a few of you know I’m enamored by Licca dolls, having a few of the Japanese import and some licca head azone hybrids

So let me tell you I never expected to find any in the wild
I hold out a faint hope and eyeball at conventions but It seems those venues only ever have figurines not the popular Japanese icon

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found a whole row of vintage Jenny dolls at Craftiques(flea market trader like space)

Jenny for those unfamiliar is also a Takara doll with a similar face up. The sister brand to Licca

I was boggled and floored and really it was only the slightly unflattering fashions of the time that prevented me from buying the whole row

The whole stand was half off and I found this totally modern Licca there as well!
Got the Licca for around 13 when she’s on amazon and eBay for like 40- 50
She’s the 2016 one that partnered with a fashion magazine

Mostly I’m just still reeling
Where did they come from? Did the seller buy them online? Estate sale? Did they live in Japan? I’ll never know
But it was so cool