The Japanese Super Famicom version of Fatal Fury Special is pretty great. Specifically that one, none of the other SNES versions of the game have the following.

This version has a thing where if you hold Heavy Kick down for a while (roughly 5 seconds) and release, you’ll get a special move without having to do the motion for it.

If you hold HK down for longer, you’ll get a different move.

It basically allows you to bypass any restrictions you might have on being able to perform a special move, including but not limited to:

Most importantly, there’s Jubei. One of the moves Jubei can perform like this is a command grab, a command grab that is USUALLY only supposed to be able to come out when he’s right next to his opponent. 

Instead, his command grab works no matter what when it’s performed this way. It doesn’t matter where the opponent is or what they’re doing, they’ll get grabbed. 

It’s a shame that this was patched out of every other SNES version. 

Actually, maybe it isn’t.


As a few of you know I’m enamored by Licca dolls, having a few of the Japanese import and some licca head azone hybrids

So let me tell you I never expected to find any in the wild
I hold out a faint hope and eyeball at conventions but It seems those venues only ever have figurines not the popular Japanese icon

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found a whole row of vintage Jenny dolls at Craftiques(flea market trader like space)

Jenny for those unfamiliar is also a Takara doll with a similar face up. The sister brand to Licca

I was boggled and floored and really it was only the slightly unflattering fashions of the time that prevented me from buying the whole row

The whole stand was half off and I found this totally modern Licca there as well!
Got the Licca for around 13 when she’s on amazon and eBay for like 40- 50
She’s the 2016 one that partnered with a fashion magazine

Mostly I’m just still reeling
Where did they come from? Did the seller buy them online? Estate sale? Did they live in Japan? I’ll never know
But it was so cool