Print ad for Takara’s Magneborg Death Cross and Machinezaurer.

What’s worth noting here is that, in addition to the rubber suits built for commercials, both toys shared a really unique gimmick. In the ads, Takara encouraged children to decide for themselves which of the two was the true hero and/or villain. I always admire toy companies that encourage kids imaginations.

Which is great because, come on. Death Cross? Totally the bad guy here.

EDIT: The best part of this, according to ally-in-arms @tokugami​, Machinezaurer had a Go Nagai manga and tie-in theme song! 


26-year-old Takara with her 7-year-old daughter Sakari, her 3-year-old calf Kamea and her nearly 2 week old calf. This is a matriline. This is the most prominent feature of orca life and this is what the breeding ban takes away. Sakari, Kamea and especially this new calf are doomed to live in stunted social situations because activists believe they would be better off never having lived than living in human care. They could have started their own matrilines, have their own calves to protect, nurture and teach. Themselves and their calves could have educated and inspired thousands to protect their wild counterparts. They could have informed scientists about the secrets of orca life, biology and cognition. Instead Sakari, Kamea and this calf get to watch as their social groups dwindle one by one till no one is left. The social diversity of the rest of these animals’ lives will be similar to what it was in the 80′s and 90′s when pod structure was unnatural and forced. It’s sad to realize this is the last time a group of SeaWorld’s whales will be able to live in a naturalistic, diverse social structure. 


Spaceling Issue #3: Redemption

“After Utopix’s incident, he is taken to Georgine’s house in a somewhat mysterious room. Makena plans to take Utopix out shopping but his face might be recognize after the previous events. Is this his way to redemption? And.. who is looking for him so desperately?”

Co-written by @illuminaticompass and @brieortiz

Issue #1 Issue #2

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