Live Cafe Demonstration Tour「Fukkoku from 2007.05.24」
at. Tokyo 2017.05.28

The clothes that members used on today’s live were the same as the ones from 10 years ago!

Telepathy02.Smile ichiban ii Onna
04.Ippatsu gyakuten Rennai Game
05.Tekesuta Kousen -Anti Aging Ver.-
06.Orange Dream
07.Nyappy in the World 2
08.DUCK no Magical Adventure
09.Maple Gunman
11.Snow Scene
12.BondS Kizuna
01.Meguri Aeta Kiseki
02.Laugh Song

Fanfic. Kind of a character study. Takaido/Sid, during Duelist Kingdom.

Not good enough. He was never good enough.

Takaido skipped another rock over the clear surface of the lake water, with hints of satisfaction watching it jump a good number of times before sinking to the bottom. He scooped up another, though the action of throwing pebbles were failing to relieve his irritation as he’d been hoping it would. No, he was only getting more frustrated by the moment. He threw the next one in his hand, though it only got one jump more than the last one.

At least he was ‘good enough’ at something.

'Not good enough’ was his most hated phrase. He wasn’t good enough to get out of the house of his own free will, get into a decent medical college, and live on his own. He wasn’t good enough to get a job that didn’t require being surrounded by people who were better than he was. He wasn’t good enough to play a damn children’s card game on his own without advice from his no-good, insultingly American dirt bag of a boss, right down to having to be told to draw a card.

The other two were apparently 'good enough’ to be more independent, apparently. And one of the two was a three-foot nothing, slightly creepy little ghost boy no older than eleven or twelve whose main interests concerned things that were buried six feet under, while the other was a bumbling doofus who still didn’t know how to tie his shoes. What was Takaido, then? He was smarter than Satake, but not as smart as Ghost. He was stronger than Ghost, but not as strong as Satake. Keith outdid all three of them in the department of… well, everything. Takaido was essentially just… there. He didn’t serve to protect the group or be the gang’s most intelligent member, he was just there.

The closest thing Takaido probably had to a talent in their eyes was rock-skipping.

He skipped another, watching it jump more times and get closer to the center of the lake than the others had gotten. As nice as this island was, Takaido couldn’t wait to leave. Most of his insecurities were easier to brush off back home, apparently- probably because back home he at least had the advantage of knowing his way around better than the other three did. Here he didn’t have a damn clue where anything was, and the only reason he hadn’t been tossed off the island was because he was with the gang.

He heard his name called by a familiar, ordinarily quiet and slightly eerie voice, making him fumble with the next rock. Takaido spat out a curse, which made the one calling him jump. As the redhead turned around to look at the little ghost boy, he tried not to be tempted to wail on the little monster.

“The boss was looking for you…” Ghost said, almost looking worried.

Takaido shoved his hands in his pockets and followed the kid back to the rest of the gang. As much as he felt he wasn’t really needed, he at least liked Ghost and Satake. Ghost wasn’t a bad kid at all once you got to know him, and Satake… well, Takaido felt like Einstein in comparison. He figured he might as well stick around for those two.

Before long, Satake and Keith came into view: “What is it, boss?” Takaido asked.