Moments when Yuko trolls Takamina during the 10th anniversary open festival and AKB theater 10th anniversary live where she ‘congratulates’ Takamina for her graduation, when it actually isn’t yet.

Because Takamina’s graduation was originally planned to be on the 10th anniversary, Yuko keeps saying “Takamina sotsugyou omedetou! Bye bye!” with Takamina constantly reminding that the actual graduation is in March the following year. I luv how the other graduates and veteran members join Yuko whenever she says it.

Oh Yuko, that mischievous squirrel. XDD


AKB48 Shinoda Mariko Graduation Song: “Namida no Sei Janai” requested by anon

“Go ahead and shed the tears you’ve stored up in your heart
Leave that burden behind, for the sake of your future…
Your footprints are still brilliant
They will act as encouragement for those who will follow”