Takahashi Minami’s Graduation Stage Speech(es) (16.04.08)

I suddenly remembered what Oshima Yuuko told me after she graduated.
“The saddest thing… isn’t to be graduating from AKB48… The saddest thing is to be graduating from the theater”. 
I now understood the meaning of those words.
Although not on a daily basis, for ten years I could stand in this theater, perform in this stage and grow up with all of you fans who came to see us. I’m really grateful. 
It’s called a ‘special stage performance’, it’s the last one, so I was allowed to perform all the songs I like the most. 
It might be only self satisfaction, however I really enjoyed it. …I really did.
With today, I really feel like there are no more things I’ve left behind. I did everything there was to do. 
Throughout these 10 years,
I’ve not only experienced fun things,
but also harsh and difficult things, crying a lot. Maybe are more the times in which I cried… However, even during the tough times I was able to confront myself. 
“Why have I come so far since I entered AKB48?”, the answer to that is… 
This might sound hypocritical, however it really, truly was because you fans were here. 
Truly, if you guys weren’t here I wouldn’t have done my best. 
You always asked me if I ever thought to truly quit. However, often were the times in which I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore but that I couldn’t tell you and at those times, you guys’ words such as “Are you OK?” really, really led me standing here today. 
Gosh… There’s really nothing much to say…
We really talked about many things, however the reason why, in the end, I’ll end up being no longer “Takamina” but “Takahashi Minami” is because of this theater. I’m entirely grateful to these 10 years. They made me the happiest. I wanna thank all the people that have supported me so far, I wanna thank all the people of the staff who have supported the 48groups, and thank You (turning to the members) for having followed me during the time I turned General Manager……
You guys, really…. Came to talk to me a lot, and you got mad at me …. I really feel sorry about that….
But… It is thanks to all of you that listened to me, that paid attention to what I said, that we could be able to do all of this so far. 
To be handing over to Yokoyama the position of General Manager at this timing… I honestly feel deeply sorry. But, something that I’ve realized is that time won’t stop flowing. Since when I was 14 until today that I turned 25 years old, I kept moving, time kept flowing, and although I thought, “I wanna stay in AKB48 forever”, one day time for graduation must come. It’s sad, however these 10 years of mine, throughout which I’ve had the chance to meet these members to whom I’ll be leaving all of this now, are my trasure. 
By entrusting the future of the group to the remaining members, I’d like to keep moving on on my own too. I want to be of example for the remaining younger members. 

―After “Sakura no hanabiratachi”

(To the graduated members) Thank you y’all for coming. I’m sorry…
These really were 10 happy years. Everyone here graduated before me… As though I didn’t want to lose to them I’ve been running, hurrying until this day. Actually, it is true that I’ve kept running throughout these 10 years. However, I’m not willing to stop hereafter, I’m willing to keep running, always. (To the audience) Everyone, please follow me. ‘Cause if you all will be with me, I know I can go anywhere. Really, thank you to all the people that have been supporting me. 

Also, AKB48, thank you for the past 10 years. 

― No3b on stage…
Nyan-Nyan: Is it over?
Minegishi: It is…
Minami: to leave the two of you behind is really hard… as same generation members…
Nyan-nyan: *wiping tears*
Minegishi: I think Kojima-san is the one who’s gonna take it the hardest, here… I can keep doing my best still for a little longer, here, but she… I think she’s gonna have some troubles very soon… 
Nyan-nyan: What should I do?
Minami: During solo handshake events are you with anyone?
Nyan-nyan: I’m not…
Minegishi: Well then, I’ll do my best to become more popular so that we’ll be together…
Nyan-nyan: Thank you…
Minegishi: Sorry for going back home always before you…
Minami: I really didn’t mean to graduate before you two…
Minegishi: But Takamina’s last speech was shorter than we expected, wasn’t it?
Nyan-nyan: Yeah…
Minami: For the first time in my life- nah, that sounds weird… Today all I wanted to say became just 100% clearer than all the things I’ve been saying here lately… Like, I actually wanted to say something. I wanted to say many things. Actually, I made notes of all the things I wanted to say. This is really the last time… Like, as I said before, in a sense I’m really gonna be no longer “Takamina” and only “Takahashi Minami”, and that’s I think because I’ve been standing on this theater’s stage since when I was 14. I really wish for it to keep being here, this theater, from now in the future. I really feel like I was kinda born in this theater. I really won’t be able to come back here to stand back here, however I wanna come to see y’all. I wanna come to see you. I wanna sit there, normally, and look at this theater. Look at those pink tapes and see 20-30 of them. Seeing members that don’t even know about me performing. I wish for such an AKB48 to keep being here. I really had fun. So much fun. Honestly, when I had to sing “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” acappella I thought, “What am I gonna do if I’ll start crying and won’t be able to sing it!?” but, I was just able to perform it. I have no regrets. Starting tomorrow, I’m gonna do my best as Takahashi Minami. Everyone, thank you so much for today. 

※I did this all by listening to her/them talking and I’m not a native Japanese speaker so please pardon me if there are any mistakes. 

Takahashi Minami’s speech (16.03.27)

This is it, isn’t it. The last scene of me you’re seeing here.

The very first thing for which I started to work hard in my whole life was AKB48. 

Since I was 14 years old, for 10 years. I’m 24 now. Many things happened.

Joyful things, tough things. The encounter of many members. And the departure with just as many. I, who was being left behind. I shed so, so many tears. 

「 つらいなら辞めればいい」
“If it’s too hard, then just leave”

That’s what my mother told me once.

But, the reason why I didn’t leave that time, it’s because I really loved AKB.

The me who was doing her best, the me who was struggling, she loved AKB.

That’s why I thought I wanted to be always in this group. I thought I wanted to be always together with the members.

But, I realized that’s something impossible.

Right because I love it, I have got to move on.

This is what my dear friends and members who have graduated before me have taught me.

There are still many things that I want to try to do. I want to challenge myself.

That’s why, with today I want to stop looking back at these 10 years. Let’s move forward. 

Throughout the path I’m going to walk now, I think there will be many things that will discourage me, tough circumstances due to my own helplessness but, if I look at my back, I’ll find many of my trusted friends and many junior members. And to those girls, I wanna be of good example. 

That’s why, please let me promise something.

I, Takahashi Minami, just after my graduation, will definitely prove that “Efforts will always be rewarded”. That will be my repayment for AKB. 

You people’s kind voices and warmth have been supporting me for 10 years. I think I wouldn’t be here now if you people’s voices hadn’t been there. 

I sincerely thank you for coming here despite the cold and for loving the 48 group. 

Also, I thank all the members who’ve always listened to my long speeches. 

To the stage team, thank you for providing us such a beautiful place.

To the costume ・ Make-up team, thank you very much for always making us such beautiful costumes and for always getting us ready to be idols.

To the Making of ・ movie team, I’m sorry for being always hard on you/having a bad attitude with you. It’s thanks to the movies y’all filmed if we can also keep these memories. Thank you. 

About the staff ・ managers team, they’re a bunch of weirdos.

Although they didn’t give the image of any real staff or manager member, I truly loved these people who worked so hard and did their best for us. Really, thank you.

Lastily. To Akimoto-sensei, thank you very much for creating such a great group.  

I was happy. 

I’ll sing with all my feelings of gratitude. Senaka Kotoba. 

Acchan’s Instagram:

Tomorrow is,
Takamina’s birthday, and the day she is graduating from AKB48.
In the 金スマ broadcast tomorrow,
I was told by the program staff that I have an irreplaceable position in AKB’s Takahashi Minami’s journey, and that made me teared. 
I was really touched by Takamina’s past, which I didn’t know.
There’s going to be live (from theater) during the program too. 
For AKB48′s Takahashi Minami’s last,
What a day will it be.
We had been saying this everyday, and now we can really feel it.

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