gay scale
  • viktor: can turn anyone gay but is only gay 4 yuri
  • chris: is gay for the fun of it
  • yuri: turned gay when 12 when looking at viktor
  • yurio: didn't know he was gay until otabek
  • otabek: is the gayest punk ass skater and likes guys that like cats
  • phichit: instagrams about how he ships his guy friends together--while also looking for his own boyfriend
  • jj: is only straight cause no guy would date him
  • popovich: turned gay cause girlfriend dumped him
  • minami: a bisexaul cinnamon rol that is gay for older guys.
  • ji: looks innocent but is crazy for dick
  • lee: is an asshole but also likes to penetrate guys assholes'
  • michele: likes guys and is jealous when his sister flirts with guys because he likes them
  • nekola: only joined ice skating because he likes cock
  • omiki: pays guys to suck his dic
  • hikaru: has a twin brother, obviously, and likes to fuck him.
What YOI says when they're drunk
  • Yurio: I was kind of getting sick of hearing Victor and Yuuri talk about their relationship, but then I remembered alcohol existed. *takes a swing of champagne* Thanks, alcohol.
  • Victor: You know what's thirsty? You know what's weird? How thirsty I get when I'm weird— when I'm drunk.
  • Yuuri: When I look at my palm, I see a lady's mouth french kissing a dog, is that weird?
  • Otabek: Altins have a preternaturally high tolerance for alcohol. My old man used to put Wild Turkey on his corn flakes.
  • JJ: My teeth are blue ... blueberries are alcoholic ... I was just saying to Victor that my dog's Jewish
  • Leo: Harry Truman was a guy, 'Merica, Red China, all the countries, other people, everything is fun.
  • Phichit: You guys are gonna fit in so great in Thailand. Most of Congress is drunk all the time
  • Christophe: Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets
  • Ji: Alcohol is fun and delicious.
  • Michele: Careful. The floor and the wall just switched.
  • Minami: Everybody pants now! pants, pants, pants!
  • Seung Gil: Yeah! screw them all! lets burn this place to the ground!
  • Emil: BA-BA-BOOEY
  • Georgi: I'm gonna order 3 course meal where each course is made of dessert

AKB48 38th Single: “Kibouteki Refrain” requested by anon

“Every time I take a breath
I fall in love with you again
An unending refrain
I fall in love with you
A hopeful refrain”