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Manpei: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, did you watch it? Shinpei and I watched it together (w). I’m not used to hearing my own voice as Yuuto yet. m(__)m Be sure to watch next week too!



A translation of an interview from Pia (2012.07.06)

Popular Anime “Code Geass” Turned Into an All Male Cast Musical

Following the April performance of “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion A Prelude Dedicated to the Demon” a musical version was put on by an all male cast. The story is a new story that takes place between the first season and the second season. The main character Lelouch, performed by Takagi Shinpei and his younger sister Euphemia, performed by Mikami Shun talks about this play.

With a planned movie set to be in theatres in August, “Code Geass” is a very popular anime with a strong group of fans. Despite being the prince of the Britannian Empire, Lelouch is a dark hero who uses supernatural powers and robots to rebel against the Britannian Empire. This story combines the theme of a school drama with entertainment. Unlike the play performed in April, the musical will be different. This will be a “Code Geass” that mixes music and dance to express light and dark. Also in choosing an all male cast, it mimicked the Takarazuka Revue. There is a sense of fantasy with the males playing the females roles.

Takagi who has seen the anime comments on it being turned into a musical.

“The fights amongst the robots is a highlights but I found the relationship between the people more appealing.” He wants people to focus on the way the characters were expressed.

Mikami added, “I want to be able to express the character’s emotions well”. The musical version deeply expresses the human events.

Mikami was asked to comment on playing a female character. “From the point of view of the anime fan, I received quite the shock when I found out the cast was all male. But, I don’t want you to see me as a male.” With confidence Mikami added, “In the troupe that I am in, I often play female roles so I don’t feel pressure. I want to be able to express Euphemia’s cute and sincere feeling.” Takagi put his seal of approval by saying, “He’s very beautiful in that dress. It really feels like there’s a female here.”

What extent of effort did you put in preparing for this role?

“I am aware that this is an anime that has many fans. When I watch the DVD, I studied how the characters sit, where they put their hands and their casual gestures.”

Mikami adds, “And these small gestures will be seen in our acting. But of course it is also important not to too caught up with the original”

Takagi agrees. “I want to make this something only I can do, so in a good way I am defiant. I will give all my best performing this”

Mikami adds, “there will be dance and song, we want to show you a version of “Code Geass” that can only been seen in the musical.”

This play will be performed until July 7th (Sun) at the Tenozu Galaxy Theatre. You can buy tickets at the door.

Takagi Shinpei and his new BFF ~ As they wrote on their blogs. We go home together, we eat together, we’re great friends. 

Oh you two. So cute


Takagi Manpei and Shinpei, twin voice actors who voice Yuuto and Yuugo respectively, were interviewed on the 8/2 episode of Animemashite. You can watch it on Youtube right here, starting from the 3:33 mark! Catch it quick, it’ll only be available until 15/2.

During their segment, they talked about their experience so far as voice actors. I’ve tried my best to transcribe what they said down below. I kinda omitted some of the hosts’ questions (sorry (・・;)) and a few inconsequential bits but kept all the fun and relevant stuff! 

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