Takagi Manpei


Haruhi: This is Arai, a friend from junior high.
Haruhi: These 2 are my current classmates, Hikaru and Kaoru.
Twins: Hell-o.
Haruhi: Then, this is..
Tamaki *inner mind theatre*: “A gentle senior you can rely on.” Or “An amazing fatherly senior.” OR. OR!!!
Haruhi: A senior from my school club.
Tamaki: Just that? There should be more. Not just a regular senior right.
Haruhi: Then… someone I know.
Tamaki: D'OH! *faints*
Haruhi: Can you not squat there and tear paper?
Tamaki: Ignore me, I’m just SOMEONE YOU KNOW.


The second installment of the series that gave Ouran High School a heart boner. Haruhi Potter is starting her second year at Ouranwarts, a magical school filled with rich people. But a secret plot is brewing…Deep in the music room of the school, the Chamber of Hot Men is about to be opened…who knows what sexy horrors lurk within its depths? It’s up to Haruhi Potter, and her friends Hikaru and Kaoru Weasley to find out.

(I’m taking the book names off the list from the episode two Nipplechat archive, if you’re wondering. X3 http://ouranliveaction.tumblr.com/nipplechatep2)