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What it's like to be in a poly relationship with Mondo and Kiyotaka?

The bromance is real

Request: Mondo Owada x S/O x Kiyotaka Ishimaru Relationship HCs

  • Mondo of course would be the more relaxed one in the relationship
  • And more open to PDA
  • Though on the most part he likes to hold your hand and have his arm around Taka
  • Taka will protest of course
  • Taka feels it’s his duty to make you two happy
  • So he’ll do most chores, cooking etc.
  • Though you and Mondo do pamper him now and again
  • He’s such a workaholic though most of the time pampering comes late in the evening
  • He always feels the need to be doing something
  • Because of this Mondo will often be holding him beside him
  • It takes a lot of persuasion to get him to relax
  • But once he does there’s lots of cuddles between the three of you
  • Mondo especially likes to have an arm around both of you at the same time
  • Likes to be giving kisses mostly but he loves to watch when you and Taka are affectionate together
  • As long as he’s not left out
  • He also sleeps like a champion
  • So often it takes both you and Taka to get him out of bed in the mornings