Taipa Island

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Hi, I'm currently doing a year abroad in Macao, and I was trying to plan my trips in Asia, do you have any recommendations of places to see in this area? (I'm sorry if you already gave recommendations to Asia, I tried to look it up on your blog but I didn't find anything). Thank you! Love your blog is honestly an inspiration for a young architecture student!

Macau is situated on the south coast of China about 37 miles (60 kilometers) west of Hong Kong and 90 miles (145 kilometers) south of Guangzhou [still known to some in the west as Canton].It consists of three parts: a 2.1 square mile peninsula of mainland China on which the city of Macau is located, and two islands, Taipa, joined to the peninsula by two bridges (1974 and 1994), and Coloane, attached to Taipa by a shorter causeway. A third bridge to link Taipa directly with the nearby Zhuhai Special Economic Zone on the mainland will open early in the third millennium.

Here are some of the important buildings of Macau:

Ruins of St. Paul’s and Historical Center

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