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Hey guys! I’m still out on my business trip but I couldn’t resist trying to type this up (darn phone DX) and I figured it would be fun to do! Hope y'all get a kick out of these! X3


Looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: Getaway

Looks like he could kill you but is a cinnamon roll: Ten, Ultra Magnus/Minimus Ambus, Cyclonus

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Rung, Brainstorm, Tailgate

Looks like he could kill you and will kill you: Whirl

SINnamon roll: Rodimus, Skids

Happy birthday @xyle!!!! I hope you have a amazing day!! :D

Cyclonus was waiting for Tailgate at Swerve’s, sitting at one of the tables, drinking a little to keep himself distracted. Why did he needs a distractions? Because waiting in that loud place was irritating, and not because he needed a distraction to stop looking at the door to see if Tailgate had arrive.

The minibot was meeting him there so he can take him to a more private place for some singing lessons that Tailgate has asked for. When the minibot asked for more lessons he couldn’t say no, he didn’t want to make him sad. He thought he was immune to it, he used to be, but something changed and now Cyclonus couldn’t help staring at the door while he waited, it wasn’t like he was nervous, why would he? It wasn’t something they hadn’t do in the past, he teach Tailgate how to sing in the past, but that was before they started this… thing.

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Hey I just wanted to join in the fun with Silver! I did my own interpretation. I’ll do different characters tomorrow ^.^

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: Brainstorm

Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung

Looks like they could kill you, but is a cinnamon roll: Ten, Ultra Magnus, Skids

Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Cyclonus, Whirl

SINnamon roll: Getaway

This is just me having fun, Silver’s opinion is just as valid!!

“Why is there romance in Transformers? Robots don’t sexually pro-create and hence have no need for it!”

Hey, pst, pst; buddy… got a Fresh Idea for ya

You can have romantic relationships……….. without sex