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The Dragon...

Last year marked my first visit to the Tail of the Dragon, otherwise known as Hwy 129 between Tennessee and North Carolina.  It is a specific part of that highway that calls motorcyclists, car enthusiasts, and people who want to try their skill on 318 turns in 11 miles. To be fair, its not for the faint heart.  It is a dangerous part of road that has seen its fair share of accidents and sadly, fatalities.

With that said, to come out the other side and know that you have just done that route, there is a fair sense of accomplishment.  The first time I rode the Dragon was at night and after riding 650 miles to get there.  When I tell peopleI who have been to the Dragon this…they look at me and go are you nuts??  I guess part of me says yes as we really shouldn't have done it, but guy mentality won out. Now I can say that I have done it when few dare to do so and tamed the Dragon for that brief time.  I rode it several times after that while we were there, and on one run, I was alone with the Dragon, no one to catch up to and no one to push me from behind.  That was pure riding, testing your skills and actually being able to enjoy it. For that one run…almost zen like bliss.

You can never conquer the Dragon.  It is too big and mean to ever be conquered.  But you can tame it, for brief moments, until you both realize that the battle continues next time with healthy respect from both sides.  In May, myself and my stalwart Bonnie will return to tame the Dragon again and push ourselves.  

I can’t wait!

Here endeth the lesson…


US Highway 129 “Tail of the Dragon” (Preview Video)

Here is a quick edit of some of my US Highway 129 or “Trail of the Dragon” video.

Thanks to Kent/Troy for encouraging me to mount the camera facing back.  After reviewing the footage I wish I had mounted my other camera down low or tried a view more angles… to have a nice selection to mix together.

It was probably best that I did not mount it low as a few times I went so far low-side that I was scraping metal on the pavement.

This was so much fun to ride.