“Well-armed head”
Late Cretaceous, 76.4-75.6 million years ago                        

An armored dinosaur like AnkylosaurusEuoplocephalus (“well-armed head”) lived up to its named. In fact, most of its body was well-armed! Hardened scales called osteoderms formed bands of flexible armor along its back, and its head and shoulders featured defensive spikes. Meanwhile, its low, wide stance kept its vulnerable belly close to the ground, and its heavy, clubbed tail warded off predators. It even had armored eyelids! Whereas many herbivores traveled in herds for safety, Euoplocephalus’s iron-clad defenses allowed it to safely push away its family and friends.

Soooo it's time to do this:

Yeah, I need to refresh my dashboard!I’ve just unfollowed some inactive blogs and I would like to follow and to know some new people so, if you follow those anime/manga ((and as well if you are a Zutara fan)) please reblog this and I will check your blog.
I need very active people!!

- Noragami
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- K project
- Kekkai Sensen

I swear I’ll check your blog, thank you!

I can move mountains,

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I can work a miracle,

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work a miracle,

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keep you like an oath,

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May nothing but death do us part,

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She wants to dance like Uma Thurman,

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Bury me till I confess,

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She wants to dance like Uma Thurman,

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And I can’t get you out of my head

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-fall out boy, uma thurman

I need to follow more cartoon and anime blogs!

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Gravity Falls
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Ouran High School Host Club
Or anything similar!! Thanks again!!

Put on your war paint,

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You are a brick tied to me,

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that’s dragging me down,

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Strike a match,

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and I’ll burn you to the ground,

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We are the jack-o-lanterns in July,

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Setting fire to the sky,

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He-here comes this rising tide,

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So come on

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-Fall out boy, the phoenix