Taiji Sawada


Rare X footage! Good Quality

Yes, in 2011 we came here, we did a Latin American Tour.
Then we came to Mexico. We couldn’t belive it because, you know long time ago, our band disbanded. Then when hide passed away, I never thought to get together but anything could happen so, now we’re together again. When hide passed away, I wrote a song… I wrote a song to try to… I don’t know, I was trying to write a song to support my fans but this song also supported me.
Years later we disbanded, hide passed away. But after 10 years later, Toshi came back and then we’ve got reunited. Then few years later, also we wanted to have Taiji back in our band. He was an original member, we’ve started together, yet in 2011 Taiji also passed away.
So the next song, I’d like to dedicate this song to hide and Taiji.
I told that before, when you care about your friends, family, please give all your love while you can… before it’s too late.
Also I want to dedicate this song to my father.
—  Yoshiki before playing Without You during Mexico show [May 3, 2014]