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Another shout out to another one of my “favoriteSPN men. @osrictumblesOsric Chau 

I hope your day is just as awesome as you are. 

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“We are lost. We are not gone”                                                                                                                                                                D o l l h o u s e    (2009-2010)


For @kidneys-and-custard

                For Sammy: In this (fandom and many others) family, certain people, the kind that hate will try to tare you down faster than the people you like (or the people that like you) could build you up. The haters will crush you before others can create you. 

The problem with any family is that you always have those few people who are miserable so they create misery in happy people. They bully because they too were once bullied. 

So they believe it’s socially acceptable to sit behind a computer and spread hate cos it kind of makes them feel better. It’s ridiculous cos in the end all it does it cause them more misery.

The moral of the story here, before I rant and rave about crap you don’t wanna hear…. Don’t let one (or a group of) small human being(s) define who you are as a person by keeping you away from what you love. 

Love yourself first.

Remember……You are wanted. 

You’re apart of this family. 

You matter. 

You’re important. 

You’re not alone, you’re never alone so always, always, always keep fighting.

Haters are gonna hate, and players are gonna play… So do yourself a BIG favor and just shake it off

I know it seems stupid and maybe too simple but if you can shake it off, you’ll be happier for it. 

Block the haters and love the players that love you. (wow, I’m totally lame. Dude, don’t pay attention to me. Do what you want, in the end find your happiness and stick with it.)  :)

We love you Sammy.

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Imagine: Cuddling Gadreel for the first time.

Imagine: Cuddling Gadreel for the first time.
Pairing: Gadreel x Reader

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“Am I doing it right?” The angel whispered, having his arms wrapped tight around your body.

“Yes.” You whispered back.

God, he smelled so good. And his skin yours against made you feel like home for once in a long time.

“Y/N.” He whispered.

“Yes?” You answered with your eyes still closed.

“I like cuddling you.” He stated.

You smiled against his chest. 

“I like cuddling you too.”

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Angelic battles?

So u guys seen that without a vessel, angels are basically ethereal white fog, right? I know Cas said his original form was the size of the Chrysler bldg or something, but whenever him or some other angel says they did battle together, I just imagine a bunch of white fog assaulting each other. I dunno … is it just me?

Imagine You're A Part of the Supernatural Cast And

You’re best friends with the cast.

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Just a Touch

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Just a Touch

While it is said that not all days can be good ones, the gloom that hung over you now came in a fog so thick that it was difficult for you to see passed it and back to the last time when you were truly happy. Your shoulders slumped as you exhaled long and slow, knowing full well that you were moping but unable to shake yourself from the funk of your mood and carry on with the day. Sam and Dean had left late last night, which left you alone with only your thoughts for company. And that, perhaps, was the worst part of it. Without their noise in the background, it gave way to let your thoughts scream at you into the silence of the room as you sat at the table, desperately trying to drown out their seemingly endless assault with research.

The faint stirring of feathers behind you caught your attention, but you couldn’t bring yourself to turn to see which angel may have appeared behind you. While the loneliness was indeed suffocating, sharing your misery wasn’t exactly what you had in mind either.

“You are alone” they said, standing awkwardly out of your sight range, the barest hint of questioning in their voice. Gadreel still seemed to be in that awkward place of not quite fitting in with humanity, though he strongly made the effort to try.

“Sam and Dean will be back in a few days, they’re in Michigan if you need them” you replied, eyes scanning over the book in front of you but seeing nothing.

You hated being short with him, he’d only ever been kind to you, but in the moment you couldn’t see what good his presence could bring you.

His movements were stiff and uncertain as he came to stand beside you, looking down at you with his head slightly cocked to the side as if silently questioning if he were welcomed. With a sigh you flipped the book closed, nodding as you gestured to the seat beside you, answering his silent question.

His eyes fixed on you as he sat, taking in your slouched figure and sullen expression.

“Would I be correct in assuming that something is troubling you?” he wagered, eyes still searching you as if you must have some physical wound to warrant the current state of your mood.

“I’m fine” you answered quickly, staring at the surface of the table as your fingers traced aimless circles around it.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see his brow crinkle and his eyes narrow slightly, clearly not believing you but unsure of how to approach the subject.

“I could help you? If you tell me what you need…” he offered, leaning in closer towards you, his worried eyes desperately trying to lock onto yours.

“Nothing… I don’t need anything” you murmured, flipping your book open again as you rested your elbow on the table and propped your head in your hand.

He hesitated, watching you for a moment and you could almost feel his determination to help. The thought lifted your spirits slightly, but you didn’t want to get your hopes up for your mood to change that quickly.

The two of you sat in comfortable silence, though the feeling of him watching you never left. In a steady, deliberate movement, his hand suddenly stretched up on the table, drifting towards your fingers that had earlier been tracing circles. With a feather light movement, the tips of his fingers drifted across the back of your hand until they slipped between yours, his palm closing over the back of your hand as he gently squeezed.

That simple contact was all you needed, a calm settling around you as you exhaled, feeling the gloom dissipate with each breath you took. The warmth of his touch spread through your body, chasing any lingering tendrils of sadness that fought to keep their claws in you.

Looking over your arm you smiled at him, his soft smile mimicking yours, and while the sadness had all but left you, your fingers tightened slightly into his, enjoying the moment far too much to let go any time soon.

  Confess a Fantasy To Me

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