Nasu: I was thinking Taiga could fill the role of “the person close to the main character who dies tragically”, so she was originally quite a mature character.

Takeuchi: It was such a long time ago that my memory is kind of fuzzy, but i think i recall aiming for a warm personality in order to make her distinct from the other heroines. Nasu seemed to like that vibe as well, so i stuck with it.

Nasu: I remember her having long hair in the rough drafts, but we decided to go with short hair in the end. The first time Takeuchi cleaned up her design, Taiga turned out looking a little childlike. It was at that point that i decided to make her the comic relief. This shift in design concept however, put an end to the whole “tragic death” scenario.

Takeuchi: Tiger Crush! Tagia has defeated Victim Archetype!!

taiga is too powerful, she defeated her own fridging.

ask-risorgimento-italy  asked:

((if you have any random information about venice or italy please tell me because I don´t have that many sources because *heavy breathing* LANGUAGE BARRIERS. seriously i will love you for this))

Some of my favourite and less-known anecdocts about Venice.

Vecia del morter ( The old lady of the mortar)

There’s a fascinating story behind that commemorative plaque located near Piazza San Marco. The night of 14th june 1310, Bajamonte Tiepolo, nobleman and patrician of Venice, planned a conspiracy against the Republic with the help of two other noble families, the Querini and the Badoer, The conspiracy was made with the intention of restoring the power of the ancient noble families over the Serenissima Republic.

The conspirators’ intent was to assault the Doge’s Palace but to do it they had to pass below the street where that old lady, whose name was Agnese Rossi, lived. The noise made by the conspirators woke Agnese up who opened the window and accidentally hitted the stoned and heavy mortar that fell down and hitted one of the conspirators in the head. The rest of the men fearing of being discovered run away, the conspiracy failed and the Republic was saved.

The Doge himself thanked Agnese for her vital contribution that saved the Republic. 

Tagia-Tabari (tabarro cutters)

Tabarro was the typical coat used in the middle age and renaissance by both men and women.

Since during the middle age Venice wasn’t illuminated, there were many calles, venetian name for streets, that were extremely dangerous at night, here lived prostitutes, thieves, gamblers and assassins. [There’s a street that is still called today Rio Tera dei Assassini= Street of Assassins’ land X (click for google street view of that beautiful place)].

Tagia-Tabari were so called because they used to cut the back of the tabarro of some noblemen and then run away with the help of darkness. To prevent that displeasure, the aristocrats had a servant who carried a torch to illuminate the passage wherever they went.  .

After a while, accompany people with a torch in the darkest calles and keep them safe from agressions became a well-paid profession.

Giuseppe Zolli

 In the public gardens situated in Castello sestiere, there’s a statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Starting around 1921, local residents reported seeing a red shadow as they walked past the statue of Garibaldi. Some were even physically assaulted by this shadow, with incidents increasing as time passed. One resident saw the image of Giuseppe Zolli in the shadow. Zolli was a local resident who had recently died. Devoted to Garibaldi, he swore to protect his general even after his death, which occurred shortly before the red shadow incidents started. Touched by his devotion, local residents added a statue of Zolli to the existing Garibaldi statue. The apparitions immediately stopped.

Zolli has Garibaldi’s back, even after death.

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stxrry-orion  asked:

Scenario where aomine + kagami + murasakibara + rin where they at a tournament where the other team who is agaisnt them playing says a provocative comment to their girlfriend during the game like “ Let me show you how a real man is ”

Not going to lie but this request gave me butterflies. Enjoy and have a lovely day! This might long so i put it in keep reading more thingy. Plus I’m sorry for the late answer. >.<

Aomine: There was only a minute left until the match ends. Aomine was getting bored to see the team trying hard to win when he knew his team will win anyway. He saw his girlfriend smile at him. He was about to smile back but heard the captain on the other team speak. “Hey guys, if we win this will you bet I win that manager of the other team?” Aomine was super pissed when he heard that. “I will show her who is a real man to her.” Aomine was going to kill him but then the other team will score and win if he even tries to do something. So he quickly took the ball and scored as much as he can until he heard the buzz.

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midorichan10  asked:

Hello!! Good luck with your blog!! Could I request a scenario of GoM + Kagami getting a surprise kiss from their gf?? Thanks!!! :D

Thank you :3 Here You go:

Akashi Seijuro: Akashi would be a little surprised at first, as his eyes would widen the second your lips came into contact. But in the next moment he would ease up and kiss you back, holding you firmly and not letting you back away. After he breaks away he would smile and give you a look that sends a shiver down your spine.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would slightly blush at first as he is not used to sudden displays of affection, but he would pull you back for a deeper kiss and purposely touch your boobs in the process, which leads to you pushing him away and calling him a pervert. 

Kise Ryouta: Kise would be very happy after you surprise him with a kiss. He would grin at you then give you another kiss back. He is always down for sudden displays of affection and would shower you with small kisses all over your face. 

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko does not really like surprises. But when you suddenly plant a kiss on his lips he begins to blush furiously and realize that surprises may not always be bad, if its you then he probably does not mind as he found himself enjoying the sudden display of affection. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima begins to stutter as a heavy blush settles on his cheeks. He then composes himself and adjusts his glasses. He tells you that he doesn’t appreciate surprises and would rather you keep your sudden displays of affection in a more private atmosphere, but deep down he really enjoyed it.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara would kiss you back, not as surprised with the kiss as you had expected him to be. He would pull back with a neutral look on his face, telling you that you tasted sweet and asking if he can have more kisses, leading you to blush instead.

Kagami Tagia: Kagami would stutter and choke and his face would turn into 10 different shades of red. He would then try to compose himself and act cool, but you would only laugh at his attempts as you know how big of a dork he actually is. You’d kiss him again on the cheek for the hell of it, and he would also kiss you back to prove he is NOT a shy teenage girl.

onliafaze  asked:

The GoM and Kagami accompany their s/o to visit their mothers grave

Aww this sweet but sad. Anyways thanks for requesting and I hope you like it~

-Your boyfriend has been asking you for ages to meet your mother and you finally gave in and toke him to meet your mother-

Kuroko held your hand as you walked with him to the grave yard. You were nervous about him meeting your mother but he seem calm as you two walked up to your mother’s grave. Kuroko placed a rose down in front of the grave, which he has been holding the whole time, and got down on one knee. “It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for letting date your lovely daughter,” he said. You smiled as he talk to the grave for 20 minutes. When he was done talking he grabbed your hand again and said, “It was nice meeting you today. I promise to make your daughter as happy as possible.” Then the two of you left, but don’t worry you two came back many times.

Kise was very happy that he was finally going to meet your mother. He wore his nicest clothes. He wrapped an arm around you as you two walked to the grave yard. You haven’t told Kise that your mother has passed so you had no clue how this was going to play out. Once you got to the grave he froze for a second then realized why you have never introduced to your before. Kise walked over to the grave and smiled.”Hello ___-chi’s mother! I’m Kise. It’s nice to finally get to meet you,” he said.

Midorima was a little nervous for meeting your mother. Sure he was the one that has been asking to meet her but now you two were actually going through with the plan. He dressed nicely and had his lucky item very close to him. When the two of you approached the grave he was stunned for a second. He tried to figure out what to say without sounding rude or dumb. After a few seconds he worked up his nerve and stood in closer to the grave. “I-it’s nice to meet you. I’m Midorima Shintarou,” he said as he pushed up his glasses, “I’m _____’s b-boyfriend.” Now he was a blushing mess but was very happy he finally got to meet your mother. The last thing he did was place down the flowers he had been carrying around all day, aka his lucky item for the day.

Aomine was excited to finally meet your mother. He was a bit confused at first by the direction you two were heading. Once you reached the grave he froze. The reason why you didn’t let him met her sooner made since now. Aomine smiled as he walked up to her grave. “Hello. I’m Aomine, ____’s boyfriend,” he said as he smiled some more. After the three of you spent time together, Aomine grabbed your hand. “It was nice to finally meet you. Don’t worry I will protect your daughter no matter what,” he said as he kissed your head.

Murasakibara was happy that he was going to meet your mother but did not enjoy walking to the grave yard. His whines suddenly stop when you stopped and said “hello mother,” to one of the graves. He walks up the graves and sits in front of it so he is at the same level, or somewhat the same. He smiles and says, “Hello ___-chin’s mother. I’m ___-chin’s boyfriend, Murasakibara.” He talks for a little longer until he gets up. “It was nice to finally get to meet you,” says as he grabs your hand. Since he didn’t any flowers, he left a lollipop.

Akashi was ready for this. He dressed nicely, knew what he was going say, and even bought flowers. He already knew your mom has passed and felt happy that trusted him to bring him to see her. He has been to his own mother’s grave many times so he knew what the feeling was. He held your hand and let go once you got to the grave. He walked up closer and smiled. “It is nice to meet you. I am Akashi Seijūrō. I promise to make ___ that happiest person and feel loved,” he said then placed the flowers down gently. He stood back with you and held your hand. “Would you like to meet my mother next?” (omg i want to write that. some one request it please)

Kagami was nervous but ready to meet your mother. He prepared you three lunch and dressed nicely. Once you two arrived at the grave, he was shocked. He stood in quiet for a minute then walked up closer to the grave. “H-hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kagami Tagia. I prepared a lunch for the three of us if you don’t mind.” He sat down next to the grave and you sat with him. He gave you your food, placed your mother’s down on the grave, and then ate his. Yall kept talking to your mother about stuff until yall were done with lunch. “It was nice meeting you today. I hope we can lunch again,” Kagami said to your mother’s grave. He then grabbed your hand and you two left.