Last week’s fan favourite Lionheart for my Warriors Sketch Game.  

He took way longer than I expected but I had a blast drawing him and ut was a learning experience.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to my streams! So many people wrote me such sweet and encouraging things ;;

Give 5 facts about your OC that you have never shared before.
I was tagged by @ticklishivories​!

Bralen Lavellan

  • Has a ridiculous sweet tooth. If he didn’t have such an active lifestyle, he’d be very soft.
  • Is very strict about the proper handling of weapons after the accident that gave him the scar on his neck.
  • Prefers loose clothing.
  • Has a good singing voice. He hums to himself while working and occasionally joins Maryden in Herald’s Rest for a duet or two.
  • Loves reading fiction, with a soft spot for romance novels. He got on well with Cassandra.

I’m tagging @m-oshun, @voideaten, and anyone else that wants to do this!