Jam session with Taeyoon Choi and Leslie and Troy.


This video provides a glimpse of the classes at School for poetic computation. Students are sharing their assignment: to make a game or a teaching tool to help understand binary numbers. This homework was followed by a lesson on binary numbers (foundation of digital computing) as well as hands on session for working with logic gates. This class was part of intensive two weeks program at the beginning of fall 2013 session. 

More videos to follow. 
You can check our pictures on this pool too. 


Just been to the creative inquiry studio at CMU. They hosted a talk by the artist Taeyoon Choi. Exceptionally great guy. Too many projects to mention them all. I liked the wish lab most. Generally he’s working on the space between open source and art and understanding is a social practice to foster social change.

Also the ceiling in the studio is great, seems to be one of the famous plaster casts of european ceilings.


This weekend I design posters for this upcoming event, which you should definitely attend:

As the third and final event of Spring 2013 Design Area Lectures + Workshops at Visual Arts Department at the School of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, Taeyoon Choi will lead a workshop titled Poetics of Circuitry.

Tae is an artist, writer, hacker, teacher and some other things, but most importantly he is an activist with political concerns. His artistic research is focused on urban space, structural violence and collective behavior. He creates site specific intervention, new media performance and participatory experience in collaboration with community, art spaces and activist groups.

Taeyoon Choi

March 15, Friday 4:00 pm. – 8:00 pm.
CSB 224

for further inquiries please write to:

33 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Temporary Service Talk 01 / New Normal Business by Taeyoon Choi

  뉴 노멀 비즈니스 New Normal Business
by 최태윤 Taeyoon Choi

일시: 2012.08.01 19:00
장소: The Book Society
참가: 선착순 이메일 신청 (helen.ku@gmail.com)

템포러리 서비스의 첫 번째 토크는 최태윤 작가와 함께한다. 토크는 템포러리 서비스에서 제기한 질문들 가운데 하나인 “예술가의 생산 양식은 사회 변화와 어떤 관계를 맺고 있는가?”에서 시작한다. 다른 직업군들도 마찬가지겠지만 지금 사회적 조건 안에서 소위 예술가들은 더욱 절실하게 생존을 위한 다른 시스템을 모색하고 있다. 시대 변화에 따라 기존의 작업 방식이 사회적으로 유효한가에 대해 의문을 제기하며 그들 가운데 일부는 사회적/경제적인 것을 물질화시키거나 이슈화시키는 것에 어느 때보다 관심을 갖고 활동한다.
이번 토크에서 최태윤 작가는 자신의 최근 프로젝트인 <뉴 노멀 비즈니스(New Normal Business)>를 일례로 들어 이 질문에 대한 의견을 제시한다. <뉴 노멀 비즈니스>는 전시 기획과 디자인 리서치 등의 다양한 서비스를 통해 사회 / 경제 구조에 대한 대안성을 실험한다. 이번 토크는 최태윤 작가의 1인 기업체인 <뉴 노멀 비즈니스>의 창업 배경과 구조, 그리고 앞으로의 방향에 대한 이야기를 중심으로 토론하는 자리가 될 것이다.   http://newnormal.biz/
Code Poetry Day 1

For the Summer Code Poetry session, we are going to share what’s going on through daily blog. Each day a student or a teacher will make a blog posting. The first day is by Taeyoon Choi.

It’s the big first day! Students came in around 6pm and we began the class at 6:30pm. Everyone except Katie Rose Pipkin was able to come, her car broke down right outside of the city :( We are glad she’s okay. 

It was exciting to meet everyone for the first time. We’ve been planning this session for months, and it’s so nice to finally meet students in real life. 

We introduced ourselves briefly around the table. Other than 9 students, we had Nick Montfort and Ranjit Bhatnagar who are both teaching this term, Lauren Gardner and Todd Anderson who are organizing the session with me, and Achim Koh, an alumni from Spring who’s making audio recordings for podcast.

In SFPC tradition, we gathered everyone’s questions and talked about them.

This one is from Jane. More of her notes on her blog. 

In the introduction to the school, I talked about the history as well as few philosophical and operating principles of SFPC.

  • What it means to be in a school? why run a school? How can learning happen in a horizontal space?
  • Poetic computation? what is poetic about coding, computer and technology? Abstraction and repetition in code and poetry.
  • Classes  
  • Mini library
  • SFPC diaries
  • Learning by teaching
  • Audio recording/ Podcast


We are hoping to make a chapbook from this session. We’ve published zines and interviews before and this will be the next step with self publishing code poems. Previous publications from SFPC include zine for Critical Theory of Technology and interviews of students. The materials are due 2 weeks after the final day. It will go through an editorial and design process and made into a Print on demand and Interactive components. 

Final Event

We are planning a showcase of Summer students on 8.9 Sunday 2~5pm in Babycastles Gallery. Mark your calendar! 

Open Finance

SFPC operates toward financial transparency, because we think open learning happens in tandem with open finance. 

This term breaks down simply to following figures.

  • Space $2000
  • Admin $2500 (Todd + Lauren)
  • Teachers $4000 ($500/1 day class)
  • Food $500+
  • Final event $500+
  • Total cost: $9500~10000

Also it’s important to note that many people involved with the school are volunteering, donating their pay back to the school and also giving huge discount because they want to support the project. These prices are not industry standard. 

We have 10 students paying $1500 each. 

  • Total income: $15,000

$5000 and a bit more from auditing will cover SFPC overhead which includes Insurance, storage, admin, tax, loss from the past sessions. 

Todd taught the first class. 

Class material can be found on this repo.


A video posted by School For Poetic Computation (@sfpc_nyc) on Jul 27, 2015 at 5:10pm PDT

Some great notes from Josh on learning, teaching and becoming a student again.

“over the course of the day i quickly and comfortably sunk back into that student mindspace. that space where experimentation is ok. where failure is ok (and not in the silicon valley sense). where having no idea what you’re doing is ok. where being vulnerable is ok. where you aren’t going to be criticized for not knowing how git works. where you’ll see and experience things you haven’t before. we’re all going to be a little uncomfortable while growing together and that is all just ok and beautiful.” 


Exciting two weeks session begins!

Thanks to Lauren, Achim, Josh, Jane for photos.