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SNSD Reaction: To you being a hitman

SNSD Prompt: Howdy can I please get a snsd reaction to you being a hitman thank you (◠‿◠✿)       

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Taeyeon would be disappointed. She had a career to keep and if she was found dating a well known hitman then it would be over. Most of the songs of her next album were about you.

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Similar to Taeyeon, Jessica was pretty upset over the ordeal and was worried about both your safety and her career. She buried herself in work, still thinking of where you are.

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Tiffany felt uneasy with you, she couldn’t believe that you actually killed people for a living. She felt uncomfortable and almost immediately broke up with you.

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Sunny tried to ignore your job, and went about her life without really delving into it. She didn’t even want to think about the fact that you hunted and killed people for a living.

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Sooyoung felt uncomfortable every time you came home with blood over your clothes. It meant that you accomplished your mission, and she hated seeing the news the next morning, with the face of the man you killed the night before.

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Hyoyeon hated waiting for you to come home, she never knew if you were coming home or not and didn’t need the stress of it. She tried to dance and exercise the anger away but in the end it all blew up.

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Yuri finally blew up when you left for a week without telling her. Usually you’d text her at least once that you were leaving for a bit, but you had gone without telling her and she was sick of it. “This is the last time Y/N! Don’t lie to me!”

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Yoona got uncomfortable thinking about if you’d even return the next night. The stress of crying to sleep and waiting up for you had taken a toll on her. So she proceeded to break up with you. “I just can’t do this anymore.”

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Seohyun isn’t the type to take any shit. If you were killing people for a living then she isn’t having any of it. She does not want to associate herself with someone like that. She loves you, but her safety comes first.