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Hansol would be quite about these kinds of things.It’s rare that he’d get jealous, or that he’d talk about it, but when he does he’d very quite about it. He might just stare over at you until you got that hint that it was bothering him.

Things that would make him jealous though would be you touching someone, or picking someone over him would be a big one.

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I don’t think Taeil would be that bad while he was jealous, but he would give you and the other person judging glances until either one of you got the VERY subtle hints.

As for getting him jealous i think it would have to be really obvious for him to want to intervene.

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Johnny seems to be pretty chill most of the time, but if he sees something he doesn’t like, he’ll most likely intervene. After that he’d be on his jolly way to what he’d been doing before.

Things that would bother him though would be someone hitting on you, “flirting” with someone, literally just someone being to nice to you, asking other people for help besides him.

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 Anything from talking to another male or even your friend would get to him if he didn’t feel like he wasn’t getting enough attention from you. Although i don’t see him being that rude about it, he’d just try to distract talk to you more hoping that the other person would go away on their own.

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I think Yuta would catch on to what was happening fairly quick. In this way he’d be able to hold it in more, but seeing you be so comfortable with someone else would gnaw at him for the rest of the day. He’d talk to you later though, wondering if you had been purposely doing it.

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Touching some one else. This boy sees you as his, no one else’s. Therefore, someone touching you, mostly other guys, would drive him insane.I think he wouldn’t know what to do with himself though, so he’d just be sitting there steaming with jealous about a co-worker you had just shook hands with or something like that.

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When encountered with jealously, Doyoung would sit and watch patiently. He’d be thinking the whole time about what could be happening. A secret affair? Have you been lying to him this whole time about your relationship? How could you betray him like this? Eventually he’d work himself up so much that he’d walk away from the conversation/ meeting and calm himself down. He’d probably give you the cold shoulder for the rest of the day, still trying to calm himself down but then realize how silly he was to think you were cheating on him when the only thing you did was laugh at a cheesy joke.

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Things that would make Jaehyun jealous would be almost upsurd. You make eye contact with another guy, jealous. Hug another guy, jealous. Smell like another guy,JeAlOuS. not to mention if someone touches you in a way he only expects to touch you.Then it all goes to hell.

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Mark strikes me as pretty chill too, like johnny. If he had these kinds of feelings he’d try to confront you about it. If anything Erked him the wrong way you’re sure to hear about it later. Not to worry though, because you can do the same with him.

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