NCT 127 as Bad Boys

“Hey, so I heard you like bad boys?”

Johnny: Not to brag or anything, but when my mom told me to go straight to my room… I turned a corner.

Yuta: Not to brag or anything, but one time I went to the movies… I didn’t turn off my cell phone.

Jaehyun: Not to brag or anything, but when I play Wii… I sometimes don’t put the safety strap on.

Taeil: Not to brag or anything, but this morning… I ate three vitamins instead of the standard two.

WinWin: Not to brag or anything, but when the teacher said, “Raise your hand if you know the answer”… I knew the answer but I didn’t raise my hand.

Taeyong: Not to brag or anything, but when I go to the pool… I swim without floaties.

Haechan: Not to brag or anything, but when I click the “I’ve read the terms and services”… I actually don’t read them.

Mark: Not to brag or anything, but at night… I sleep without a nightlight.

Doyoung: Not to brag or anything, but one time I entered the mall… I used the exit door.

Exo Version

NCT as my friend's facebook status's

Taeil: my longest AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ever

Taeyong: being supportive for good and positive things to happen to ur friends is my aesthetic

Yuta: boku no pico
boku yes pico
boku i’m not sure pico

Jaehyun: paradise? More like para-sike lmao u thought

Doyoung: listen here, u SPOONS

Ten: the opening theme for neon genesis evangelion makes me wanna DANCE


Winwin: my favorite vegetable is hot cheetos

Mark: yo i’m about to graduate in like 6 or 7 hours um what the heck i was a freshman 8 minutes ago

Haechan: i should be doing hw but i’m downloading maplestory yolo

Jaemin: i’m having my first driving lesson today and i’m so dang nervous that i need to poop

Renjun: it’s so hot i will actually fight the sun i don’t give a heck

Jeno: i will deadass sell my soul for some reese’s cups rn

Chenle: a concept: fuzzy socks

Jisung: i’m cryin’ in the club but the only club i’ve been to is club penguin

NCT U Reaction when they hear you listening to Lu from Luhan (Quando eles te escutam ouvindo Lu do Luhan)

Amo Lu, música do século!

~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: I know Luhan sunbaenim is a good singer, but never listen to this song when we are with your parents // Eu sei que Luhan sunbaenim é um bom cantor, mas nunca ouça essa música quando estivermos com seus pais

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Taeyong: Look, if you like this kind of music I can write one exclusive for you // Olha, se você gosta desse tipo de música eu posso escrever uma exclusiva para você

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Doyoung: My God you look like a pervert screaming this song around the house // Meu Deus, você parece uma pervertida gritando essa música pela casa

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Ten: Oh my God did he just said ‘blow it like a flute’? Is he talking about what i think he is? // Oh, meu Deus, ele acabou de dizer “sopre-o como uma flauta’? Ele está falando sobre o que eu acho que ele está?

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Jaehyun: Jaehyun starts singing with you in the other room and you two end up doing a duet // Jaehyun começa a cantar com você na outra sala e vocês dois acabam fazendo um dueto

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Mark: Mark hear you singing "Oh my Go…” *leaves as fast as he can* // Mark ouve você cantando “Oh meu De…” *vai embora o mais rápido que consegue*