I Know You Know

 Hyunbin did not improve so much, Moonbok did not get switched groups 3 times because no group wanted him, Donghyun, Donghan, and Taedong did not absolutely nail those hard falsetto parts, Yehyeon did not open the song with that golden honey voice, and Sunghyuk did not carry the chorus and most of the song TO ONLY GET 83 VOTES AS A GROUP.

Regarding Kim Taedong

Hello, do you guys know who this kid is? -long post ahead

Yes, he’s the F to A class kid who smiled wide with uneven teeth and wriggles hand when nervous. Who also made the shape of you performance more incredible and amazing by suggesting scarf biting koreo.

Yes, he’s Kim Taedong

Some of you might not know or already know, he’s the original member of JBJ at first (as kencalltaegyun). And currently confirmed will debut with JBJ.

The thing is he’s facing a problem

So he actually wanted to leave his current agency. He terminated his contract and left to his hometown, disappeared for a week with no news, the company couldn’t reach him. So the company told the public that he’s actually absent from all activities (which actually none) because of personal reason.

When some said he’s actually leave to auditioning to another agency (i still need more proof of this). 

The company didn’t accept the one-way decision and Taedong’s disappearance which makes everything more difficult for both. They’re still discussing for what they would do next about this to reach an agreement.

This could affect the JBJ’s debut. Loen doesn’t care about individual problems, their job is only to get the members together and have them debut. There’s a possibility that other companies (who already agreeing for the JBJ debut) will change their minds about JBJ because of Taedong’s problem. 

I’m making this post not to make you guys blame Taedong like what he already get by now since everyone’s afraid of the possibility of JBJ not debuting. I’m afraid too but Taedong doesn’t deserve the hate, he need support.

As an ATM who has been with them since the start, you either stan them as whole or not at all, for the sake of JBJ. If you blame Taedong for JBJ’s not debuting possibility, I’m telling you guys to understand the kid’s situation.

Fans has been waiting for his ig update since forever, however this what we get. A heart breaking post on ig regarding his situation, which we should thank @kimshihyuns who translate this

Kim Taedong is having a physiological pain and a lot of pressure, he has so much on his mind. Guys, Kim Taedong is always the bright kid a group always needed. He didn’t mean everything to be like this, he made mistake but everyone did that when they wanted to be free and already tired with their current situation.

Taedong wanted to leave. We don;t know what is actually happening. Me. You. ATMs. haters. siders. None of us know. But one wouldn’t do something so reckless like this if nothing triggered him to in the first place.

We know Taedong has reasons. At least ATMs know. 

I wanted to say, please support Kim Taedong. We know JBJ’s future is also at risk because of this. But you support JBJ, that means you gotta support Taedong too, because as like everyone says, JBJ is complete with seven member

Debut as whole or not at all. Support JBJ as whole or don’t. Because he didn’t need hate right now. He need support from everyone so he can get up and fight for himself and for JBJ.

JBJ’s members are supporting them too. Why dont we. 

Please support Kim Taedong. He deserve the world and the whole universe. Thankyou. (sorry for my longass post)


170624 tae____dong Instagram Update: 찬열 선배님 어머님과💕 근처에 볼 일이 있어서 밥 먹으러 왔다가 찬열 선배님 어머님을 뵈었는데 저를 알아봐 주시고 따뜻하게 반겨주셨습니다!! 밥 너무 맛있게 잘 먹었습니다💕💕
With senior Chanyeol’s Mother💕 I was running errands in the vicinity when i stopped by to have a meal, when i saw her; She acknowledged me and warmly took care of me!! I ate well 💕💕

Chanyeol’s comment on the post:

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


(warning: longpost)

JBJ is a fan-made name for a group of 7 eliminated trainee from Produce 101 Season 2 in the top 35. JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful as we all know but it’s actually stands for Junyoungheega Beorin Jashikdeul which means “Kids Abandoned By Junyounghee(Ahn Junyeoung PD)”, then later changed to Jeongmal Baramjikhan Johab which means “A Really Desirable Combination”. JBJ start off with KenCallTaeGyun because fans thought they would fit in the same group together. Sooner, Donghan was added and form KenCallTaeGyunDong. Then Hyunbin and Taehyun was added and JBJ was formed. xx

Fans didnt put them together in random they see potential in the seven of them through produce 101. 

Noh Taehyun, who came out as a member of HOTSHOT, make a big fuzz with his dance skill. He gained attention after choreographing legendary stage Shape of You and acknowledge for his crumping dance. He’s approved as JBJ’s leader because he has such an amazing leadership skill (also let’s thank him because without him shouting “JBJ GATHER” we wont have ot7 selfie). Though he’s bullied a lot by the younger, seems like they listen to him well too. JBJ’s eldest. Also the shortest.

Kim Sanggyun, who came out as a member of TOPPDOGG, displayed an amazing rap skills and got known for his “ano, ano, hajimemasite”. Though he’s really charming on the stage, he’s also showing a really cute personality. Everyone seriously think he’s the cold hyungline and wont talk much unless it’s unnecessary, turns out he’s the narcissist and most confident one. Don’t forget he’s also savage and cute. (the point is whatever you thought him would be, you’re wrong lol)

Takada Kenta, he’s an all-rounder. Dances well, has gotten a vocal part and rap part and manage to do all of them perfectly. He manage to go this far to top35 with almost none screentime (like seriously, bless kenta’s stan). He’s JBJ’s hyungline but he gave a fake-maknae vibe. But also (probably) the most normal one among them. They need kenta to make everything sane.

Kim Yongguk (Chinese-Korean) also known as Jin Longguo, is acknowledge as a hidden gem, gained a lot of attention for his amazing vocals in If It’s You and also his iconic introduction video “call me yongguk”. Though we all know his voice crack a lot (ask shihyun lol) but he’s the highest potential to be JBJ’s main vocal. He was supposed to be the “im-so-done-with-all-of-you” member but instead he’s probably the reason for one to be so done. He’s 100% proofed as a living meme. A sunbae for them (except taehyun) because he debuted first. Confident af. Tsundere.

Kim Taedong, we all know the kid deserve to debut since the beginning of produce 101 because he’s the only one who went from F class to A class (it’s a no-joke achievement like seriously) he gained nickname “miracle trainee” (because boi he’s a miracle). He’s also an all-rounder, manage to show his dance skill in Shape of You, get to be a center twice (among 7 of them), and get to pull refreshing concept and dark/gloomy concept perfectly got him nickname “Day Taedong and Night Taedong”. Among them all, Taedong’s company is a pain in the ass the most because they didnt give the kid any schedule after pd101 ended even though taedong has all the potential, even until now we haven’t heard any update from TVL regarding his situation (let’s hope for the best). 

Kwon Hyunbin, who supposed to be a model trainee yet here he is wanted to achieve his dream as a singer, gain a lot of attention for his visual. Even though in earlier episodes his image is bad but he show how he improved a lot and showed how serious he wanted to be a singer. He’s doing a great job in hyping JBJ up in SNS and also made us went through a dramatic story about his dream and his duty (lol the kid wanted to debut but ygk+ wanted him to be a model he’s like a teenage whining on SNS) tall af and like to teased donghan a lot (not anymore since donghan’s turning evil now).

Kim Donghan, underrated visual, who was slow to be recognized yet he manage to make it to top 35 even when he’s in the cutline. He shows amazing dance skill in Shape of You and did a great job as Call Me Baby’s center. He’s the savage maknae of JBJ who said that their relationship was only business relationship (like damn kid yongguk and kenta almost choke lol) who also a 100% maknae who needs love from his hyungs. Tall af (2), currently fighting hyunbin for the main visual position lol. 

But what’s more important here is ATM. ATM stands for Amazing Team Maker, is JBJ’s stan. Without ATM, JBJ wont happen. And without JBJ, ATM wont exist. 

There won’t (shouldn’t) be any akgaes in ATM because all we want is OT7 to debut. Since if it’s not OT7, it’s incomplete, something is missing, something is left out. We wont fight among ATM, but we’re gonna stand for JBJ against haters who said they dont deserve to debut BECAUSE THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT. 

stan. jbj. now. (sorry not sorry for longass post)