Boys24 News

Bad news: Sangmin (leader of unit sky) dropped out of boys24 due to health reasons T_T

Good news: they will be bringing back 5 eliminated contestants through voting, which will occur from August 10-15 in the boys24 mnet website.

Watching the videos from the busking event that Giseok + some of the other eliminated Boys24 members did today makes me really happy. I’m glad that they’re able to stay friends and support each other even though they’re no longer in the show; one of my favorite things about this show has been seeing all their friendships develop and grow. They were all so happy and looked like they were having a ton of fun.

(It’s also a bit bittersweet though since a lot of the guys there were from Unit Purple and Unit Blue, a.k.a. my favorite units whose eliminations I will never stop being salty about.)

On a related note I still don’t understand why Taedong wasn’t one of the more popular visuals on the show, he’s really cute??? And a great dancer. I feel like if they’d given him more screen time he would’ve been really popular. (He was one of the centers in the Rising Star video I don’t get why he didn’t get more screen time in the show). Taeyeon is also a lot better of a dancer than I thought. My poor underrated Unit Blue babies. T_T