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“El Gato De La Muerta” anthology

VIVA LUCHA LIBRE!   This is the world of “El GATO De LA MUERTA”. Rumbling tales of kitty luche libre! One Luchador stands above them all- The CAT of DEATH. Never defeated, never unmasked, a mystery to all. Follow the stories of five luchadors as the attempt to prepare and scheme to defeat the Cat of Death and uncover the origins of the stoic champion herself.  

Featuring the art of Tae Un Yoo, C.M.Butzer, Kim Sielbeck, Aya Kakeda, Jen Tong, Sung Yoon Choi, and Tory Sica.

5.5" x 8.5", 20 pages. $5
Risograph printed in two colors! Hot pink & Navy Blue

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The year is 2199. Six years ago, the world’s balance was tipped. Six years ago, the army of technology decided that enough was enough. Technology, robots, turned against humans and decided to imprison them, to harass them much like the humans did to them. Six years since the humans had gone into hiding from the savage machines. A group of people, The Resistance, has risen up after years of research about the robots, finding new ways to stop them from taking over the world and destroying mankind. The humans need to claim back the land that is rightfully theirs.
But, who will you choose to fight with: the robots, tired of so many years of imprisonment, or the humans, the ones who first ruled the earth?