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“El Gato De La Muerta” anthology

VIVA LUCHA LIBRE!   This is the world of “El GATO De LA MUERTA”. Rumbling tales of kitty luche libre! One Luchador stands above them all- The CAT of DEATH. Never defeated, never unmasked, a mystery to all. Follow the stories of five luchadors as the attempt to prepare and scheme to defeat the Cat of Death and uncover the origins of the stoic champion herself.  

Featuring the art of Tae Un Yoo, C.M.Butzer, Kim Sielbeck, Aya Kakeda, Jen Tong, Sung Yoon Choi, and Tory Sica.

5.5" x 8.5", 20 pages. $5
Risograph printed in two colors! Hot pink & Navy Blue

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My Love Eun Dong Episodes 5-6

I really don’t know what it is about this show, I feel like I shouldn’t like it, like the plot is frustrating and annoying, and yet its got me hooked like nothing else in dramaland right now.

First of all, Joo Jin Mo is so charming as Ji Eun Ho. He just oozes confidence and yet is so vulnerable. I can understand why all the women are going crazy for him in this fictional world. Sa-Rang is also a treat to watch, she just has this kind and inviting air about her that makes her so likable. It didn’t hurt that these two episodes were full of moments that made me root for them even more.

Episode five beings with a late night call from Eun Ho, and it almost seems like the pair will realize the truth of Seo Jun Eun’s identity, but Jun Eun just can’t accept it yet. The whole episode the two dance around the truth, needing outside help to bring their shared past into focus. A visit to the volunteer center where Eun Dong use to work sparks intense memory flashes for Jun Eun, yet she seems reluctant to truly embrace her past. Her mind wanders to her husband, and its easy to see why. Who would want to realize that the lover they had cared for for the past ten years had lied and manipulated them when they were at their most vulnerable. Eun Ho, on the other hand, needs a push from a journalist to scan his own book and discover things that only Eun Dong could have written. Once he is almost certain he demands Jun Eun’s address from his manager and goes off in search of his lost love. 

The next episode begins with Jun Eun’s emotional turmoil at the realization that the “pretty writer” was truly his beloved Eun Dong. At this point he has gathered some intel on her, and he knows she lost her memory, is marred to a disabled man, and has a young son, but he becomes determined to find out more. He is distraught to learn about the harshness of her life, and becomes set on helping her in anyway he can. One of the best lines in the whole episode happens when he is filming a segment of tv, and the MC asks him what he would do if Eun Dong is married. He replies in a super intense tone, like he is challenging Jun Eun’s husband directly, that he will “take her from him.” After a pause he laughs and says he was only kidding, but I think that is the unsaid answer he has been holding in every time someone around him asks him that same question. The whole episode seems to be moving towards the two meeting, and when they do, it seems so natural between them. Jun Eun seems so happy to be with him, laughing and being herself. It seems so right for them to be together, but she still hasn’t accepted that the memories she has been experiencing can be true. 

As an aside, I was really intrigued with the point that the evil second lead brought up, when she said she knew that Eun Dong was pregnant at the time of the accident and tried to spoil Eun Ho’s memory of her with that fact. Now I may have misinterpreted something, but as far as I could tell it could possibly be Eun Ho’s child, or some type of abuse that was going on? I am not sure if it was made clear, but I had it in my head the accident happened that fateful day she left Eun Ho by the pond, although I suppose she could have really just left him and this was later? It seems possible that during the time the two reconnected in their 20s that ‘something’ could have happened, and that something shady was going on with either her boyfriend or her adopted father (she had all those marks on her she blamed on “being clumsy” and they way they shot her adopted father kind of blurred out in the scenes at her home seemed like possible hints). It may really be her husband’s kid, but I think if it wasn’t it might make it more realistic that Eun Ho and Eun Dong could be together with the son at the end. Although it is a melodrama, so everyone might just die at the end like What Happened in Bali (I’m still traumatized lol).