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@yoongsterisbae requested: May I have a reaction where BTS finds u waking up from a nightmare screaming and crying from how terrifying it was??

Reminder: English is not my first language so it´s possible that I made some mistakes and it´s only my opinion.


„Where are you going?? NOOOO“ you screamed and woke up. You turned your head to the left where your boyfriend was and looked at him, how he woke up. „What? What happend y/n?“ He wrapped his arms around you and placed your head onto his chest and rubbed your back gently. „It was just a nightmare jagi.. nothing happened!“ He said the whole time and pressed you against himself and waited until you fall asleep again.

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Everything was silent but you suddenly started screaming and crying, so you woke up and tried to catch your breath. Your boyfriend who was laying beside you, opened his eyes slowly and looked at you. He didn´t said anything and took your hand in yours and held it thightly. You know that this guy loves his sleep so you started to apologize, but he he placed his arm around your waist and pulled you into his arms, becuase he knows you love it. „It´s okay, I´m here and we are safe. Try to sleep jagi.“

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You woke up with a loud scream and woke him up immediately and asked you what happened. „Oh my.. That sounds scary“ he said while you were crying against his shoulder. He hugged you and touched your cheek before he placed a sweet kiss on it. „You want to talk until you feel better ?“ You nodded and hugged him. The both of you talked about everything and the next moment you fell asleep again, while your boyfriend was looking at you with a little smile on his lips.

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The moment you started crying next to him he was startled. He looked at you in concern and asked you what happened. „..and that´s why I started screaming.. sorry for that.“ „No no everythings fine as long as you feel better now!“ You smiled because he looked so cute and placed your head against his chest. You both calmed down and he hummed a song he knows you love. You placed a kiss on his cheek and thanked him. You couldn´t feel asleep fast, but he waited before he could close his eyes and sleep as well.

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He was so shocked that you suddenly started sobbing in your dream that he was a little bit overwhelmed, but he kissed your forehead and pressed you against him, his lips still touching you. „Jimin I´m.. sorry.“ He shook his head and you could feel that he started smiling. „You know what? The moment I wrapped my arms around you, you calmed down because you trust me so much. I love you.“ He pecked your lips and you started smiling like an idiot. He always did that when you are feeling down and you love it so much, that you forgot your dream.

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He was startled at the beginning, but the moment he saw the tears on your face he was just worried and wrapped his arms too thight around you. „Tell me what happened, I can´t see you like that jagi.“ You started talking about your dream and he presses you harder against him. „Tae I.. can´t breathe.“ He laughed and released you from his thight hug, but you placed your head on his chest and smiled. „I was just worried, but do you feel better?“ You nodded and kissed him

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That boy wouldn´t know what happened. Just a few minutes ago you were sleeping and now you are crying and sobbing in his arms. You screamed because of a dream you had and because he didn´t knew how to help, he just looked at you as you fell into his arms to protect you. „Everything´s fine?“ You nodded your head slightly and looked at him „I had a bad dream, just hold me like that Kookie, please.“ He smiled because of your words and held you in his arms, as you both fell asleep again.

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Ease - Part 15



Length: 3.7k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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“So, it’s over between you and Jungkook?” Yoongi asked, his words indistinct as his teeth were clenched around a pepero stick. “Didn’t last long, did it?”

“King of sympathy, aren’t you Yoongs?” scorned Hoseok, quickly shooting a death glare to his friend before focusing back on his phone screen, which was so close to his face his nose was almost brushing it.

You shook your head understandingly. “It’s okay, we were never really together in the first place. Just trying things out, seeing if we would make a good couple. I’m still sad that it’s over though. I really thought we could make it work, in the end.”

Yoongi continued nibbling at his food, not noticing the crumbs that was accumulating in the folds of his clothes. “I think,” nibble, nibble, “that Jungkook did the right thing. From what I saw,” nibble, nibble, “your relationship was heading down a dangerous road. Outcome wouldn’t have been pretty.”

“Deep down, I knew it was too problematic for true romance, but he’s always been so supportive and he’s had my back. Although,” you added, looking around the practice room, “I have no idea where he is. He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.”

It was the weekend, so it was unusual for any of you to be missing. You had hours of uninterrupted practice in front of you, yet none of you were on your feet, as Jungkook hadn’t turned up and Hoseok was anxiously awaiting the results for the competition.

“There’s no point rehearsing if we haven’t got into the show,” he’d argued, and Yoongi had been more than happy to agree and sit down with no complaints.

After Jungkook announced at the park that he was ending the relationship between you, you’d spent a little while longer talking about everything you’d been too scared to discuss before. You’d asked him what he meant about teaching him about love, but he avoided the question and instead stared distractedly at Taehyung and Jimin playing football.  There was still something about Jungkook that you didn’t quite understand, and even going into detail afterwards about your feelings didn’t clear things the air. It wasn’t to do with him struggling to open up, or how he’d never been in a relationship, but there was something more.

Yoongi let out an exasperated noise as he watched Hoseok’s intense expression. “Hoseok, you’re going to get bad eyesight if you hold your phone that close-”

“IT’S HERE!” he bellowed, causing you both to jump in fright. However, you leapt up and skidded over to Hoseok, you looking over his left shoulder and Yoongi over his right.

“I don’t believe it,” mumbled Yoongi, as Hoseok froze in shock. “We got in! And look Y/N, you and Jungkook are there too!”

“Hoseok, are you okay?”

Hoseok seemed to be staring into space, but surely enough, a huge grin split across his face, lighting up his eyes in excitement. Letting out a massive yell, he leapt to his feet and began a victory dance in the middle of the room, knocking both you and Yoongi backwards onto the floor.

Aish, really?” grumbled Yoongi, rubbing his backside sorrowfully.

The elatedness you felt after hearing the results was short lived, as the panic of Jungkook’s whereabouts set in. Where was he? Checking your phone for the hundredth time, it didn’t surprise you to see no new messages.

“I’m going to go check on Jungkook,” you announced, speaking loudly over Hoseok’s elated shouting.

“You’re leaving me?” asked Yoongi, his furrowed eyebrows making his eyes even more doe-like and pitiful. “With him?”

You just laughed at his crestfallen face. “I’m sure I won’t be long.”

Leaving the practice room, you strode down the cobblestone street towards Jungkook’s house. Your heart couldn’t help lifting at the possibility of Taehyung being there, too.

“You did what?”

Jungkook sighed, but he looked regretful. “I tore a ligament my ankle while I was practising the spin the other day. I asked the doctor if I could still participate in the dance competition, and she strictly forbade me.”

You couldn’t believe it. After rehearsing for so long, Jungkook ruined your chances of winning by injuring himself. Sure, it wasn’t about the money any more, but you couldn’t accept that your weeks, months, of hard work had gone to waste. Your heart sank into your stomach with disappointment, the glorious image of you and Jungkook preparing to go onstage with Hoseok and Yoongi fading in your head.

“You didn’t even text me!”

“Please don’t be mad at me,” said Jungkook softly, ruffling his chocolate-brown hair ruefully. “You could always enter with someone else.”

“What do you mean?” you asked loudly. “They won’t let us change the line-up after the audition process, and plus no one else knows the dance! Well, apart from Hoseok and Yoongi, but they’re in the competition already.”

Jungkook gave you a sideways smirk. “You can teach Taehyung the dance.”

Teach Taehyung? Your heart did a double beat at the thought, but you forced yourself to think rationally.

“It’s a week until the final performance!” you spluttered.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I can barely walk let alone dance. It’s either you teach someone else, and let them enter under my name, or pull out from the competition.”

You sank down onto the edge of Jungkook’s bed, eyeing is bandaged ankle warily. You couldn’t possibly teach Taehyung your whole dance in a week. Could you? Jungkook was peering at you with an expression of remorse and upset. You knew he was looking forward to dancing as well, and the outcome of the situation probably stung a lot more than he was letting on. After all, it was his choreography, and he was swallowing his pride by letting someone else dance in his place, just so you still had a chance.

However, it’d taken you a lot longer than a week to learn the routine. Plus, Jungkook seemed a natural at teaching, whereas you could barely get Taehyung to stop talking.

“Taehyung… doesn’t know…” you said hesitatingly, not quite knowing how to break the news. Jungkook waited patiently for you to continue, while you stuttered on. “He doesn’t know about us dancing,” you finished, all in a rush.

Jungkook gawked at you for a few moments, then burst into fits of laughter, his shoulders shaking as he crowed gleefully. You sat there, cheeks beginning to glow red as he continued to howl, not finding it funny in the slightest.

“You never told him,” he wheezed, more of a statement than a question.

Huffing, you folded your arms in defiance. “Why didn’t you ever tell him?”

“He never asked me, so I assumed he knew. Go tell him right now, silly.”

He was still grinning from ear to ear, but it was more playful than happy for your misfortune, so you weren’t reassured at all as you got up and made your way to the door.

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” you asked tentatively. “I mean, you practically hated Taehyung for making me upset, and now you’re willing to let him take your place?”

“I never hated him,” he corrected, “I just thought he was being a bit arrogant. I still want the judges to see my choreography though, so I’m willing to let someone else have a go, even if it is Taehyung. I should’ve never intervened between you two.”

You stood by the doorway, contemplating Jungkook’s words. He sounded honest and sincere, which didn’t help you feel better. He was a good friend and you were happy he was there for you, even though it wasn’t exactly what you needed. “I’m glad you did,” you swallowed, before leaving him in peace.

As you inched your way to Taehyung’s room, you wondered how Jungkook was acting so calm and collected after what happened at the park. After being jealous at any mention of Taehyung, he was now encouraging you to dance with him. He could’ve suggested Jin or Namjoon, but he didn’t. And you couldn’t understand why. He’d been so quick to move on, as if his heart wasn’t broken. Did he really love you, if it didn’t hurt him to leave you?

Taehyung’s room was dim, as his curtains were still half closed. However, Taehyung was sat in the middle of his bed, surrounded by piles of notes and work which he clearly wasn’t doing.

“Ahh, Y/N! Just the person I need! Can you help me? I can’t figure out if we’ve finished the topic or not, or if I was even there for that class. Physically or mentally.”

It was strange talking to Taehyung again; while you were going through turmoil and facing one problem after another, Taehyung seemed bizarrely normal. It was clear something had changed between you, but he seemed determined not to let it get in the way of your friendship. Trying to quell your small smile, you sat down next to Taehyung and worked through his notes, sorting out where information was missing. All the while, Taehyung blabbered on about a video game he’d finished while you listened quietly about graphics, plot twists, and tactics. Normally, you would’ve asked questions and let him ramble on, but this time you were too anxious to tell him about the dance show that you barely responded, until finally he talked himself into silence.

“Are you okay, Y/N? Am I boring you?” he asked quizzically.

“No, no, of course not. It’s interesting, but there’s something I need to tell you.”

“So long as it’s not you getting married to Jungkook.”

You stared at Taehyung in astonishment, wondering how he’d managed to come up with that idea.

However, Taehyung seemed to misread your perplexed expression and turned a pale shade of grey. “Oh, you are getting married. Oh damn, can we do that again? I’ll respond better this time, I swear. Go on, say that you have something to tell me.”

Stunned into silence, you could barely comprehend why Taehyung was jumping to the conclusion of marriage. Nor why he’d begun to wring his hands, or why he was breathing quickly out of his mouth. His lips were a flushed pink as he licked them, readying himself to reply with the appropriate wishes.

“Taehyung,” you laughed breathily, “I’m not getting married.”

He seemed to collapse a few inches as he sighed out of his nose. “Well,” he grumbled, “you could’ve told me that before I embarrassed myself.”

“I was going to tell you why I’m meeting up with Jungkook every morning,” you said, ignoring his mumbling.

“And night.”

“Whatever. Ages ago, I decided to sign up to a dance competition to earn some extra cash. It was an impulsive thing, and I was going to ask you to join, but Jungkook was happy to be my dance partner. That’s what we’ve been doing: rehearsing. We’ve practised so hard, and there was an audition process because of some celebrity judge, and we passed. The actual, final show is next week.”

“A dance competition? Was that all?” He sounded taken aback, as if he was expecting something more dramatic.

“When things got too confusing, it was nice to fall back on dancing as a way to get my mind off it,” you explained, watching Taehyung’s tanned hands fiddle with a pen. “A sort of therapy, if you like. Problem is, Jungkook’s hurt himself, and he can’t participate in the competition. Feels like we’ve fallen at the last hurdle, but Jungkook said that, if you want, I could teach you the routine and you could enter instead.”

You waited expectantly for Taehyung’s reaction, hoping that he wasn’t too offended about the whole situation. Luckily, he was nodding agreeably.

“If you need my help, then sure,” he grinned, showing off his teeth. “Can’t wait! Never expected your meetings to be dancing. You’re full of surprises. It’s going to be fun, right?”

“You’ll need to work hard,” you instructed, raising your eyebrows in a mock seriousness. In a sterner voice, you added, “Don’t make me ask Jin.”

“Does Jin know about the dancing? Does everyone else know, too?”

Meekly, you said yes, avoiding looking straight into Taehyung’s eyes and instead focusing on the extremely interesting sticky note behind him. All that was written was ‘reminder: revise’, but you hoped that Taehyung wasn’t aware of that.

“Can’t believe it,” he moaned. “The only one who didn’t know!”

“You were dating Yeji,” you blurted out. “And I was annoyed with you at the time for abandoning me.”

“Let’s not talk about Yeji,” Taehyung said quickly, dropping the pen onto his notepad with a concluding thud. “Did you want to start practicing now?” His eyes were shifty, but his tone was pressing, so you didn’t feel inclined to push for a further explanation.

Baffled and slightly nervous, you took Taehyung to the practice room to meet Hoseok and Yoongi after saying goodbye to Jungkook. He cheered you on silently, making kissing faces behind Taehyung’s back while you flipped him off and closed the door.

“I regret agreeing to this,” moaned Taehyung, after you’d shown him the choreography to the first verse. “I’m so tired!”

“Think of my poor feet!” you argued. “You’ve trod on me at least eight times.”

Hoseok and Yoongi sat at the side, sipping on cold drinks that you’d stopped off to buy and laughing at your misery. When you’d introduced them, Taehyung stopped in his tracks and his mouth fell open.

“You’re from Cake Corner!” he’d exclaimed, bowing eagerly and almost bouncing back up again. “I didn’t know you were friends with Y/N!”

From there, the three boys got along like a house on fire, and when you explained the plan to let Taehyung enter as Jungkook, they agreed not to give the game away. Yoongi questioned what you would do if they offered Taehyung a chance to become a trainee, but Hoseok shushed him and demanded Taehyung to watch their routine to get his opinion.

Teaching Taehyung was going as well as you thought it would: terribly. He fell about laughing whenever he made a mistake, and when he complained, you threatened to replace him with Jin.

“I can’t do that,” he said obstinately, surveying the demonstration you and Hoseok gave of the roll-across-the-back movement.

“It’s not as hard as it looks,” chuckled Hoseok. “Once you’ve had a few practices, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Easier said than done, you grumbled to yourself. The first time you tried it, Taehyung lifted you so hard that you barely made contact with his back before you skidded off onto the floor. With a sore back, you told him to be gentle, but on the second go, he didn’t even lift you off the ground.

“Somewhere in the middle of those two,” called out Yoongi as he packed to go home, earning a hard glare from you.

Taehyung began practicing a few steps by himself, allowing you to stand with Hoseok as he shrugged on his jacket. “So…” you said slowly, “what do you think of him?”

“He’s special to you,” he stated vaguely, peering at the orange-haired boy as he stumbled over his own feet. “I understand why you like him.”

“Yah, Y/N!” yelled Taehyung from where he sat on the floor. “Remember that teacher we had in middle school, the one who said I would never have good coordination? What if she was right?”

Hoseok winked as he walked through the door. “We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good luck!” whooped Yoongi.

Up until that point, you weren’t nervous about the competition. With Jungkook, you were sure you could perform and not come bottom of the ranks, but with Taehyung? Although it was the first time you’d gone through the dance with him, it didn’t look promising. But you were properly in the show now, and you didn’t want to drop out, especially not when Jungkook wanted to see his choreography on stage.

As you walked home, Taehyung noticed your distressed expression as he linked arms with you, just like he always did.

“Are you worried about the dance?” he asked gently, understanding you straightaway. When you didn’t reply, he pulled you to a stop so that you were stood face to face on the street, the sun almost set on the horizon. He put his warm hands on your cheeks, cupping your face and staring at you with his deep brown eyes. “I promise I’ll work hard to get it right,” he assured. “I won’t let you or Jungkook down.”

Feeling his soft palms against your skin and hearing the concern underneath his words made you well up, not knowing quite how to deal with the sudden comfort. As your face began to screw up, Taehyung pulled you into a honey-scented hug. You clung tight, feeling his heartbeat through the thin material of his shirt.

“Is everything okay? You can tell me. I won’t judge you.”

Everything got to you at once. Seeing Taehyung that close and remembering how your life used to be before Seoul and before university got you wound up, and the nostalgia brought a sudden sadness that you couldn’t control.

“Nothing’s going right,” you sniffed, desperately hoping you weren’t leaving snot all over his clothes. “Jungkook’s hurt his stupid ankle and I feel terrible for not loving him enough. I’m feeling pressured about money because I’m not entirely sure my job is covering my rent, although my parents assured me that it is, but they just have to lie about those things, don’t they? And the fight with you got me so down, and now Jungkook’s broke off our relationship and isn’t even upset about it, even when I thought I wouldn’t be, but I am and it’s a horrible feeling, and I wish I had friendly housemates to talk it through with like you do with yours, but I’m not close with them at all-”

“Wait, you’re not dating Jungkook anymore?” interrupted Taehyung, pushing you away from his chest so he could examine your face. “He broke it off?” When you threatened to burst into tears, he muttered, “Never mind,” and hugged you closer. He didn’t hold you like he intended to fix you, or pretend that everything was going to be okay, as if he knew that you hated hearing that. It felt like he simply wanted to be there.

“Why don’t you come back to mine?” he offered, cradling you tightly. “We can have a much needed movie night. Your pick.”

You couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so you agreed, and Taehyung lead you carefully down the street, not letting your body stray away from his.

You’d chosen one of your favourite chick flicks that you could almost quote word for word, but you never tired from it. Although Taehyung had also seen it multiple times, as you’d forced him to sit with you, he didn’t complain about your selection and happily grabbed blankets to snuggle under on the sofa.

Now that he knew all the secrets you’d been holding in for months, you felt a whole lot more comfortable around him. A weight had been lifted off your shoulders, and so you began narrating a story that you’d told him many times before, but was repeating just for the sake of it. However, Taehyung listened attentively, like he’d never heard it before, and he laughed in the right places and added little ‘really’s and ‘oh’s to show he was still paying attention. You knew it was because he was trying to cheer you up, but a part of you hoped that he was generally happy to hear you talk.

Before long, the conversation went back to Jungkook, and you ended up telling him how he’d acted if Taehyung was mentioned.

“Did he treat you badly again, like he did before we met up at the cupcake place?” he questioned, his mouth forming a thin line.

“No,” you said firmly, “he never treated me badly, but I’m too independent and feisty to get along with him sometimes. Now that we’re not together, he’s gone back to being soft and tame. Perhaps I just brought out the protective side of him, because I couldn’t love him the way I should’ve. That’s my mistake: agreeing to being with him even though I knew, deep down, it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship.”

“Don’t blame yourself for whatever emotions you have,” he said lowly, his eyes becoming hooded as he laid his hand on top of yours gingerly. “He was scared of losing you, but now that he’s realised that it wasn’t what he wanted either, you shouldn’t stress about it. I think that, somewhere along the way, he thought he was going along the wrong path. So, he turned around and left you stranded, so you’re feeling lost. You feel lost sometimes, I remember. You start wondering if you’re doing the right thing, and you question yourself.”

Blinking twice, you tried not to show your bewilderment. You had no idea that Taehyung paid attention to that sort of thing, and you could feel your spirits lifting as you realised that he bothered to remember the smallest details about you that no one else did.

“Come on,” he grinned, as he grabbed a blanket. “Let’s roll you up.”

“I’m not a sushi,” you whined, as he started pulling the blanket around your body, pinning your arms to your sides.

“That’s exactly what you are. A little sushi roll.”

“Less of the ‘little’, thank you very much.”

It was fair to say that you felt infinitely better as Taehyung cuddled you on the sofa, occasionally feeding you food and giving you water throughout the rest of the film. Sure, things were getting muddled and you were on the verge of having a meltdown every now and then, but maybe, just maybe, things could work out after all. Even if it meant dealing with the clammy hands and heart racing when Taehyung laid his head on yours, his eyes trained on the screen. You should’ve pushed him away, told him that he couldn’t do that to you, but you didn’t have the strength. He was your weakness, and you were perfectly okay with that.

aquarium with kth

- buying matching shark hats and cute fish flip flops “your head is too big for the shark to eat lOL” “your skull is too thick for the shark to bite into LOL” “you’re so mean”

- yelling at him because he wants to take off his shoes every time you stop at an exhibit “it feels like i’m at the beach” “thAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES”

- making funny faces at the clueless fish inside the tanks and pointing at squid to tell you that you look like that “my eyes aren’t at the side of my head” “but you have a big head like a squid” 

- complaining throughout the entire time in the aquarium because he wants to feed the fish but the two of you forgot to buy tickets to do fish feeding “i want to feed the fish” “we can’t this time” “do you think the sharks will eat you if i throw you in” “tAE” “true, you wouldn’t taste that good” 


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“The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is a work of philosophical fiction.

Omelas, a shimmering city of unbelievable happiness and delight. In Omelas, the summer solstice is celebrated with a glorious festival.
Everything about Omelas is so abundantly pleasing that the narrator decides the reader is not yet truly convinced of its existence and so elaborates upon one final element of the city: its one atrocity. The city’s constant state of serenity and splendor requires that a single unfortunate child be kept in perpetual filth, darkness, and misery.
However, a few citizens, young and old, silently walk away from the city, and no one knows where they go.
The story ends with “The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas." 

 [Spring Day MV teaser]