Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Shimada Makoto and all he has done for our precious shared son, Yamaguchi?

So, the man takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor this shy little fifteen year old with confidence issues and help him with his volleyball technique. Now, that’s extraordinarily nice of him to begin with but this sweetie doesn’t stop there, oh no! He then comes to cheer at all the matches when there’s never any real family present. I mean, Yams has got so much more confident and independent over the course of the series and, being honest, so much of that can be traced back to Shimada’s constant support and his believing in Yamaguchi’s abilities before anyone else, even Yams’s best friend Tsukki, could even see those abilities were there. 

Just look at him, look at that proud mentor! He knows exactly what’s got Yams stuck when he’s about to serve and how to solve it, so he sprints round the court like his life depends on it and just awww.

What a nice man, bless him!


here are people reacting to yamaguchi

yachi: about to blast off into the stratosphere

daichi and asahi: good, normal reactions to an underclassman

tsukki: REACTING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON TO A BIG MOMENT WHAT IS THIS. his reaction is basically the same as daichi and asahi’s but that’s like their reactions times A MILLION because it’s TSUKISHIMA.

shimada and his bag: BIG MOOD, GUYS!

bokuto and akaashi: really want to play karasuno and it’s adorable


and then dear kinoshita, whose pinch serving didn’t go nearly as well as yamaguchi, is so very impressed. kinoshita and tanaka are DUE FOR SOME BIG MOMENTS!! KARASUNO SECOND YEARS IT’S YOUR TURN.


Beach trip!!

Here’s the third piece in me and @janetsungart ’s series of annual collaborations! We wanted to draw our Haikyuu faves. We both did the undersketch, Janet did the lines, and we both worked on color! Come say hi at AX, tables C19 & C20.