breakfast of champions, people who work from home and the unemployed

I convinced Jason (“the unemployed”) that we should stop by Tacombi for breakfast tacos again this morning. It wasn’t difficult seeing that it’s our new favorite place in the city. The chorizo con huevos breakfast tacos, which are made with scrambled eggs, spicy sausage and potatoes topped with a wedge of avocado and spicy sauce is so good, as is the simple corn muffins served with butter and jam. Complete the meal with fresh horchata. Hell, we’ll probably be back tomorrow. It’s nice to work from home and take lunch hour at breakfast.

Tacombi, 267 Elizabeth Street, (917) 727 0179

I got a job! After trying for a month I finally got a job a this great Mexican place in Nolita called Tacombi at Fonda Nolita come by after September 1st when we are going to start serving alcohol and get some tacos and beer.

IRIS: Next Tuesday Tacombi hosts A Midsummer Night Taco Fiesta to benefit The Lower Eastside Girls Club and Club Balam their sister program in Chiapas. We infinitely support programs such as these that motivate young people to travel and discover unimagined possibilities.  

All proceeds will help sponsor their next cultural exchange. Tickets are on sale at www.girlsclub.org