Okay people with windows8 and wacom tablets, got some questions for you.

How do I turn off Windows’ default tablet drivers so I can nix that annoying blue ripple around the pen. I looked where I usually change that on Windows7 and don’t see the tablet drivers as an option to shut off there anymore. (in the Turn on and off Windows Features section of programs and features) 

A quick google search yielded the result that I would need to hack my registry to fix it and I’m not really up with doing that. Any help would be appreciated!


Waiting for my Tablet Drivers to reinstall because I lost them and looking at  models holding babies. Grr.

In other news I really want a rabbit, like super bad but I think I’m allergic to them. I had rabbits growing up, a lovely big old girl called Tilly who lived for probably about 12 years, but when I turned 18 I realised that whenever i went out to play with Otter and Baggage my eyes would burn and itch and it would be horridly uncomfortable, so when Baggage got loose and I lost her somewhere in the woods out back of the house, and Otter eventually passed I never had rabbits again, but lately every time I see a rabbit or a photo of one i just want to snuggle it so bad!

…I want a French Lop ear like Tilly. She was the best bunny ever. Another Lionhead would probably be a bad idea seeing as they have all that fuzz.

ohmygoooosh. im such a big dumb. i was installing the wrong tablet driver on my computer since the very beginning. like wow no wonder my tablet never worked it was super outdated. but the website and the manual all said to install the old one like i just didnt know there was a new one?? woooow. i feel smart.

anyway my tablet is back in action! i have a lot of cg work to do and some other work things, but then i should be back in with some fanart! i have a lot of fanart i wanna do :)))

also now that summer is here ill make a post about commissions sometime soon. i just gotta figure some things out first. :)

jcdu answered your question:

not familiar with monoprice tablet drivers, but I’ve troubleshooted drivers in general. What’s the situ? :d

hehe thank you for offering! usually I’m pretty good with drivers but this one was tricky… I finally figured it out though, it’s just because it’s a very unknown company that there were extremely outdated drivers with faulty installers on the disc they provided! I checked a bunch of dire forums and finally found someone with a fix :B

I’m sorry, but this sounds awfully familiar.  I seem to recall other occasions where she couldn’t complete commissions because her tablet broke/the tablet drivers stopped working.

As far as I know, Maia is actually in possession of a Cintiq 13hd. It is only a year old at best. It’s one of the best tablet brands you can buy. Why the fuck does she need a new one? Unless she happens to be LYING about where those funds are going.

Anyone who knows more about this feel free to elaborate.

– Howl

Please help me!!

so for my birthday, I got a brand spanking new drawing tablet - a Turcom TS-6580. It is absolutely excellent, unfortunately it doesn’t work with Paint Tool Sai, my main (and only) digital drawing platform. 

My problem: whenever I open SAI, the tablet just stops moving completely. As soon as I click off of SAI, it works completely normal - hell, it even works with paint. 

I’ve looked online for help - the main suggestions seem to be removing my old tablet’s drivers which I cannot find anywhere on my computer for some fucking reason; re-installing SAI which works until I put in my old brushes - the new SAI has really shit and few brushes, so i need my old ones; and installing an older Driver of my new tablet - which I cannot find anywhere online. 

Please please please help, if you can! I’m so stuck and stressing out. This is such a beautiful tablet and it was such a wonderful gift but I hate to see it going to waste. My askbox is open!

[[Mod note: Bad news. I’ve got to send my computer off to be fixed/replaced (probably tomorrow??) and won’t get it back for 4-6 weeks. It is very likely that I won’t be able to draw much depending on my computer situation during that time. I might be able to use my old busted laptop that has my old tablet drivers still installed, but I don’t even know if it’s still working. I’ve got a couple things in the queue, and I’ll queue up what I can in the meantime, but I’ll let you all know what the art situation will be when I figure it out.]]