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Skull Table Runner Halloween is the perfect time to showcase this Skull Quilt on your dining room or kitchen table, a coffee table, in a window seat, as a wall hanging, or any surface in your home to celebrate the fun and fantasy of this holiday. Quality cotton fabrics in gray, black, and orange create a display of Halloween feature favorites including the focal point skull, witches, cauldrons, black cats with red eyes, bats, pumpkins, spider webs, spiders, stars, and of course, more skulls on this skull quilt. Eight different patterns and one solid fabric create this exciting skull table runner which was created using the Quilt-As-You-Go method. The orange spider web fabric featuring white spiders against the black fabric strips creates a dramatic effect as the border on this skeleton quilt. Black binding and the gray witch fabric backing compliment the patterned fabrics used to finish this skull table runner. The black binding was machine stitched to the front and hand stitched on the back to neatly finish the Halloween table runner for any fall table. 100% unbleached cotton batting provides the perfect filler for this skull quilt. The first washing will create minor shrinkage to allow this batting to cause slight puckering around the stitches to provide relief (hills and valleys) on the surface to give it that quilty appearance. The fabrics used in this Halloween table runner are machine washable. I wash mine on the delicate cycle and dry them on low heat to provide quality care that will preserve my creations for years to come. Creating the layout of fabrics and watching the progression of this skull table runner was so much fun as the great Halloween fabrics came together to create the finished project. The Halloween table runner measures approximately 52 x 16-3/4 Two other skull table runners are available at these links: A pumpkin Halloween table runner is available at this link: Candle not included. This table runner was made using the pattern Braid Runner by G.E. Designs Iceland. All of my projects are created in a smoke-free home. SHIPPING NOTICE - Please check shop announcement at the top of the Mountain Majik page for any current shipping time changes.

Skull Quilted Table Runner

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 Eight different patterns and one solid fabric create this exciting skull table runner which was created using the Quilt-As-You-Go method. 


Some random pictures of (future) WIPs …

I went and actually bought a cross stitching kit today. Cross stitching runs somewhat in the family - my grandmother does it, my father does it, and I know how to do it, too. This one will (one day) become a tablerunner, and the man and I love the succulent pattern.

The photograph in the middle shows progress on my grandfather’s socks. :)

The last photo is a sneak peek of a supersecret project. ;)

Don’t tell the bride AU!

Don’t tell the Bride Groom AU where Harry and Eggsy are sent undercover on the ridiculous show for reasons (lets say someone’s sneaking weapons in the gear across the country) and Eggsy gets to play the dippy clueless overenthusiastic groom while Harry is the worried nervous annoyed bride groom! 

The producers love the ‘gay dudes’ angle. Merlin loves screwing with Harry. Roxy is flat-out laughing her ass off at the briefing.

They’re not supposed to talk to each other during the 3 weeks before the wedding but Eggsy has to (secretly) report to Harry every night anyway, and Harry asks how the preparations are going. Eggsy starts talking about all the ridiculous things he hadn’t even known went into a wedding (What the hell is a boutonniere anyway???? What is the bloody difference between navy and royal navy??? I didn’t know paper came in types!!!!) and then he mentions how he kinda hoped he could have a romantic wedding in the country; Harry surprises him by mentioning how he always liked more rustic themes, smaller parties, less formality. Eggsy mentions that he’s got to handle the cake and invitations the next day and somehow they spend the next hour talking flavours and colour schemes. The nightly reports become more planning sessions, where Eggsy tells Harry what he’s doing the next day and Harry gives his input. 

Eggsy has a ball dragging Ryan, Jamal and Roxy around London, looking at venues and suits and decor. Roxy puts her foot down when Ryan suggests she try on wedding dresses for a lark, literally and figuratively. Jamal is scared at how into ‘all this frilly shit’ Eggsy is- there may be footage of Eggsy cackling madly while caressing tablerunners. Daisy looks absolutely adorable the afternoon they spend having her try on different dresses- after 5 hours Eggsy has to be dragged away. Michelle is about ready to track Harry down and find out just what the bloody hell he’s gotten her boy into now! The producers are cackling with glee.

Harry drives the film crew nuts by being boring Harry. He refuses to cry over something like the colour of napkins, thank you. He trusts his fiance to make the right choices and is quite happy getting on with things in the shop. Wait, what do you mean Kingsman can’t make the suits? Um, sorry, sir, your fiance didn’t select full suits…sir. What. (Merlin, you better find a way to replace those suits before the ceremony!) Oh good lord, what are Mummy and Father going to say! (Your parents are aware it’s a mission, Harry, your father was the old Tristan after all.Your mother is about to adopt Eggsy, as it is.)

And somewhere along the line they sort of forget that it’s all pretend. It’s Harry and Eggsy’s mutual design and desired wedding. The big day arrives, the suits have been swopped, the few guests await the small wedding party and they’re ready to get on with the vows when Merlin tells them that he’s detected something. There’s a chase and a gunfight and explosions (Damnit Gawain! You said that was a normal lighter! It was, the cigarette was explosive :D) and they get the bad guy. Thank god they hosted it at the estate.

Harry finds Eggsy and they talk. Their relationship is young and still growing. Their future is uncertain. They’re also spies, every mission could be their last and Eggsy already knows what a life without Harry feels like. Their future is uncertain. Harry never thought he’d marry, not after realising how sexually flexible he was, not after Kingsman, not after so many years. Eggsy fantasized he’d meet some sweet girl, that he’d meet some brave lad; he wanted the dream which no one had. Their future is uncertain.  

Oh hell, why not? Not filling me with confidence here. Having something explode seems oddly appropriate for my wedding. Oddly enough, me too.

Harry and Eggsy always watch a recording of their episode on their anniversary, even if Harry despairs that he got married on national television.

It’s romantic! It’s tacky, I’m not a bloody royal.