Ultra Pro: New Dice Products and Accessories

D6, 12 Dice Set, White
This set of twelve 6-sided 15mm dice is perfect for a wide range of table-top games and a must have every-day item.  The large numbers in black make these easy to read from anywhere on the table.

Jumbo D20 Plush Dice
Bring this novelty jumbo D20 dice plush home to add some geek chic to your living room! This 10" diameter plush features embroidered sequential number layout and soft premium fabric shell. Each panel is reinforced with felt backing to help maintain shape. Perfect gift for the adult gamer rolling for crit, kids to have some fun while learning math or that ambitious toddler rolling for luck!

Titan 20-sided Dice - 40mm, Ivory
Easily keep track of your life or damage dealt with the new Titan Series D20 from Ultra PRO. The 40mm jumbo size die is large and easy to read from anywhere on the table, yet still small enough to roll in most tabletop gaming environments. Sequential number layout also makes this ideal for tracking life totals. Features “lunar magic” design that frames each number, and made from durable, impact-resistant plastic.

The Ark Premium Wooden Dice Tray
The Ark Dice tray is crafted from durable pine wood  panels and features a unique Aztec-style dragon etching, a sliding lid with magnetic closure and padded interior cavities. Designed to hold your favorite dice and features a rolling tray to keep your dice from getting away. (Dice not included)

I use a lot of gamer slang but I recently realized that some of my players have no idea what these words mean, so here’s a guide to different types of characters!

Tank: A character who can afford to take a ton of damage and is really hard to kill.  Typically can be found front and center in any combat situation.  Also called a Meatshield.

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Glass Cannon: A character who can deal a ton of damage all at once, but doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints.  They are fragile, but dangerous.

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Squishie: Any character who should avoid melee fighting without backup because they’re just not very tough.  Most non warriors or healers are squishies.

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Skill Monkey: Any character who is really good at a lot of different things outside of combat situations.  Often have eclectic skill sets.

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Book Jockey: Any character with a lot of “knowledge” skills, see also Scholar and Neeeeeerd.

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Face: A face character is good at the “talking” skills, like Diplomacy and Bluff.  They often gravitate towards leadership positions within the party as they’re the best at dealing with NPCs and convincing others to go along with their decisions. 

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Buffer: Someone who makes their allies more effective.  Typically thought of as weak, but can easily turn the tide in combat situations.  Also called Support characters.

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Zoo Keeper: Any character who is outnumbered by their own animal companions/mounts/familiars/pets/summons.

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Please note that any given character could be multiple of these or even none at all!

Feel free to reblog with your own terminology!


Seeing as how today is being celebrated as D&D’s birthday, I figured this would be the best day to post these! Got these books with my Original Collector’s Edition D&D box set. It has the three core rule books, but also a couple re-releases from the early 2000’s. Hope you enjoy these pictures! If you’d like to see more pictures of what’s inside these books, leave something in my ASK box saying which ones! 


Legend of Zelda Monopoly Out Next Month

I was just as surprised as you to find out that they hadn’t made a Zelda Monopoly yet. Better late than never! The game will feature:

  • 6 metal tokens: Hylian Shield, Triforce, Slingshot, Boomerang, Hookshot and Bow
  • Sculpted Deku Sprouts and Deku Trees replace traditional Houses & Hotels
  • Custom designed game board features locations in Hyrule

An excellent set, but I think there should be at least one Gerudo artifact for those of us that root for/like to play as the bad guy.

Will this be replacing your Monopoly board? Legend of Zelda Monopoly Edition will be out Sept. 15. [❤]

Preorder: Zelda Monopoly, Zelda Necklace Set

Doing some painting! Working on an unglued forest. :)

I’ve added the finished picture of the forest :P

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