According to BBC Breaking News, the tsunami is HIGHER than some Pacific islands and could go right over them. THIS TSUNAMI COULD ERASE SO MANY ISLANDS FROM THE MAP. Please pray.
Heechul to Eeteuk
  • Heechul: What will you do when i'm not around?
  • Eeteuk: Take care of Heebum and Baengshin
  • Heechul: Very good!
  • Eeteuk: Lead the dongsaengs well
  • Heechul: Good job~
  • Eeteuk: .....
  • Heechul: What else?
  • Eeteuk: There's more? Ah, i'll remember to mention you when we win.
  • Heechul: -____- Not this!
  • Eeteuk: What else more?
  • Heechul: Teukie ah, help Heechul take good care of ParkJungSoo.