btob talk #07 (peniel and eunkwang):

question: rank the members who joked or acted cute the most with you.
peniel’s answer: changsub > eunkwang > sungjae > minhyuk > ilhoon > hyunsik

peniel: these two (changsub, eunkwang) are…
eunkwang: almost similar right?
peniel: yes similar. these days, changsub hyung is a bit more- 
eunkwang: it’s because he kisses your head.
peniel: *nods* because of that.. (so he ranked first)

Chapter 202 translation

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GS: Found the ear stud, you scraped(?) yourself a dinner too. 

GS: Next time don’t come and find me, see yourself out. 

HT: Just going home like that is too boring~

HT: Let’s go play basketball.

GS: Not going. 

HT: Going! 

GS: Hey! Let go! Don’t touch me!

HT: If you win, I will agree to any request you come up with, how about that? 

GS: ……………..really? 

- at basketball court - 


HT: That cocky expression isn’t too bad~ Want me to let you win this round? 

GS: Fuck you.

HT: Your reaction is too slow, little Mo. 

GS: Shut up! 

(Falls over)

GS: Fuck! Are you doing this on purpose!?

GS: Get lost!

HT: My leg cramped… Really… 

HT: Don’t move, wait a while… 

GS: ….

HT: Just wait a little while… 

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Who/ What is Dragon????


This is just speculation from my part, but I think maybe Kanou grafted more kakuhou onto Shirazu’s body. He already was an Ukaku, so maybe he received Koukaku, Rinkaku and Bikaku kakuhou…

As for the name “Dragon” in itself…

…I’m wondering if maybe Kanou didn’t get his hands on Tatara’s body after Seidou killed him… And if so maybe one of the kakuhou he transplanted to Shirazu is Tatara’s, hence the name “Dragon”…