This one is about how music gets ruined by the people you’re no longer with.

This one counts seconds between moments.

This one desperately dresses wounds with logical statements.

This one only makes sense to the person who says it, until someone else, understands.

This one is here just to fill all the space that’s left.

This is one you hear everyday.

This one is six words long.

This one, hates the last one.

This, is the sentence you still haunt.

- Iain S. Thomas

If you can’t take it anymore,
If you’re broken, 
I’ll try to find all the pieces that fell apart along the way.
I can’t promise you that I will find every single piece.

But I will promise that with every piece I find,
I will put them back together, mend them, repair them.
And make it better than it used to be.
No matter how difficult it may seem to be.

will put them (you) back together. 

Relationships are obviously built on trust and communication. You can’t have just one or the other, you need both. If you can’t communicate properly, what are your chances of trusting each other? Before you go assuming shit about your boyfriend/girlfriend, you better know that it is 10000% true facts, because if it isn’t, boom. There goes one potential person. Listen to each other’s side of the story, tell each other how you really feel, be honest. If you really liked the person, you’d make an effort to understand them and fight for the relationship to ultimately work out. It takes two to tango. Not every “perfect” couple you see, was always happy, all the damned time. They fought for it, they had challenges to face, maybe it was a few obstacles or maybe it was an obstacle every second, but the point is if you want it to work, fight for it, don’t give each other up.