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I would just like to give a big middle finger to everyone who discredited and bashed on Chad Reed over the 2013 season, and everyone who stopped believing in him through his hard seasons. This guy is and always will be my biggest inspiration for every aspect of life. This is my childhood hero. He’s faced so much adversity since 2010 and had so many chances to give up and walk away from the sport, but every time he gets knocked down from injury and illness to not even being offered a factory ride, he always climbs his was back to the top step of the podium where he belongs. No one has the kind of determination and vitality that he has always shown no matter what. I never once doubted him. I nearly cried watching him take the main event at Anaheim 2, because I’ve been right there believing in him all the way with everything he’s gone through the last few years, and I know how hard he’s worked and how badly he wanted it. The best and most memorable race I’ve seen in a long time. Chad Fucking Reed is badass and will always be #1 in my book 

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