Somewhere in Georgia, a girl wears her tender
like a bear trap. She calls love a four-letter word—
the way it tears and eats, but
she dips her fingers in it, anyway:
just waiting for all that soft
to break her neck.
A thousand miles away from her, I am melting
my heart into gold, so that it will be worth something
when I give it to her. I pick out every
flinch and fear that kept me
from doing this sooner.
I am ready for her.
I am ready.
Come August, that girl will be in Texas:
in my city, in my apartment, in my bed,
(in my arms).
But August feels like a lifetime from here—
all that summer sprawled out between us
instead of highways.
Every night, I tally up all the times a day
I wanted to kiss that mouth (that mouth, that mouth),
and I make a promise that, in two months,
I will.
—  TWO MONTHS by Ashe Vernon

For some reason, this small little rhyme made me think of something like this. Like Chara and Asriel, the way they met and also how they… You know.

And the last phrase just, REALLY reminds me of the 8th human to fall.

Um anyway, did you know this rhyme is said to relate to death somehow?

If someone would’ve told me that my body would look like this today, two months ago. I never would have believed them. I was never overweight. I was never obese. I was never on the verge of getting any diet based disease… But what I was, was unhappy. I’ve had so many people say to me “why are you eating so healthy?! You’re already skinny!” And right there lies the problem of our country. SKINNY AND HEALTHY DONT ALWAYS GO HAND IN HAND. Sure, I was “skinny” but could I run a mile without being winded? Hell no. Could I squat the bar? Nope. Could I hold a one min plank? No way. Now, I am getting healthy. I’m eating better. I’m sleeping better. I’m more active. I’m feeling better. So if you’re one of the girls out there who are being discouraged from losing weight because “you’re already skinny” just smile and say “because I’m not trying to be skinny, I’m trying to be healthy.”

you make two months
seem like two years. 
the time spent with you 
has been the best i’ve ever had.

just think-
a couple years from now,
we’ll have that jeep,
riding down a lonely highway
with your hair spiraling through the wind.
and we’ll obviously have that penthouse
overlooking a gorgeous lake
and kids skipping down the banks. 
we have come so far,
and we have so much farther. 
—  j.e.b. ((for your two month anniversary.))